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War of Roses Man at Arms.

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by nig-g, May 15, 2021.

  1. nig-g Active Member

    While my Gurkha and French Infantryman wait patiently in line to be painted I have started my next two projects: an English Civil War pikeman bust/half figure and a War of the Roses Man at Arms.

    my inspiration for the Pikeman was a 1/6 th scale pike man by the talented Tony Barton and pictures of actual armour.

    C819F62E-58EE-4CF4-B599-C5A3AA463BEB.jpeg 3C5D0786-41D2-4FB4-9AAC-E5C7E0EFDAE9.jpeg

    I’m using one of Sarnia Miniatures as my base (thank you Peter! Great service as always!) and have extended the breast and back and now have to add the tassets hanging from the breast plate. The figure will finish at the bottom of these tassets and will represent a red coated regiment from the New Model Army.


    continued in next post
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  2. nig-g Active Member

    My other WIP is a man at arms from the War of the Roses.

    . 54E9AA29-2C7F-4D51-82A6-5B18D11E7037.jpeg 78185E3B-9E31-4CD4-B4D0-4D829282CECB.jpeg E80F7CD3-4F73-4326-A70B-D7A771B090F5.jpeg 92D9DA4A-2562-4E88-B20E-CD4A44E81768.jpeg

    The basis for the half figure is a bust that has been knocking about in my stash for some years. I think it was made by Wolf or Sovereign really not sure. He was wearing a soft civilian type hat by I am trying to make a visored sallet which is proving harder than I thought (all those soft shapes).
    now to start working on the breast plate and foulds.
    ultimately he will have a poleaxe over this right shoulder and a belt supporting a hand and a half (aka a bastard) sword , dagger and purse. The head is just resting in place at the moment.

    CA1B0622-D735-49D3-ADB2-B60B77A4BA3A.jpeg 6771435E-931F-4794-A7C4-669A602E6A6B.jpeg 97ED2DB1-D6E4-450D-AB57-D2EC70195AA4.jpeg
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Nigel

    Great idea to use the Sarnia and S2K busts to produce a individual one off piece

    A lot to rework but it's going to be worth it ...the sallet is definately getting there

    If I might say the small base underneath is something I'd lose and replace

    Following with interest

    Happy benchtime

  4. nig-g Active Member

    In between painting my Gurkha and French infantry man having been pushing these along.Breast plate, plackart, fauld, and straps added to man at arms.

    E43C438A-C65B-4921-AAE8-61BE1DF159F3.jpeg FF8CCF2E-E6A5-4F9C-B266-2867609B14C5.jpeg
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  5. nig-g Active Member

    Basic tassets and tops of trousers added to my ECW Pikeman. Was going to have him in one of the drill book positions but even in this scale the pike would be about 18 inches long so have changed his position and having him lunging with a sergeants halberd (will fit in my cabinet that way!).
    now got to add skirts of jacket at the back and the individual panels etc to the tassets

    56C6B435-8300-4E70-B85A-45FF8F3E8306.jpeg DA0CB9EF-11BE-4451-BB9C-D07592064246.jpeg
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  6. nig-g Active Member

    Have now split this into two threads as work on the two figures is progressing at different rates.
    I will leave this one as WIP on WOR man at arms.
    please see new thread on ECW Pikeman.
  7. nig-g Active Member

    Further work on my War of the Roses man at arms:
    Source figure and how it looks to date, with further work undertaken on foulds and arms added.
    To be added, buckles, waist belt, sword, purse and dagger and finally a pole axe.

    6D106DF6-5B2C-4931-A2CB-8F3E78BF2DC7.jpeg 595E6A14-6A58-4D3E-839F-ED48BACCA6E9.jpeg 9590D59E-18C1-45B6-A7FA-F7FF8D908157.jpeg 58377B65-F9E8-4FBB-9CE6-0A9E72058B18.jpeg 859BFA0B-0E68-4730-8D0E-7CC0649DC33F.jpeg

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