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Review War Griffon Miniatures presents "Wasteland Warrior"

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to everyone,

    We all know how hard it is for a company to get started and establish themselves for both quality of products and service one that has is Model Display Products (MDP) run by a guy called Martyn Dorey ( a good painter as well as casting)) , among the large range of accessories that covers all your modelling needs he also has a range of figures both full and a bust range under his own brand name of War Griffon Miniatures.
    We will be looking at the latest release , a fantasy bust called WASTELAND WARRIOR. a.jpg

    Originally released at this years figureworld see:


    I can well imagine this fella wandering through a desolate wasteland fighting evil with his cunning and skill in weaponry , wise to the tricks of those mutants hiding in amongst the ruins of once proud cities , his eyes adjusted to the mist and putrid atmosphere that resulted from the happening so long ago .

    Details are :

    Title: Wasteland Warrior

    Reference: WGM Bust-009

    Scale: Approx 1/10th

    No of Pieces: 2

    Material: Resin

    Sculptor: Raul Fernandez Romo

    Concept Art: Charlie Kirkpatrick

    Casting: Martyn Dorey

    The review model was received in a hard plastic blue container( very useful to keep for those vital modelling items after) with the pieces being wrapped in bubble wrap inside for protection . On the box top we had a black and white image of the piece giving you some idea what you are getting.
    Wasteland Warrior 001.jpg
    Scale is as said approx 1/10th the piece measuring 100 mm from tip of belt to top of sword.

    The model consists of just 2 pieces the torso and the shield and sword , looking for something to prep , to be honest it was difficult there was just a slight and very fine casting line on the shoulders and underneath all no more than 25mm long , all easily sanded down to leave you with a really smooth casting .
    Wasteland Warrior 002.jpg

    Dry fitting of the parts showed that I need not have got any filler out as fit is really sharp ...so a well done to Martyn for casting like this .......a good start.

    Let's look at the pieces now beginning with the largest of the 2 .........

    The Torso:

    We are faced with a proud and steely eyed warrior , starting from the top the hair is worn long and very straggly with a long beard and moustache, the hair is tucked under a fur collar (protection against the biting wasteland winds) ,across his chest we see a large belt .

    At the back we have 2 holes to take the 2nd of the pieces .
    Wasteland Warrior 005.jpg
    The hair is a really fine bit of sculpting , straggly as I said but great detail in its form , the moustache is the same , it long and has beads/ornaments worked in ..perhaps these are rewards for services rendered to his current master.
    Wasteland Warrior 007.jpg Wasteland Warrior 004.jpg Wasteland Warrior 006.jpg Wasteland Warrior 003.jpg
    The face is grizzled with really nice workings of the eyes and a lined forehead,, the eyebrows are furrowed leading towards the eyes , high cheekbones ......all of this so far is a credit to both the sculptor and Martyn as a caster
    Wasteland Warrior 008.jpg
    The actual body is clothed with good folds , there is some nice touches to it including stitching and a cloth/ribbon hanging down(perhaps a favour from a lady like the knights of old)
    Wasteland Warrior 010.jpg
    What is really striking is the (shield) belt this is really large with good worn area's on the edges , the buckle is well formed with corner details , on the shoulder we have 2 large ornaments , really chunky and impressive .
    Wasteland Warrior 009.jpg
    Wasteland Warrior 011.jpg
    Going across his other shoulder is a belt for the sword scabbard , meeting up with the scabbard perfectly when the back piece is fitted.

    The fur collar is again a good area of sculpting with the casting retaining the sharp details .
    Wasteland Warrior 012.jpg
    Lots of really good work from Raul and Martyn on this part of the model .

    Now to the 2nd piece....

    The shield and sword:

    The piece consist of the the top piece of the shield under which we have the sword handle both sculpted and cast together....fit into the locating holes are really good , no need for filler folks.
    Wasteland Warrior 013.jpg Wasteland Warrior 014.jpg
    The shield is sculpted on both sides with wonderful wood planking effects , as well as a sword cut on the front plenty of chance here to get those effects goings, it goes without saying that most will paint this before fixing to the torso rear. the shield is as I said only the top part but there is enough to have a design if you wish.
    Wasteland Warrior 015.jpg Wasteland Warrior 017.jpg
    The sword is in a scabbard this has some great lacing , well detailed , the actual handle is awesome packed full of lovely worked area's, a strap wraps around the handle , we have some decoration on the cross piece of the handle.
    Wasteland Warrior 018.jpg Wasteland Warrior 019.jpg
    Wasteland Warrior 016.jpg
    Final Thoughts:

    This is a good addition to the War Griffon range , it will not matter if fantasy isn't your normal area to paint this is packed full of really good details which are crying out for paint effects , the casting is really good , minimal prep is needed and a good price as well.This piece will give the painter a opportunity to let his brushes go wild without the restraints of a uniform .

    Those that know me will realise that I don't normally do fantasy but there is something about this piece so I reckon I might be painting this one

    War Griffon Miniatures are at the shows and will of course be a Euro this year but if you can't get there (like me ...not happy) go to the MDP website not only for figures but every other possible thing you might need , first class customer service is assured .


    Thanks to MDP for the review model lets hope we see more from them and from Raul .

    Thanks for looking in

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  2. Jimbo A Fixture

    Kev...where's the pics?
  3. Nap A Fixture


    Impatient fella;)

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  4. swralph A Fixture

    Great review of a fantastic looking bust.
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  5. Richie A Fixture

    Hi Nap,
    Great pictures and a fantastic looking piece, I could think of few people who I would love to see paint this one, Ron (kagemusha) and Brian Snaddon jump straight out. Good luck with this one Martyn it deserves to do well(y).
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  6. Babelfish A Fixture

    Having bought this one at FigureWorld in July, I can confirm that it is a very nice piece. The scultping and casting are both first rate.

    - Steve
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  7. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Good review Kevin, thank you for posting.
    Looks to be a fine casting with fantastic detail throughout.
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  8. Helm A Fixture

    I have one of these it's as said a nice sculpt and very clean on a personal the round ornament is a little chunky for me but nothing Mr Dremell can't fix
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  9. RIKARDO Member

    Nice bust and review, thanks
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  10. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    Kevin! .. for some reason I am finding myself being extremely cautious when viewing your reviews! as much as this piece is extremely nice, ( Which it truly is)(y). I feel that you could review & convince any of us to buy a set of, 'Hairy Bollocks', that has some sort of historical context! :(:LOL:.

    Just off to cast my 'Nuts'. ... there maybe some money in this!!:unsure:

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  11. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Mark ,

    I only tell the truth ...as for the HB reckon they might need some surface marks removed!...

    Thanks for the comment just off to deliver 500,000,000 tons of sand to Eygpt!

    You are right it is a nice sculpt well cast so get one !..he is at Euro

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  12. Tubby-Nuts2 A Fixture

    This is why we like your reviews! .. 'Honesty'. which all reviews should be.

    Ps, What do you mean, 'Surface Marks',???;) I use oil of ulay every night!
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  13. Graham A Fixture

    Just returned from a really special holiday in the Welsh Borders and the mental image of Mark oiling his HBs every night makes me want to head to the hills again lol

    Seriously though, great review Kev. I saw this at FW and was impressed but I was impressed by all the range that Martyn has in the War Griffon range. I have become a great fan of the range since I got the 54mm figure 'Autumn' and I know I will be getting more from this range including this bust.
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  14. Doug Saunders Member

    Great little bust. I have just bought one. Full of character.
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