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Video tutorials - Need your thoughts

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Angaliel, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Angaliel A Fixture

    Hello everybody,
    Some of you already know me, some no.
    I’m Dana Jean Paul, and I paint miniatures since 2004.
    I went to lots of exhibitions and shows. Won so many medals, and some Best of Show.
I also wrote several articles on french Figurines Magazine. And painted lots of BoxArts.

    My facebook page :
    I would like to make some tutorials videos about painting miniatures, busts, flats...etc.... with oils and also acrylics (I use both of them). But alos, I’d like to explain some teories about colors, tonal values, ...etc.....
    I see lots of videos already on the web. But they seems to be destinated to experimented painters most of the time.
I’d like to do videos for beginners and standard level. So they could have some painting skills to be able to better understand the videos from the masters.
    So I’m asking you, who would be interested, to answer some of my questions. Then I would know better your needs.

Please send me your answers on my email adress :
    Question 1 : What are the major problems you get actually during your painting sessions?
    Question 2 : What kind of frustration it make you feel?
    Question 3 : What kind of video would you like to see? Videos that could be a solution to your answers of the questions 1 and 2?
    Question 4 : What would be the best duration for a video for you before loosing concentration? 
20 minutes? 40min? 1 hour?.....
    Question 5 : Do you prefer real time videos or fast?
    Question 6 : What other things you’d like to see in my videos that are not in the question 3?
    I really apreciate the time you’ll take to answer and send me a mail.
    Take care.
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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Jean Paul

    Great to see you posting and fir wanting members comments , might also be an idea if they could be put here as well ....

    A lot of questions ...off to have a think !

    Hope we see some of yiur artwork soon

    Happy benchtime

  3. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Thanks, JP. This is great and I can't think why this doesn't seem to have been done before. There are some really good tutorial things on youtube. Thing is, they're all in Spanish.

    To answer a few of your questions

    I struggle with painting eye. I really do. I also struggle painting faces such as Romans where the helmet cheek guards are attached.

    A video in real time is best for detailed stuff, such as faces, but as long as the method is clearly shown, you can get away with something speeded up.

    I think to keep things in 20 minute blocks. You can always add more.

    thanks very much
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  4. DaddyO A Fixture

    Morning JP

    Thanks for the post and the questions. Personally I've never been comfortable painting gold braid - something I'll keep working on, but it would be nice to see how others do it in real time. probably as mentioned above around 20 minutes is fine since I don't work with a screen next to me when painting. I prefer to watch (or look) at a reference and then go and work it out for myself using teh general ideas given.

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  5. Mirofsoft A Fixture

  6. John Bowery A Fixture

    Sent a message:
    Jean Paul,
    1. My contrast is not as great as I would like it to be and end up way to bright in total.
    2. like I am not improving like I would like. You can see on my V bench. "John Bowery" I would like to paint more along spanish school at time and defineately as well as you.
    3. Colours. tonal values, mixing, freehand, weathering as you paint instead of after. I am very varied.
    4. I think 40 minutes is good and perhaps two parts of the same length for larger subjects.
    5. I like a mix of both, Time to see how you are doing what you are doing and how, but fast when it is a long cloak etc
    6 ?
    Thanks and look forward to your instructions.
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  7. Angaliel A Fixture

    Send me your answers at my email adress.
    Only because I print the mails and then analyse your demands.
    So I'll know what kind of videos are most demanded.....
    If some of you answer here, some others on others forums....
    I might not see every answers......

    Thx anyway to all of you.
  8. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    What you ask is like a suggestion box on the door of the Management
    Answer via a forum is like a brainstorming
    Any given answer can be completed, expanded, enjolived, explained, commented, + "a forum is a sharing community"

    I worked for a company active in electronic founded 120 years ago believing in brainstorming and organizing such events from base to top, still active now and still selling in 100 of billions €, some of the top revolutions in electronic came from those brainstormings
    And if you choose on each forum for a follow up message, you will not miss an answer, because you will get email with direct link to the answer in true time .
  9. Angaliel A Fixture


  10. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    I paint in oils and have been watching Milan Dufec on Youtube-I think it is important to explain the basics,

    the brushes you use
    the paints you use
    the mediums you use, thinners, varnishes etc.

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