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Review Viking Axeman from DG Artwork

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Mar 8, 2017.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Good day resin rumblers

    In this article we will have a look at one of the latest releases from DG Artwork in the figure range , announced here on PF http://www.planetfigure.com/threads/dg-artwork-new-release-on-january-2017.82424/

    The subject being this:

    Viking Axeman

    Before we go any further there is an error on the box information this is not a bust but a figure as in the picture , something that was missed by DH when getting ready to release , I have spoken to him and he apologises to all for this.

    As you can see from the artwork we have a rather athletic looking fellow leaping from the figurehead of his ship , it has been commented when announced about if this would be possible , well certainly not by me ...lol !!! but who really knows really it could have happened.

    What I feel the position does do is add a little bit of fantasy to the release opening up a lot of painting options rather than just historical.

    We have no doubt seen the TV series "Vikings" so that quite a good excuse to get the feel of these warriors who were not only that but very advanced culturally and in exploring to gain new lands for themselves by crossing the oceans using what was state of the art longships , the design was also seen later on the Bayeux Tapestry , the Normans using the same type .
    All types of items were taken in the boats including trade goods, men, horses , and anything else they might need when they reached their destination .
    000.jpg 00.jpg 0.jpg 00a.jpg 00aa.jpg 0000.jpg

    It is thought that the rowers sat on the equivalent to sea chests which were moveable as well as providing a storage and personal space for the warrior .

    We are lucky in that many ships have been discovered particularly in Norway and have been wonderfully preserved for all to enjoy and wonder at the skill of the ship builders .

    In the UK we have the amazing Jorvik Centre in historical York where you can travel though the timeline of the vikings and listen to them talking and smells seeing the day to day life of these people

    Weapons include the long axe and various other smaller types , mail shirts and helmet are known to have been worn with at times very full trousers for ease of movement .
    aaa.jpg aaaa.jpg

    and of course swords and shields
    aa.jpg aaaaa.jpg 000000.jpg 00000.jpg 00000000000000.jpg

    0a.jpg 0aaaa.jpg 0aaa.jpg 0aaaaaa.jpg 0aaaaa.jpg a.jpg
    So not only were they feared warriors but they were traders , artisans and conquerors of other lands leaving us some amazing artifacts to be seen .

    Continued in next post


  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Guys

    Books are available here are a couple to look out for

    000000000.jpg 00000000.jpg 0000000000.jpg 00000000000.jpg 0000000000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 000000000000.jpg 000000000000000.jpeg

    Details of the release are:

    Title: Viking Axeman 10th Century

    Reference: DG75F003

    Scale: 75mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of parts: 13

    Sculptor: Dae-Hyeong, Kim

    Box Art: Dae-Hyeong, Kim

    The model is presented in a good box , black in colour with colour pictures on both the top and back

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    The resin sits on a foam basing with the actual parts being either in clear or bubble wrap bags , all keeping the parts nice AND safe.

    Parts consist of the main figure , 2 arms , lower left leg, lower part of cloak , helmet , 3 axe heads m 2 handles , shield and the actual ships figurehead .
    Viking 002.jpg Viking 003.jpg
    I will look at the main figure in this part with the remainder to follow .


    Main Figure ...Casting excess on the lower foot and a small post on the cloak and one on the lower left half leg , there is a casting line at the back but when shield is in place does not show .

    Arms..small casting plug to remove before fitting

    Left foot...small casting plug from underfoot

    Cloak ...small excess on upper edge

    Helmet...small plug from back and eye pieces need flashing removed then fitted to main figure

    Shield...remove excess around edge

    Axe's/Handles...remove from former and fit ( the 2 smaller heads fit to the torso body , one each side)

    Ship...Sand away casting remnant from underneath and also casting line running on the actual figurehead itself.

    General comments/advice

    Pin the figure to the top of figurehead both at the foot and where it joins at the knee

    The smaller axe handles fit well but I would recommend dry fitting the long axe he hold , get the arms in position and all should match up.

    Fit the Cloak first before the shield

    You might want to remove the resin between the figureheads teeth if you wish to do so

    On now to the Main Torso

    Consisting of the action pose the right leg raised at the knee the left has the lower legs to be fitted separately.
    Viking 004.jpg
    Working up the shoes that he wears are a good representation of known items the tops raised a little protecting the ankle , nice details on the laces , tied , our axeman wears stocking around his lower legs , nicely done but fitting to the calf shape..

    The trousers are very full both in material and the folds being well done , possibly paint a diagonal/striped lined design here or leave one natural colour ...undyed linen .

    Around the upper legs we have an undergarment which shows good movement at the edges in relation to the action portrayed., over this there is a mail shirt , as with previous releases ( ie the Optio figure) the surface work is very good , all of which can easily be brought out with careful painting and washes., the mail has the correct depressions for the axes etc , as well as more than suitable cutouts to take the arms.

    Around the waist there is a belt with a pouch at the right side , good shpe and looks full ..possibly loot from a raid or maybe treasured things from home so far away .

