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Discussion in 'Vignette & Diorama Comps' started by Nap, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hello everyone,

    Vote for the entries in this competition event here:

    Last date/time for VOTING will be midnight BST 31 October 2020



    NOTE 1: This thread is intended ONLY for members VOTING for entries, NOT for entries or comments etc
    • Members can click on thumbnails for a larger view
    Following on from this announcement


    With great prizes from





    image.png image.png image.jpeg image.png

    details of prizes in link

    For those that like vignettes and diorama modelling we will be running in August ...a competition especially for you

    Entry's end on midnight BST 30/9 with voting ending on midnight BST 31/10


    No limit on number of pictures or size ( full or thumbnail )

    The aim is to promote this type of modelling

    Subjects can be:

    1. Any scale

    2. Any subject

    3. Any period

    4. Any modelling genre

    5. 1 entry per member

    6.Minimum of 2 figures , foot or mounted or with a piece of equipment

    7. No Maximum no of figures in the entry

    8. Choice of base size is entirely up to the entrant

    9. Entries can be previously completed models you've done ......with this thread time frame giving you plenty of time to get modelling something new as well

    Do ask questions if needed or message me

    Happy Vignette and Diorama modelling

    Enter in our VIGNETTES & DIORAMA comp ending 01/03/21 go to here:


  2. kagemusha A Fixture

    An oldie I know but what the hell....90 mm scene using two of Nuts Planet original pieces to create a new story.

    IMG_3305 (1).jpg IMG_3303.jpg IMG_3299.jpg IMG_3288.jpg IMG_3287.jpg IMG_3286.jpg IMG_3300.jpg IMG_3291.jpg IMG_3289.jpg IMG_3285.jpg IMG_3283.jpg

  3. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    The roman emperor Tiberius Iulius Caesar Augustus and the preatorian praefectus Lucius Aelius Seianus in the emperor's study, AD 30.



    The two 75 mm figures (Sanderson, Pegaso) are partly very complex converted.
    The Roman room was created based on original models and - including the furnishings - is completely scratch-built.

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  4. T-34/85 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Tommy’s War vignette. Verlinden horse, 54mm

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  5. Alfonso Floren Well-Known Member

    Escena de caza de un guerrero Tutsi y un gorila , box art para La Meridiana Miniatures en 54mm, todo la escenografía es propia,
    Espero que les guste

    Hunting scene of a Tutsi warrior and a gorilla, box art for The Meridiana Miniatures in 54mm, all the scenery is its own,
    I hope y

    DSC_0329_copy_600x400.jpg DSC_0333_copy_600x900.jpg DSC_0325_copy_600x900.jpg DSC_0335_copy_600x400.jpg DSC_0332_copy_600x900.jpg DSC_0327_copy_600x900.jpg DSC_0408_copy_600x900.jpg DSC_0412_copy_600x900.jpg
  6. franceso sbarile A Fixture

    THE EAGLE NEST (the very beginning of Luftwaffe)
    training glider SG-38 at Hitler Youth summer camp. Wood scratch build glider , miniart figures, scale 1:35.
    Hope you enjoy it



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  7. Edorta A Fixture

    Gandamak 1842. The final stand of british troops. All the figures by Time Machine in 54mm, some in resin and some in white metal. After I designed a template with the position of all the soldiers, I made the ground and then, each of every hole for the nails, each soldier wore at their feet. The collector Antonio Mata, put and fixed all the soldiers together. I painted all the soldiers one by one along a year. Here is the result. (Pics by Antonio Mata, private collector, Barcelona Spain).

    Gandamak1.jpg Gandamak2.jpg Gandamak3.jpg Gandamak4.jpg Gandamak5.jpg Gandamak7.jpg Gandamak8.jpg
  8. ErGide72 A Fixture

    '...batlle weary...', Operation Konrad I, Szomor area, Hungary January 1945
    1/35th scale. All figures scratch, some light, some heavy modified, as is all the stuff in the cart, the tree and the monument cross. All painted with acrylics.

    bearb06.jpg bearb07.jpg bearb08.jpg bearb09.jpg bearb04.jpg bearb03.jpg
  9. DaddyO A Fixture

    Here's something I've just finished up especially for this comp.:)
    (For those that haven't been following along there is a work in progress thread with lots of details here - https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/bison-hunt.248888/page-2#post-1084026)
    The original kit is by Altores and is 54mm. I made up a completely new horse from scratch and added saddle cloth etc. The original riders pose was altered by moving his legs forward for better balance and he has a few added details. All painted in acrylics and mounted onto one of Oakwood's bases.
    Tatanka1.jpg Tatanka2.jpg Tatanka3.jpg Tatanka4.jpg Tatanka5.jpg Tatanka6.jpg
  10. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Ok Nap, I'm in.

