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Review Viking from Altores Studio

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. Nap A Fixture


    The Russian company of Altores Studio have certainly been busy with releases this year and I have been able to share all with you , the latest in the 1/24th scale is what we will be looking at in this review.

    The subject release was announced here http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/altores-studio.79319/

    v box.jpg
    A viking as you can see with a massive long axe in full action pose with the cloak likewise.

    Lets have a bit about this feared weapon


    In the early part of the Viking era, the cutting edge was generally 7 to 15 cm (3-6in) long, while later in the Viking age, axes became much larger. Breið-øx (broad axes) had crescent shaped edges 22 to 45 cm (9-18in) long.

    The cutting edge of the largest of the axe heads shown to the right is 22 cm (9in) long. The edge of this axe is made of hardened steel welded to the iron head. The join line is clearly visible in the sketch and in the historical axe head. The steel permitted the axe to hold a better edge than iron would have allowed.

    Typically, axeheads had a wedge-shaped cross section. The cross section of the head near the edge was sometimes diamond shape, which provided for greater strength for a given weight of iron.
    The axe haft was made of wood. One source suggests that axe shafts typically were 80cm long (32in) but often much longer .

    The shaft was sized for the intended use of the axe and to balance the axe head. The Bayeux tapestry suggests axes with much longer shafts (right), and modern replicas with longer shafts prove to be useful tools and powerful weapons.


    Axes (as well as other weapons) were sometimes used to strike a blow that was not intended to be lethal. The öxarhamar (axe hammer), the backside of the axe head, was used for that purpose. Sometimes, the blow was made to humiliate an opponent, or in other cases, was made against an opponent so inferior that he didn't seem worthy of a proper blow.!!

    The result of an axe attack could be frightening and deadly

    v.jpg 0v.jpg

    V0000000.jpg v000.jpg

    Another weapon our subject has and often seen is the Sax

    A sax is a short sword that was used primarily during the early part of the Viking era. It's a one handed single edged weapon with a blade length ranging from 30 to 60cm (12 to 24 in). Saxes usually had simple fittings and no crossguard. Hilts were made of wood, bone, or horn.

    Saxes were usually carried in a sheath suspended horizontally from the belt.
    A 10th century burial cross in a churchyard in Middleton, Yorkshire shows a warrior surrounded by weapons (right). The sax is shown suspended from his belt. [IMG]

    Saxes were carried with the blade upward, so the sharp edge didn't cut through the sheath. As a result, the bottom edge of the sheath mirrored the broken back shape of the sax.

    Different length saxes are sometimes referred to by different names, such as langsax or scramasax.

    Saxes, like any other Viking age weapons, were valuable. When they were damaged or worn, the iron was repurposed, and used for some other tool or weapon.

    This stunning historical Viking age knife was probably made from a cut-down sax blade. The blade is pattern welded, and the fittings, shown in more detail to the left and right, are magnificent. The grip is in the form of a bird, with decorations incised into the wood and bronze making up the grip. The total length of the knife is 31cm (12.5in). X-ray images show that the tang is quite short.


    A 7th century sax blade from the Higgins Armory Museum is shown here
    and a modern reproduction sax based on this example is here.
    The sheath is based on a find from Trondheim.
    Books are as always easily found here are some you might like to look at getting and reading

    VB0.jpeg VB0000.jpg VB00.jpg VB00000000.jpg vb0000000.jpg VB000000.jpg VB00000.jpg VB000.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let us look at the resin...

    Details of the release:

    Title: Viking

    Reference: F- 75-009

    Scale: 1/24 th

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 12

    Sculptor: Oleg Pogosyan

    Box Art: Alexander Kataurov (Alessandro on Putty and Paint)

    As with the previous releases items are shipped fast and efficiently , packaging consists of a white cardboard box with the distinctive yellow writing , with foam layers holding the parts which are in clear bags on the box top we have full colour box art .
    Viking 007.jpg
    Parts consist of the main torso , the left leg , 2 lower arms , head, , 2 pouches , the axe, sword and sax, and also a base.
    Viking 008.jpg Viking 009.jpg
    As with previous releases very little to do , the base has the biggest casting plug to remove, ,for the remaining pieces its a simple case of carefully cutting away from the formers ( slight sanding will be needed to finish them off) and then fitting together to produce the figure.

    As I have a lot of pictures to share I will look at the torso , arms and leg first the remainder in the next part.

    Torso this consists of the right leg and the upper body, the left thigh is pushed forward ready to receive the actual leg itself , the upper body is covered in mail this is very well done indeed and impressive to look at , there are also belts to the same high level of sculpting the ends nicely shown wrapped round the belt with decorative ends .
    This attention to detail is something that is always seen the releases I have reviewd.

