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WIP Critique Waffen SS Machine Gunner (200mm, 1/9, MPMC)

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kaz6120, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. tiger111 Member

    I used a sample from Calvin Tan. However for the Base; I liked Vallejo Panzer Aces Italian Tanker #327. Used these as reference. 2396928030048845606S500x500Q85.jpg 2555933070045525119S600x600Q85.jpg italian_camo_anorak2.jpg italian_camo_anorak3.jpg
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  2. dinovision79 Active Member

    Kaz, I'm posting some photos, eventhough there are good ones already posted. There was not much variation in the parka's colours, they look faded, on some replicas brown tends to be reddish, green more vivid.

    Looking forward to see your progress!

    0812u2-1.jpg file_32.jpg
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  3. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks a million, Carl and Pedro!!

    Carl, I didn't know such great site exists. I can use this site everytime I paint camo. Thanks!

    Pedro, Thanks again for posting very very useful reference pictures. These pics are the best pics I can get to know all about M43 colors. Thanks!


    Thanks a tons, brent and Denes!!

    brent, thanks for the pics and color recipes you use. That's really helpful. Thanks!

    Denes, thanks for the pics your pics are very very helpful too, and you are right that replicas colors are too vivid and they don't tell the exact worn-out colors in the battle field. Thanks!
  4. Carlos69 Well-Known Member

    Lovely work so far ! Your skin tones are especially well done.

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  5. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Sorry for a long break, I'd been working on the other projects. Thanks a lot for your comment, Carl!

    I've started painting camo, and some additional effects on face too.

    waffen-ss-20.jpg waffen-ss-21.jpg waffen-ss-22.jpg
  6. Stephen Ward Active Member

    Looking great, Kaz. Really enjoyed watching this one come together. Glad you went with the Italian camo, it's a neat pattern to see on this figure and adds a lot to the final look.
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  7. Ferris A Fixture

    Very nice progress Kaz! I like the tonal variantions and contrast in the coat. And the face is particularly good!

    The helmet looks to be a bit high on the head. Is it still possible to scrape a bit off the top of the head?

    I look forward to your progress.

  8. Meehan34 A Fixture

    gess man, this is really great painting. Dare I say who your painting reminds me of? Hint: you own a bust that he painted.
  9. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks Stephen, and yes you're right, Italian camo adds a lot, I think. But at the same time its really a challenge for me to paint camo because it's hard to paint highlights and shadows effectively.

    Thanks Adrian for the critiques. Yes it is still possible to re-positioned because I haven't glued it, just put it on the head. :)
    Reason why I put it like that is because it is easier to check its face painting.

    Thanks for your compliments, Mike. You mean...Mr.Sang-Eon Lee? or Dimitrios? (I own only two busts by two of them) If so, I'm really glad. But, at the same time at some point it is bad because it looks like I'm imitating instead of creating my own style.
  10. kaz6120 A Fixture

    I'm struggling on camo these days. :)
    Here's current status WIP pics.
    waffen-ss-23.jpg waffen-ss-24.jpg
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  11. Mike Stevens A Fixture

    I wish I struggled like you do! :) Looking great Kaz
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  12. Sgt Stryker New Member

    Great face Kaz. I still think you need to do a sbs on paintig faces and skin tones.
    Will keep watching the updates.
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  13. John van Pelt Well-Known Member

    Very nice work Kaz, if you want you can paint the inner sides of the camo spots a little brighter and the edges darker. This should give a nice effect. I started with my version some time ago in field grey. Posted a new topic.

    Greetings John.
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  14. tiger111 Member

    this baby is coming to life. I really like what you have done so far. It looks great.
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  15. pmfs A Fixture

    Realistic dude!

  16. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks for your comments, Mike, John, John P, brent, and Pedro.

    I didn't like the result of the 1st version of rendering, I decided to re-paint camo jacket all over again.:)
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  17. Martin64 A Fixture

    Kaz, repainting is always a brave decision. Shading and highlighting camo in that size can be very tricky. Maybe you can reconsider the design of the Italian camouflage blotches - the majority of sand colored blotches are nearly completely surrounded by the brown blotches.
    Good luck with it - I am sure that your result will be outstanding!
    All the best, Martin
  18. debrito A Fixture

    I will keep him with a feldgray only....I hate camo...:eek:
    Great face(y)
  19. kaz6120 A Fixture

    Thanks for your comments, Martin, and Rodrigo!

    I'm struggling with re-painting these days while I'm doing another two projects. So progress is very slow... but thanks for your advice I'm not finished painting it so this is really a nice advice! :)
  20. kaz6120 A Fixture

    OK, after a long break while I was working on Fallschirmjäger bust, I'm refreshed and back to this monster figure.

    Here's more progress on face.
    waffen-ss-29.jpg waffen-ss-30.jpg waffen-ss-31.jpg
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