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  1. Nap A Fixture


    This will cover 2 months as I am moving house and its doubtful I will have internet until 2nd week August at the earliest ( we will go back to monthly for September's FOTM ) ...Thank you for your understanding your entries for July amd August's FOTM event here:

    Last date/time for entry's this time will be midnight BST 31st August 2019

    NOTE 1: This thread is intended ONLY for members' FOTM entries, NOT for comments. If you like something just click the "Like" button.

    If you like a entry then why not also vote for it when that thread is in place

    NOTE 2: So that members can make a more informed choice when voting later, would all contributors please provide a bit of basic information about their piece....No need for a "chapter & verse"SBS explanation, but the following info would be useful:

    1) Subject
    2) Manufacturer
    3) Scale
    4) Any conversion or major scratching done

    NOTE: picture update

    You can post a new maximum of 10 pictures either full image or thumbnail

    Only 1 entry per member

    As we are running over 2 months we will have additional prizes which this month has been kindly supported by:




    We also have a selection of bases from S-73


    Plus we have the monthly prize from Figurementors of a download of 1 issue of either the Historical or Fantasy on line magazine



    I am happy to say we have been given 2 full tickets for the SMC Show this year

    Thanks to the organising team and of course Robert and Margot Crombeeke

    image.gif image.jpeg

    In addition for use in a FOTM in 2020' we have also been given tickets for


    Happy entering

  2. Nap A Fixture

  3. Eckers Gregory Active Member

    My first ever entry into FOTM.
    Stormtroopers Roman Legionary 2nd Century bust.
    Scale 1/9.
    Painted in acrylics and inks.

    FB_IMG_1562062973985.jpg FB_IMG_1562062988715.jpg FB_IMG_1562062995694.jpg FB_IMG_1562062995694.jpg FB_IMG_1562063010874.jpg FB_IMG_1562063016848.jpg
  4. megroot A Fixture

    My entry for FOTM
    Michiel de Ruyter.....75 mm from Best Soldiers, painted with oils. IMG_2169.JPG IMG_2170.JPG IMG_2171.JPG IMG_2172.JPG
  5. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Here is my little entry.
    54mm Hornet Models . William Frederick Cody aka 'Buffalo Bill'.
    Painted in Oil and acrylic. I have added a band around the outside of the hat.


    BOB_2819.jpg BOB_2820.jpg BOB_2821.jpg
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  6. Predasteve Well-Known Member

    Here's my entry.

    Robot Rocket Miniatures
    Painted In acrylics
    Scratch built base.

    20190215_084552_resized.jpg 20190215_084621_resized.jpg 20190215_084651_resized.jpg 20190215_084719_resized.jpg 20190215_084750_resized.jpg 20190214_181505_resized.jpg 20190214_181458_resized.jpg
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  7. Eugenij Active Member

    Hi, friends! This is my first FOTM entry

    George Washington, 75 mm. FeR miniatures

    Painted with Vallejo, some Army Painter and GW shades. Grass by Fredericus Rex

    IMG_1828.jpg IMG_1829.jpg IMG_1830.jpg IMG_1831.jpg IMG_1832.jpg IMG_1833.jpg IMG_1834.jpg IMG_1835.jpg
  8. HansDig A Fixture

    Here's mine all about it at
    Irbis Miniatures, 75 mm
    Oil over Acryl. I did not "paint" this figures ( so brushstrokes) but I used ultrafine microbrushes and 'dotted' them to get a more realistic "painting"effect.

    This is the original painting ;
    display_image (1).jpg

    This is what's in the box

    Here's what I made of it ;

  9. Theodoros A Fixture

    Sergeant of the 88th Regiment - 1812

    90mm miniature sculpted by Alan Ball for Bonapartes miniatures
    Painted in oils over enamel basecoat.
    Thanks for viewing and votting .