    Various 1/35th scale figures painted in oils over acrylics and Tamiya's M48A3. The structure was done the old way, plaster slabs and plenty of extras throughout the scene.

    This Diorama was dedicated to the 1/5 Marines who fought the bloody battle for the “Citadel at Hue”, north of the Perfume River in Vietnam during the NVA Tet Offensive of 1968. Special thanks to Nick Warr, author of “Phase Line Green”, who graciously gave of his personal time and material information to help me correctly depict these events. The Dong Ba Tower overlooked Phase Line Green, ( Mai Thuc Loan street), this diorama depicts actual events which took place during the battle for the Ancient Imperial City of Hue.

    Cheers, Ski.

    [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG][IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG][IMG]
  11. PLG Well-Known Member

    As Nap suggested, I'm in with my commemoration of the evacuation of civilians from Guernsey in 1940.

    I am sure most are aware of his but here is a potted history. After the German army swept across France they arrived in Normandy at the end of May 1939 and it became clear that the Island would be occupied - the UK government declared it a de-militarised zone but forgot to tell the Germans which resulted in a line of truck at the harbour being staffed by the Luftwaffe. Apparently they thought they were ammo trucks when in fact they were full of tomatoes for export to England.

    The population had only a couple of days to decided whether or not to remain or be evacuated, many children were evacuated, some with their school, some with one of two parents, and some alone. My mother was evacuated with her mother, but not her father - he was due to travel on a later ship but the Germans arrived before it did. One of the saddest aspects of the evacuation was the number of pets which were put to sleep - people could only take one suitcase and no pets.

    It is strange to think that during the winter/spring of 1939/40 the Channel Islands were still seen as a holiday destination. I know of one family from England who were on holiday in Jersey at the time the Germans arrived so they ended up staying until 1945!. A good friend of mine's father was a cooper from London, he was seconded to one of Guernsey's breweries to make barrels in the spring of 1940, for what should have been 6 months; he too remained for the whole of the war !

    Finish 3.JPG Finish 6.JPG Finish 7.JPG Finish 11.JPG Finish 5.JPG Finish 6.JPG

    This is a little vignette I produce a while ago depicting a mother and child walking up a gang-plank to board a ship while some others are looking on/waving goodbye. a wicker trunk is left on the quay - somebody had hoped to take it but ended up just leaving it behind. It is all commercial figures, painted using acrylics.

  12. No3l Active Member

    I'm in too! almost by coincidence have to say as I was preparing this small fantasy vignette in 32mm as test for some color scheme I'd like to use on a bust in future. The parts are 3D prints from Titan Forge miniatures.
    Original theme/title would be "Lord.. the war is over" representing a warlord coming back to his shogun to inform him about the end of the war (actually all the ideograms on the banners are the ones meaning "bushido" (on the knight), and the 7 virtues of the samurai (the black and purple ones plus the seventh engraved on the upper part of the portal).
    Or as a friend texted me you could also see "a guy clearly trying to meditate and this douche just gets up in his grills with a slobbering lion all like -hey wachya doing? - .. "wtf man, meditating obviously" :dead:


    shogun7.jpg shogun8.jpg shogun9.jpg shogun2.jpg shogun3.jpg shogun4.jpg shogun6.jpg shogun5.jpg
  13. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Take the Guns lads!

    A 1/35 depiction of the Charge at Hùj, 8th Nov 1917 by the combined Yeomanry forces of Worcestershire and Warwickshire Regiments. The last great unsupported cavalry charge of the British army, the end of an era.

    Reconfigured and sculpted ICM, Masterbox and Miniart figure parts, some with re-sculpted Hornet Heads. Scratch built base and converted 1/35 Emhar 96a field gun into the 75mm Krupp, one of the 11 artillery pieces captured by the Yeoman that day.

    Inspired by the painting by Lady Butler with research conducted at the Warwickshire Yeomanry museum (UK).

