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Discussion in 'Figure of the Month' started by Nap, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hello everyone,

    Vote for the entries in July's FOTM event here:

    Last date/time for VOTING will be midnight BST 31st July 2020

    NOTE 1: This thread is intended ONLY for members VOTING for FOTM entries, NOT for comments etc

    Prizes this month has been kindly supported by


    as announced here:

    The owner behind the company is ALEXANDER BESPALKO for the support in this month FOTM with a great prize details in the link

    You can see them also on FB:

    E mails:

    As always great support from PF member who owns S-73 with a prize of a selection of bases from S-73


    Contact email:

    Plus we have the monthly prize from Figurementors of a download of 1 issue of either the Historical or Fantasy on line magazine ...well worth entering as these are superb on line magazines


    You can see June's entries here:

    June's winning entries here:

    Enter in August's FOTM here:

    Enter our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA comp ending 30/9/20 go to here:

    Happy benchtime, entering,viewing and voting

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  2. No3l Active Member

    Hi everyone! Here is my Herja, 1:10 bust from 1879 Miniatures, acrylics. straight from the box without modifications. cheers, Ale _MG_0776.JPG _MG_0775.JPG _MG_0777.JPG _MG_0778.JPG _MG_0779 (2).JPG _MG_0780.JPG _MG_0781.JPG _MG_0787.JPG _MG_0789.JPG
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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    My offering to you all

    Following on from the SBS here :

    Painted using WSO and various Acrylics with a few additions to the original bust ( see SBS )

    Base from Pete Watson

    Nameplate from Nameit

    Click on thumbnails for full size if you wish



    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    image.jpeg image.jpeg


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  4. fabrizio19691969 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Errol Flynn in Captain blood 54 mm FB_IMG_1593467122628.jpg
    FB_IMG_1593467129333.jpg FB_IMG_1593467132244.jpg image.jpeg
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  5. Angaliel A Fixture


    here my Vexillarius painted version from Alexandros Models 54mm


    IMG_2637.jpg IMG_2638.jpg IMG_2641.jpg
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  6. Vitalino A Fixture

    Hi to all
    this is my version of Alexandros Models piece in 75mm (amazing piece)



    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  7. Alfonso Floren Active Member

    Hola a todos,
    Figura de Alexandros models en 90mm , la escenografía es de creación propia
    Espero que os guste un saludo IMG-20200110-WA0012.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0017.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0018.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0010.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0005.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0009.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0020.jpg IMG-20200110-WA0021.jpg
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  8. Edorta A Fixture

    Roman gladiator Laequarius, Pegaso Models 54mm, painted using acrylics, white Metal, sculpted by Andrea Jula.


    Laequarius2.jpg Laequarius4.jpg

    Laequarius3.jpg Laequarius5.jpg
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  9. citrico Active Member


    This is my Grenadier Guards ensign battle of Inkerman, by Troop 54. It is a resin figure, 54mm, sculpted by Antonio Meseguer. It was painted in acrylics.

    IMG_8317 (2).JPG
    IMG_8305 (3).JPG IMG_8314 (2).JPG IMG_8309 (2).JPG
    IMG_8318 (2).JPG IMG_8333 (2).JPG IMG_8310 (2).JPG
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  10. BeanJuice Member

    Anubis 1/10 scale Bust by RP Models, painted in Acrylics and Artists Watercolour and Gouache

    P7030001 (2).JPG P7030001 (1).JPG P7030004.JPG P7030005.JPG P7030003.JPG P7030010.JPG
  11. Rodrigo Guilherme Active Member

    Scale 75 figure,

    The 8th Cavalry Division SS Florian Geyer was a cavalry division of the Waffen-SS durion World War II.

    The figure is 75mm scale

    Painted all in acrylic.

    01_ed.jpg 02_ed.jpg 03_ed.jpg 04_ed.jpg 05_ed.jpg 06_ed.jpg 07_ed.jpg 08_ed.jpg
  12. Predasteve Well-Known Member

    Here's My July Entry

    RDG Miniatures
    RAF Fighter Pilot WW2
    Painted in acrylics


    20200610_172021.jpg 20200610_172026.jpg 20200610_172032.jpg [
    20200610_172044.jpg 20200610_172053.jpg
  13. Vasily Orlov New Member

    Hi all!
    Enor “The Guardian of The Forest”
    1/10 3D printing from Alex Crisp (Iter Miniature)

    1.jpg 2.jpg
    3.jpg 4.jpg
  14. blaster Active Member

    Hi All,

    My entry is a scratchbuilt figure with some parts from Airfix and Scalelink. It shows William Coltman VC of the 1/6th btn, North Staffordshire regt, WWI as a stretcher bearer. Inspired by a painting from Mil Modelling mag

    Rgds Victor

    a10.jpg a11.jpg a12.jpg a13.jpg a14.jpg
  15. Stephan Well-Known Member

    Here is mine this month
    CGS Miniatures Wyatt Earp

    oils over acrylics

    IMG_7413.JPG IMG_7415.JPG IMG_7421.JPG IMG_7422.JPG IMG_7427.JPG IMG_7425.JPG
  16. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Voligeur, 42eme Régiment de ligne. Spain, 1812.

    Avanpost 75mm painted in acrylic's and displayed on Spanish olive wood.

    DSC_0554.jpg 109809657_1135760936806996_6279773226387796370_o.jpg 110312305_1135760910140332_1177477740884724070_o.jpg

    110540304_1135760930140330_82591827342734351_o.jpg DSC_0552.jpg DSC_0550.jpg
  17. BESPJL Active Member

    Tommy's War British Sniper.
    Painted with acrylics
    Sniper 01.jpg Sniper 02.jpg Sniper 03.jpg Sniper 04.jpg Sniper 05.jpg
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  18. b00gie Active Member

    Germanic Warrior
    Producer: Heroes & Villains Miniatures
    Scale: 1/12
    Painted with acrylics c_DSC_2939_resize.JPG c_DSC_2940_resize.JPG c_DSC_2942_resize.JPG c_DSC_2944_resize.JPG c_DSC_2949_resize.JPG c_DSC_2952_resize.JPG c_DSC_2954_resize.JPG c_DSC_3054_resize_.JPG c_DSC_3057_resize_.JPG c_DSC_2937_resize.JPG
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  19. Jiver Active Member

    Hi all,
    My entry for this month. The centre of this peace is one of my existing 1/6 scale bust kits called 'Ressurection'. The surrounding items were scratchbuild(Except for the glass bottles ofcourse) and painted with Vallejo acrylics and pastels. Some LED's were intigrated as well. Resurrection1.jpg Resurrection2.jpg Resurrection3.jpg Resurrection4.jpg Resurrection5.jpg Resurrection7.jpg Resurrection6.jpg Resurrection8.jpg Resurrection9.jpg Resurrection10.jpg
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  20. Alex A Fixture

    King of Sparta, 90 mm, 100% acrylic painting. Scratch built base and plinth. Custom made metallic sword blade (painted as well). A magnificent sculpt from Gianni La Rocca. A joy to paint ! _7310046.JPG _7310043.JPG _7310045.JPG _7310053.JPG _7310041.JPG _7310048.JPG _7310049.JPG _7310054.JPG _7310052.JPG _7310051.JPG
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