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War of the Three Kingdoms 1644 - Finished

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by harrytheheid, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Final images have been delayed due to the recent atrocious weather in China, but this diorama is now finished at long last.
    Following is a much condensed history of the events depicted in the attached photos.

    The Battle & Sack of Aberdeen, September 1644

    James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose is one of the most quixotic military commanders in Scottish history. Which is quite a sweeping statement considering that would include, for example; Malcolm III, Alexander II, Robert the Bruce, The Black Douglas, James IV, John Graham - Bonnie Dundee, (or Bloody Claverhouse depending on your point of view), Sir Colin Campbell, and a great many others.

    On the outbreak of hostilities between King Charles I and Parliament, which would become known as The Wars of the Three Kingdoms, or The British Civil Wars 1638 – 1651; Montrose had been appointed Captain-General of the Royalist forces in Scotland. His campaign during 1644-1645 would be marked by the savage sectarian hatred demonstrated by both sides in the conflict. Having already won some minor victories earlier in 1644 against the forces of the Covenant who were loosely allied with the Parliamentarians in England, Montrose appeared before Aberdeen on 12 September with three Irish regiments totaling 1,500 men, 100 MacDonald Highlanders and two troops of horse commanded by Nathaniel Gordon and Sir Thomas Ogilvy.
    On 13 September, the burgh was summoned to surrender. During the negotiations, a soldier from the city garrison is said to have shot and killed an Irish drummer boy accompanying the heralds, infuriating Montrose and his troops who swore vengeance on the Covenanters.

    The battle commenced when a Covenanter force under the command of Lord Balfour of Burleigh marched out and deployed along the crest of a flat-topped ridge about half-a-mile south of the burgh. Burleigh's infantry comprised around 2,000 men; two regular Covenanter regiments (his own and that of Lord Forbes), the Aberdeen militia and some local levies. He also had around 300 cavalry, including three troops of regulars.
    The Royalist forces attacked immediately and Burleigh’s line collapsed as his infantry regiments and the militiamen turned and ran back towards the town, pursued and slaughtered in the streets by the furious Irishmen.

    Aberdeen was then subjected to a three-day orgy of murder, pillage and rape which Montrose made no attempt to stop. He may have wanted to make an example of the city for resisting him, but the atrocities committed in his name greatly damaged his reputation and alienated potential support for the cause of King Charles I in Scotland.

    My small diorama depicts the fatal moment when the drummer boy was shot and killed.
    01. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    02. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    03. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    04. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    05. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    06. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    07. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG

    08. Finished 15-Aug-2019.JPG
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi H

    Thanks for sharing this ...very nicely painted ...love the flags as well and a good overall presentation ...an impressive base as well

    Happy benchtime

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  3. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Cheers Nap - glad you like it.
    I do use those miniature display tables for my smaller scenes as they make for good, simple, bases.
    I wanted the groundwork to be reminiscent of rough moorland outside of the city boundaries and reckon I got it right.
    The ruff worn by that "Burgh Magistrate" is a bit anachronistic, but he looks so typically mealy-mouthed and holier-than-thou, I just couldn't resist including him.
    Same goes for the sanctimonious minister.
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  4. Edorta A Fixture

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  5. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks Edorta.
    This one is really simple so why has it taken more than two years to complete? Well, that's down to a combination of laziness and me being too easily distracted by other projects.
    Finished now though.
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  6. MoboSchreuder A Fixture

    Beuatiful work and excellent painting

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  7. mortier A Fixture

    Very good paintjob and realistic groundwork
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  8. DEL A Fixture

    Definitely one of my favourites from your work (y)
    Perfect spacing and engagement between the figures.
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  9. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks guys.
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  10. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    I like to think the pointing Cavalier is Nathaniel Gordon, who paid for his loyalty to the Royalist cause after Philiphaugh; as did so many others.
    Why there's never been a movie about Montrose I'll never know.
    ...He either fears his fate too much,
    Or his deserts are small,
    That puts it not unto the touch
    To win or lose it all...

    For more info, hit this link;
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  11. RonW Member

    You succeeded in showing the story quite well and that table makes for an interesting presentation.
    Nice job!!
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  12. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    For more info on the battle itself, check out this entry on the 1st Marquis of Montrose Society website;

    As for the diorama, I think I'll change out the head on that armored figure wearing the morion type helmet. A bonnet, or a slouch hat, or even bare-headed would be more appropriate.
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  13. RonW Member

    Appropriate or not, I think it makes for a nice esthetic change from the rest.

    Which reminds me.... I think I have a figure from that timeline lying around somewhere. Might I should whip out some brushes again.
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  14. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    It's a bit too tall for a Scottish morion which were also somewhat rounder, but then again it might well have been looted from earlier mercenary service on the continent - along with the armor.
    The beauty of this era, especially for Scotland, is that you can pretty much use whatever arms and armor you want, within reason.
    I might yet add a Highlander to the Royalist group. Still thinking that one over.
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  15. billyturnip A Fixture

    Excellent finish.
    By the way I'm enjoying the Buchan book on Montrose.
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  16. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    The book is a product of its time, so the style can come across as a bit old-fashioned on occasion. Nevertheless, it's a good read.
    These are worth looking out for as well.

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Battle-Kil...5 August 1645&qid=1565903199&s=gateway&sr=8-1

    I'm presently reading up on early 20th century Russia, 1900 - 1922, but this is going to be my next Kindle purchase;
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  17. KenBoyle PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great job Harry! (y)

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  18. blaster Active Member

    Hi Harry,

    I am enjoying this thread. I am not too familiar with the ECW and your thread and diorama creates a very interesting introduction into the period. Love the staging of your diorama - the indignant Royalists versus the stoic Covenanters. the figures and flags are very well done!

    Rgds Victor
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  19. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks Victor.
    I've been considering things and reckon that I can squeeze a Highland Warrior in there after all. It'll take a bit of figure relocation, but that's easy enough as they're only held in place on the groundwork with pins glued up into their legs.
    Hmm, I better give it a bit more thought as that rock the Highlander is standing on will have to be carefully blended into the existing groundwork - or take the figure off the rock altogether. But the changes would certainly add a bit more context to the scene.
    Montrose Dio.JPG
  20. harrytheheid PlanetFigure Supporter

    And as per usual - I can't stop fickering around with things.
    I think the changes improve the overall layout and the addition of the Highland Warrior provides more context, even though only around 100 MacDonald's were present at the battle.
    Is he Alasdair MacColla? Possibly, but he looks a bit too old to be the notorious "Colkitto", so maybe not.
    Naturally, I forgot that I've always meant to change out that pretty awful soft white metal shaft of his Lochabar Axe for one made from steel or brass.
    The angle of the right arm on the guy checking the shot drummer boy is all wrong too.
    Oh well, they're easy enough fixes whenever I get around to doing them.
    01. 18-Aug-2019.JPG

    02. 18-Aug-2019.JPG

    03. 18-Aug-2019.JPG

    04. 18-Aug-2019.JPG

    05. 18-Aug-2019.JPG

    06. 18-Aug-2019.JPG
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