    8C6C27C0-EAA9-4243-8FE6-8F7D91BE593A.png 2A55546A-2C1F-4EA6-8F50-02DCB5987697.jpeg 9D01A3B4-650A-48F3-96C8-6345B88D82F1.png F12D4A0D-3A45-48C4-9E86-48485C76504D.jpeg 9F8E701E-222B-450D-BFDD-464D510853FE.png 25D7EEE4-1DF9-498F-8980-962D0096A7E0.png B3FD9C7E-2A2B-4A0B-BFB3-EC390CF06C48.jpeg E4DBF2DA-0986-4AB0-A492-38EBF4BB336C.png B4C9C4D5-F1F9-4D85-A130-218B4736D926.jpeg E6B9570D-874E-4940-8BDA-519F2BDB962A.png 31F5F6BF-0407-47AD-96C3-797F3C243B14.png 46E6177E-B078-4989-85E7-CE8753AE7937.png 2F343C6A-3DEA-45D2-9987-043291228A59.png 1ECA9787-E4A3-434C-A58C-1CE2ADFE9ACF.png 4EAAB537-3E8F-4553-B5A0-0562EA07E64F.jpeg 12E859F9-71BE-4602-93C6-79B82E41B678.jpeg

  14. blaster Well-Known Member

    Hi All,,

    My entry is a plausible scene of the Versailles court of Louis XIV. Given the poisonous atmosphere prevailing then, I have tried to show two ladies out riding in the woods, but only for the company. There is an icyness in their relationship. Figures and dogs are scratchbuilt with some commercial parts and converted Historex horses.

    Rgds Victor

    a5.jpg a4.jpg a6.jpg
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  15. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    USMC Radio Jeep, Saipan 1944, a piece I may title "Saipan Shave." 1/24 scale, using the Italeri Jeep with an AC Models resin conversion kit that included two figures. The shaving Marine is converted from Preiser 'Adam.' M-1s, pistols, and jerry cans from Shapeways, lots of minor scratch add-ons including most of the loose gear strewn about. Composition was lifted from a period pic. I used acrylic and oils paints, with liberal doses of Vallejo pigments, AK Pencils, and various groundwork products.
    IMG_3903.jpg IMG_3937.jpg IMG_3946.jpg IMG_3929.jpg IMG_3908.jpg IMG_3911.jpg IMG_3905.jpg IMG_3918.jpg IMG_0782.jpg
  16. CondeJulian Well-Known Member

    M-52 Kaiser Jeep Truck - 8th Transportation Group - Vietnam 1969

    1/35th Scale -
    AFV CLUB base Kit + Real Model Resin Conversion + DEF Resin Wheels + P.E. + Scratchbuilt
    Bravo 6 Figures (converted)
    Scratch Built base with Blackdog Nam' Portal
    Hydra Models Italy Wood base

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  17. zane666 Well-Known Member

    image-26-07-20-09-02-1.jpeg 5th New York (Duryee's) Zouaves, 2nd battle of Bull Run. 75mm painted in Jo Sonja Acrylics. image-26-07-20-09-02-3.jpeg image-26-07-20-09-02-4.jpeg image-26-07-20-09-02.jpeg
  18. The Norwegian Well-Known Member

    Finished with my little Diorama
    Its called «Pedersen & Sønn Landhandleri»
    Figures from Andrea Miniatures
    Rooftiles from Juweela

    Rest is scratchbuilt
    E7353FE1-3A26-46F0-9E2D-76C56DCB294A.jpeg BE67322A-ACF7-4497-989D-1C4E83317BE1.jpeg 973CF8B4-8F84-4BED-AF40-C2F6FE959FC0.jpeg
  19. Jose Manuel Gomez Garcia Active Member

    "It´s a long way to tipperary"

    1/32 scale diorama.

    Tommys War figures (some of them converted)

    Total scratchbuild trench with medical dispensary interior detailed.

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  20. Brian Fowler New Member

    2020-08-28 11.50.21-1.jpg Partitioning Poland-1939
    This is my small 1/35 diorama of the invasion of Poland by the Germans and the Soviets in 1939. This scene shows one of the Panzer I crew photographing the other crewman along with a Russian from the BA-20 armored car standing next to the knocked out Polish TKS tankette. View attachment 391306
    2020-08-28 11.42.36-1.jpg 2020-08-28 11.48.23-1.jpg 2020-08-28 11.57.40-1.jpg 2020-08-28 11.50.21-1.jpg
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