Vignettes & Diorama's Competition -NEW Supporter & Update

Discussion in 'FOTM Archives' started by Nap, Jul 6, 2020.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everyone

    Following on from the thread here

    We have another great support this time from 2 great companies

    00000000000.png Thank you Gordon ( Grod here on PF )

    Also 0000000000000000.jpeg

    With continued support from Steve at[IMG]

    THANKS to them all

    Its my great pleasure to be able to say the :

    Vignette & Diorama competition will now run twice a year :):)

    FOTM will continue to run each month as well:)

    Happy entering in both

    Happy benchtime

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  2. DioramaArt Well-Known Member

    The path of dreams - 1/35 Diorama

    Chunuk Bair (Gallipoli) 8th to 10th August 1915

    134C009B-F90D-4861-849C-688A109FB752.jpeg CFC2FD90-8F05-40F4-A001-91426097A5FD.png F5FAED35-D408-4F7C-825B-203CE281AF50.png 8AF21FD1-5761-467E-AD9B-EB44D123CCBF.png C98F86A0-75A2-4C27-B825-1261B39786B8.png C69FD4ED-64D7-4948-A94B-206CDE90EFF8.jpeg 52ADECC7-6710-4EB9-88F8-94F6A50A6320.jpeg A7CD8655-0D4D-4C51-A5AE-2C08196D3E65.jpeg 848C7ADF-6E6B-415D-AA25-8826DA33D3E8.jpeg
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  3. DioramaArt Well-Known Member

    Take the Guns lads!

    A 1/35 depiction of the Charge at Hùj, 8th Nov 1917 by the combined Yeomanry forces of Worcestershire and Warwickshire Regiments. The last great unsupported cavalry charge of the British army, the end of an era.

    7E9BD43B-7187-41C4-8A92-0D8E5CEC9F19.png B8ED3028-A469-4AE9-A117-F9AF6CAB3A83.png C72A2690-9ED5-4B48-A80E-9BCB69C6DAE9.png 38F02DDD-3652-424B-8E06-EF7CCC0FD3D4.png FB5A6B25-558A-4703-8655-FC32787055F5.png EC05438F-C33A-467C-A300-AED77EF633D8.png 98C2D238-B866-488F-BEDF-F91A3DAA4E1D.png 4F23D62E-0702-4CEF-BA56-88398A3BA2FD.png 96FE82B4-313E-4DD7-B012-2101D8B87458.png D040A86A-F68F-468D-9697-1C7B1C6D2D77.png 0B0BF937-0BFB-4E41-9B4F-7229A5F988F1.png 9BCA4B4A-69D8-4ED5-8CCB-05970C498FC9.png
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  4. DioramaArt Well-Known Member

    Until The Day Break

    On the 21st August 1915 the men of the Warwickshire Yeomanry (2nd Mounted Division, 1st South Midland mounted brigade) were sent into battle with orders to capture Scimitar Hill (70) Gallipoli.

    The order for the Warwickshire’s to go over the top came about 6pm, as a second wave against the 12th/34th Infantry Regiment Yusufçuk Tepe (Turkish forces).

    Leaping from the trenches of Chocolate Hill the Yeomanry ran; the brush on fire, choking smoke in the air, set light from allied ship bombardment, then from artillery from the defending Ottoman forces. Those brave men ran into the flames, many to be killed and wounded in needless slaughter.

    The scene is significant for me, my Great Great Uncle L/CL Robert Lidzy fell during that attack, he is buried at Green Hill cemetery near Scimitar Hill, with the grave inscription “Until The Day Break” requested by his widow and grieving nine year old daughter.

    The Vignette is created using a mix of 1/35 ICM and Miniart figures resculpted wi th Hornet heads, with base and details scratch built.

    EC89A55D-A4B7-4ADB-84F4-F166369AE646.png 4B20E1C3-78EA-41BA-8D04-D1CD97D4C162.jpeg 6F13C0A3-CB35-44F2-98C1-4A844EB67FE4.png DB6DA70D-18AA-47D0-9A38-B6503FDB8CC7.png ACC93079-1C8F-4F31-93CE-05FC45923C67.png 232668E6-86C8-4707-AA98-3CF2DB6F73FB.png E8EB0C4E-6D15-4090-8AA6-A1A8268B4E82.jpeg A8F9CBDD-1884-433F-B93C-0856022CF94F.jpeg 5DC40395-07A8-4C11-B176-50E99A6E60FA.jpeg

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