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Viking Caricature: speed sculpt and paint.... and I placed!!

Discussion in 'Friends of planetFigure' started by Jamie Stokes, Jun 13, 2023.

  1. Jamie Stokes Well-Known Member

    On the theme of completing projects....

    Did a speed sculpt for a friendly contest for Spec Mods Models coffee cup challenge...

    Basically, photograph a SpecMod coffee cup and most artistic/ clever/ creative wins a prize (a figure to be determined by the owner of SpecMod, Andrew)

    So over the kings birthday long weekend, I decided to quickly sculpt a Viking caricature, and set up as a Viking ship kinda thing...

    Started with a crude form with florists wire... built up with 2 part epoxy putty (which cures due to a reaction between the the 2 different chemistries, doesn't need exposure to oxygen to set)


    So far, a pretty crude start!!

    Then let things cure overnight, otherwise the putty is still soft and malleable (to lesser and lesser degree over time) so it is easy to 'smoosh' details or forms and lose previous good work.

    Next steps where to build up the other forms, once I'd done the body and head...

    Such as the boots, and a weapon. In this case, a hand axe...


    Hands I opted for a simple blob, as I was going to paint in a 3 fingered cartoon hand.... the only refinement was to add a separate thumb. Added a shield as well. And bulked out the helmet too...


    So mostly doe Monday morning (yesterday, the 12/June/2023) then off to lunch with wife and friends, then home after a few hours.

    the shield and hands were added after lunch, then a quick paint session (acrylics are a fast drying paint, so you can work very fast on a figure if you aren't too fussed about colour shading etc)


    Quick size check before the painted view...

    Oh yes, it's complete.... Not a even a bronze place, but a completed project is better than an never finished project...

    And the roll call of effort from face-book here...


    It was worth a few hours of my time; I suppose over the 3 day long weekend, I spent about 18 - 20 hours on the total project. Including fixing errors... and basing and a pinch of photography.

    And I will admit, this feeling of completing a project, well, it feels good.

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