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WIP Critique Waffen Ss Panther Commander (1/9, Warriors)

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kaz6120, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Here's another WW2 German project I'm working on, simultaneously with other projects.
    I know everybody had enough of WW2 Germans, but I happened to get this rare oop Rosengrant kit and never tried tank commander before, so I want to give it a try.

    panther-commander-11.jpg panther-commander-11.jpg panther-commander-12.jpg

    Grey area shows where I applied conversions to give figure more natural poses and 'different look' than typical (too famous) Rosengrant touch face.

    Here's openbox pics.
    panther-comamandaer-01.jpg panther-comamandaer-02.jpg panther-comamandaer-03.jpg

    Attached Files:

  2. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Some updates on cap.
    panther-commander-14.jpg panther-commander-15.jpg
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  3. Sturm Grenadier Well-Known Member

    Hello Kaz, I am impressed with the changes you have made to this Panzer Commander. The moving of the headphones to to the head, different positioning of the arms and hand holding the binoculars, give him a more appropriate and realistic appearance in the cupola. Kaz, a few questions? Do you plan to use an ammo bag which was attached to the MG mount? Have you decided on paint color for the uniform, black or camo? Look forward to seeing more. Regards, SG(y)
  4. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hi Sturm, Thanks for your comment.
    Thanks and yes, these changes are a little bit difficult to adjust to the right position. The original arms positioned a bit higher, same level of the shoulder line so I decided to place it lower to make it relaxed look. Left hand was hard to adjust the binoculars to look 'holding it', so I cut off all fingers and thumb and sculpted from scratch.

    No, I decided not to build ammo bag. First, I planned to build it but it will take a lot of time and detailing up is not the main theme here. Maybe magazine look a bit long so I will cut off to make it shorter.

    Maybe black, which is my favorite of panzer crew uniforms.
  5. LVM Active Member

    The changes looks good and improve the figures I think. This is a very nice piece.

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  6. housecarl Moderator

    Look forwards to the painting Kaz.
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  7. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to the progress on this
  8. bagelman1952 Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to the progress on this
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  9. Pops Active Member

    Lovely workmanship, Kaz. You say this kit is now OOP? Guess I'll have to settle for the Max Wunsche kit instead then.... :(
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  10. nautilas Member

    Hi Kaz looking good cant wait for the painting, how are you going with the us figure roy.
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  11. Ferris A Fixture

    You've changed a rather stiff figure into something realistic Kaz. Very nice work.

    Question: How about modelling part of the turret roof? Just the flat part, so it shouldn't be too much work. I always think stand-alone copulas look a bit strange. Like some sort of UFO. But that's probably just me...

    I look forward to your painting!

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  12. kaz6120 A Fixture

    LVM, Carl, Ken, Pops, Roy, Adrian, for your comments!

    Pops, Yes, it's sad, it's true. I was really lucky to get this on eBay. I saw 2 of this kit recently on eBay, and I won one of them.

    Roy, I'm working on US figure too, at the same time. Apply some strokes on this, and while I wait for it dried, I paint the other...something like that.
    US fig is really a big thing so progress is really slow... you know, the size of the shin of us figure is almost as same as of this commander's body! :)

    Adrian, that's an interesting opinion, I agree with you in some way. yes it looks a bit strange like UFO but I at the same time I think it interesting. :) It happens on cut-off models.
    I found someone did your suggestion already.



    Now applied primer.
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  13. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    Great canvas for paint ! Looking forward to the following stages Kaz
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  14. megroot A Fixture

    Good work, as always.
    Gonna follow this one closely.

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  15. sam b Well-Known Member

    Hi kaz
    Did this ever get painted ?
    If so please can you share some photos .
    Thanks a lot
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  16. Steve Ski A Fixture

    Really good alteration, Kaz, looks like a perfect fit.
  17. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Hi everyone,
    Sam, thanks a lot, but sorry, I've never painted this. and...no plan to paint it for now.
    If I do something like this next time, I will create my own sculpture.

    Thanks a lot Steve.
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