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  10. valiant A Fixture

    IMG_8594.JPG IMG_8595.JPG IMG_8597.JPG IMG_8599.JPG IMG_8600.JPG

    Austrian Pandour 1756 originally from Mookies Miniatures with additions and modifications by me , scale 1/9 , painted with Vallejo Acylics

    Thanks for looking

  11. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    My entry for the July competition
    FER - 92nd Gordon Highlander 1815
    Painted in acrylics and oils
    IMG_3638.JPG IMG_3640.JPG IMG_3645.JPG IMG_3654.JPG IMG_3642.JPG IMG_3647.JPG
  12. Mochilote Active Member

    1:6 scale Seaman

    Hi everybody!
    I taking part in the July-August FOTM with my 1:6 scale Seaman; mainly made of epoxi putty and polymeric putty for details. It is painted all in acrylics.






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  13. Edorta A Fixture

    Attila King of Huns, Pegaso Models 90mm, white metal, painted using acrylics.

    Attila1.jpg Attila2.jpg Attila3.jpg Attila4.jpg Attila5.jpg Attila6.jpg Attila7.jpg Attila8.jpg
  14. Macca G A Fixture

    My entry for the month/s
    New Zealand Mounted Rifles, Palestine 1917.
    A 120mm original sculpt by Phil Walden
    Painted in acrylics.
    DSCN5973 (2).JPG DSCN5974 (2).JPG DSCN5976 (2).JPG DSCN5977 (2).JPG DSCN5980 (2).JPG DSCN5982 (2).JPG
  15. MattMcK. Well-Known Member

    My offering for this month, Boudica.
    Boudica's Chariot kit from RP Models, running Roman from Pegaso. Celt scout from Darkstar Miniatures, and the dogs from Scale 75. I sculpted the dead Roman over a Scale 75 armature. The crow and standing stone are original sculpts. Scenic materials from Knoch, Woodland Scenics, Fredericus Rex, and JTT. The water effects are poured Envirotex resin with Woodland Scenics 'Water Effects' and Micro Glaze from MicroMark. Paint is in oils over a base of Jo Sonja acrylic gouache on the figures, with other acrylics used on the groundwork.
    IMG_3566.jpg IMG_3568.jpg IMG_3569.jpg IMG_3575.jpg IMG_3577.jpg IMG_3586.jpg IMG_3587.jpg IMG_3599.jpg IMG_3604.jpg IMG_3613.jpg
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  16. Geoff Charman A Fixture

    Here is my entry,
    Lord Kitchener, based on the "Your Country Needs You" poster.
    1/9th scale, straight out of the box, painted in Artist's oils and Vallejo acrylics, and supplied by Gordon Mitchell.

    DSCN0195 (2).JPG DSCN0194 (2).JPG

    DSCN0198 (2).JPG

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  17. John strachan Well-Known Member

    Young’s 1/10
    Painted in acrylics
    Scratchbuilt base also painted in acrylics

    0AA54800-DAF2-42A2-A527-728F4649AFE3.jpeg D998BE47-5AE0-478B-A99D-AAE66873AA56.jpeg 8E5E3C08-C0AE-45C5-B2FD-DE2C7DFFC1BA.jpeg D9D03C2C-A0F4-4D16-B89B-B2BB6D62F829.jpeg
  18. Evgeny Dravskikh Well-Known Member

    My attempt this month(s) FOTM
    Production - “Medieval Forge Miniature”. Scale - 1/24.

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG
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  19. DioramaArt Well-Known Member

    “My kingdom for a horse!”
    Battle of Bosworth 22nd August 1485

    The final moments of Richard III
    A 1/35 conversion, sculpt and scratch build.

    56B9A670-028C-4086-B304-08C5F59EBA53.jpeg A2671004-9E81-4A3D-BD15-3A83DFFE76B6.jpeg BB25A6EC-8DF9-4BE6-9EE4-69F4BC9389D6.jpeg 2F088097-93EA-4DE5-975A-FFC31D257F4D.jpeg 42F6BEB9-CF68-41B2-A5D8-6B73CD6C342B.jpeg C53F60FE-4854-43E6-949B-8983EA790158.jpeg 4B91750E-2891-4378-8D11-0C05B82E8B8A.jpeg 353F0AF3-FEB5-4601-B95E-26C48D51E7E6.jpeg 79143C0D-F2CD-4FF3-8222-3F489018F877.jpeg 6B68AFEC-F708-4761-8C2D-88146AD2620F.jpeg
  20. santi fernandez Active Member

    The defeat.
    Darkstar miniatures.
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