    Hanging down the upper chest there is a belt which is the shield strap, flying around with the movement , nice detail on the simple buckle .

    Over his shoulder there is a cloak full of movement and folds , the strap continues from the front to the top and lower of the cloak , this matching well to the shield.

    The head is a true viking in look a beard which is tied on his chin with a rather long and fearsome moustache , at the sides braided pigtails hang down , good details all over the facial features the mouth is open with teeth clentched together . the neck area is covered and therefore protected by a mail neck piece which was seen to be fitted onto the actual helmet at times or maybe he has a full headpiece under the helmet itself.

    The top of the head has a square of resin that matches well with a cutout on the underneath of the helmet .

    Viking 005.jpg Viking 006.jpg Viking 007.jpg Viking 008.jpg Viking 009.jpg Viking 010.jpg
  3. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the remaining parts

    Lower Leg

    As seen the lower part stockinged and with the same details seen on the other foot , the heel of the shoe is raised with a locating piece that fits to the figurehead ..I would pin it!!!, fit to the main knee is easy again with a cutout being provided ..but again I would suggest pin it.

    Viking 011.jpg


    These are sculpted well with the lower arm being of particular note , on the right arm there is a leather wrist and arm armlet , tied very nicely on the underside , the top and bottom has the lining showing through , nice textures , the hands are also fully covered with stitched leather pieces , sectioned on the fingers providing good movement

    The left arm displays the same details except the fingers re exposed , the left has the central handle section , with the right having the upper part , the shapes are good but quite smooth on the surface , no wood texture as such , but this can be painted on of course

    Fit of both is well though out with the longer axe handle matching well to the underside of the right hand.

    Viking 023.jpg Viking 024.jpg Viking 025.jpg
    Viking 012.jpg


    This is a well done piece in shape with the eye protectors being made on the helmet , the helmet itself is strengthened by bands running from the base to the apex and a rim around the lower edge, fit to the head itself is quick and accurate

    Viking 017.jpg Viking 018.jpg

    Axe Handles/Heads

    These are easy to fit , the smaller ones sit well into depressions in the torso , the shaping is good on all , I would suggest you try and pin the larger one that he is swinging about ..just for safety !!!!

    The handles are again a nice shape and fitting well but no texture of the grain is evident on the review items

    Viking 026.jpg


    This is the lower half , full of movement and in scale for the thickness which is good to see , fit is simple to achieve with a little bit of filler needed but nothing drastic ..this part must be fitted before the shield
    Viking 013.jpg Viking 014.jpg


    A circular version in shape , being bound around the edges for strength with the securing rivets being well sculpted and cast , the central boss is well shown , there is no damage on the shield so you could add this if you wish , nor design either so a blank canvas to add your own

    On the rear there is a supporting bar shaped at the top and bottom , there is planking worked in which although not all across as most of the underneath is hidden when its in position on the cutout produced after the cloak piece is in place

    Viking 015.jpg Viking 016.jpg

    Last but not least the Ship's figurehead

    This is the top of the figurehead and clearly influenced in style by references as seen in the first part , very stylised in shape , a dragon with a fearsome tongue coming out of an open mouth with teeth on either side , the details are sharply sculpted and cast particularly the eye details , with the nostrils being engraved in a lower relief , on the neck we see hatching designs , leading down to the part of the actual boat , this sweeps away and the planking has been well shown on both sides , they are overlapping .

    On the top of the figurehead there is a locating hole for the figure to be secured to ( pin it!!!)

    Viking 021.jpg Viking 020.jpg Viking 019.jpg
    Viking 022.jpg
    Final thoughts

    Whatever you thoughts on the positioning of the figure its certainly a dramatic piece , with options of a fantasy version as well , you could of course have the figure leaping off a small piece of high ground and the use the boa in another project .
    A good addition to the range and one which will please those that model this period , a popular subject and with an additional interest in the figurehead

    For more information why not also follow on FB

    Have a look at the website ( you wont be dissapointed !!)


    E mail details


    Thanks to DG Artwork for the review piece and to you all for looking in

    Lets end with some of the box art...ENJOY
    Happy modelling

  4. franck edet A Fixture

    hello Nap,

    I am currently working on this figure and while i agree with most of your points I have to admit that i am really disapointed by some details on this figure :

    1/ The external side of the shield is to be heavily reworked as the rounded bulge is supposed to protect the hand of the warrior, here it's impossible for our viking to have his hand in it.
    and there's no wood details to be seen nor rivets for the metal circling (at least on mine) it looks like the shield didn't get the same attention than the rest of the figure
    2/ the lower legs lack the lacing to shrink the lower part of the pants (i'm currently adding that on mine)
    3/ 2 axes in the belt ? really ? our warrior won't be able to fight with 2 axeheads pushing up in his ribs ...
    4/ regarding the mail i am happy that it correctly represents a leather one and not a metal one :)

    I will post pictures in the work in progress as soon as i will have enough work done on it :)

    thank you for the review !
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    Another great review Nap(y).

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