    The under clothing is well shown with good folds , again details are everywhere , the leg wrappings are well worth looking at , the shoes have the seams in place as they were made

    There are cutouts for the arms and the left leg , very sharply done , dry fitting showed minimal filler needed ..if any .

    Viking 018.jpg

    Viking 015.jpg Viking 012.jpg Viking 013.jpg Viking 014.jpg Viking 016.jpg Viking 017.jpg Viking 018.jpg

    Now to the Arms , these are the lower arms , bare with good shaping , and muscle tone , sleeves are worn pushed up to the elbow suitable shaped and ruffled , at the wrists there are several torques ,a nice addition Viking 022.jpg Viking 021.jpg

    ......and the Leg this is bent at the knee pushing to the ground as he moves forward to the attack as with the other one , great details again I highlight the work done on the actual shoes
    Viking 020.jpg Viking 019.jpg
    Continued in next post

  3. Nap A Fixture

    Now on to the remaining pieces

    The Cloak this is al worn and very useful piece of clothing , the wear and tear are evident by cuts and worn edges all very well done , again a nice touch of detail from the sculptor. , the shoulders have a animal skin providing warmth and a little bit of comfort to our warrior on the long voyages and raids.
    Fit to the torso is easy and looks good wen in place.

    Viking 033.jpg Viking 034.jpg Viking 035.jpg Viking 036.jpg

    Head now , WOW !!! what a sculpt !!! this guy has straggly hair and beard , a headband and braided hair pieces at the sides as well as a drooping moustache ...., suffice to say the hair is wonderful , great textures all over , the facial features are of an older man , very viking in style and very detailed .
    Viking 023.jpg Viking 024.jpg Viking 023.jpg Viking 025.jpg
    Fit to the torso is accurate by a well thought out post under the neck area.

    Viking 027.jpg
    Pouches...both show good details including stitching , 2 different shapes , nice work on the straps , fit is easy by a small block of resin Viking 029.jpg , these are on the same former as the Sax.
    Viking 028.jpg

    The Sax is as you see a good shape as in references , its in its scabbard and again fits well to the figure.

    The other weapons the Axe and the Sword are well up to the same high standard of craftsmanship throughout the resin, so well done to Oleg and Altores , the shape of the axe is in keeping with the vikings hands being sculpted on , these are gems with the veins and fingernail being well formed .

    Viking 030.jpg Viking 031.jpg Viking 032.jpg

    Now to the final part the Base , as with previous releases a good bit of groundwork textured and nicely shaped in form , layers of stone , cutouts ready to receive the figure.

    Viking 039.jpg
    Viking 038.jpg
    Viking 037.jpg

    Lets have some pictures from the website

    vvvvvv.jpg vvv.jpg vv.jpg vvvvv.jpg

    and now the box art

    Final Thoughts

    I have no doubt that this will be popular , as with all of the releases well sculpted and thought out , minimal prep , quality details and presentation a really good addition to both the Altores catalogue and the display cabinet .

    For details on this and more from them :

    E-mail: altoress@mail.ru

    Website: www.altores.com

    They are also a member of FaceBook and the forum here on PF

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece

    And to you all for looking in

    Happy Modelling

  4. mortier A Fixture

    I like the figures from Oleg Pogosian,and in your reviev it's good to see why
    Thank you
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  5. Tom W. Well-Known Member

    Please remember the alltime classic from Soldiers from the magic hands of Adriano Larrucia..........
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  6. ATTİLA the HUN Well-Known Member

    OLEG MADE masterpiece. I LOVE SCULPTED details. Not my interest period but, I LIKE THE FİGURE.
    Thanks for sharing...

    Oleg is a MASTERSCULPTER. (Good news from OLEG-I'll be wait)
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  7. ATTİLA the HUN Well-Known Member

    Regards from TURKEY..........
    Sculpt,detail and more BETTER THEN pegaso and other manufacturers.(Really!!!)
    (I was buy pegaso and others many many times)
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  8. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Superb review and superb figure
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  9. ATTİLA the HUN Well-Known Member

    YESSS, ++++
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  10. Wings5797 A Fixture

    A great review Kevin you really excelled your self , yet again I must add, with so much detail on the subject.
    I knew nothing much about our Nordic cousins but this review could tempt me.......Shock horror.
    Best wishes,
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  11. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys ,

    Thank you for all the comments .....keep a watch lots more to come from Altores

    Keith ..be tempted mate

  12. Seraphim Active Member

    Nice review - thanks for adding the historical informations.
    ALTORES STUDIO and napoleonpeart like this.
  13. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Seraphim,

    Thanks for posting Ii would like to see you paint one of the releases from Altores ..perhaps the Mursi bust ..you would do a great job!

    Thanks for looking in


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