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Victorian era British Officers uniform paint mixes

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Gary D, Aug 19, 2017.

  1. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    Hi all. I'm currently working on the Vladimir Danilov Dog's Life British Surgeon with Bloodhound and am wondering about the surgeon's trouser colour. It appears almost black with blue highlights. Does anyone have a favourite paint mix they use for this kind of thing? Would you suggest I paint the trousers with a black acrylic base coat and use something like French Ultramarine to highlight? I work in acrylic base coat with oils on top. I have primed the fig using Tamiya fine grey primer.
    Thanks in advance! :)

    Gary D
  2. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    Sorry, i need to bump this
  3. arj A Fixture

    My preferred method of painting is oils over enamels or acrylics, and sponge off the top coat to let the base coat become the highlight.
    If I was trying to achieve the effect you're after, I'd paint the trousers blue first (your choice of shade).
    Once thoroughly dry, I'd paint over with the black (perhaps mixed with some van Dyke brown), and use the sponge.
    If too much paint is removed, either dab over with the sponge, or re-apply the top coat.
    The dabbing with the sponge can also create interesting textures.
    I don't tend to add to the highlights once dry, but often use sepia (a very neutral dark) to enhance shadows, although in this case it wouldn't be much use.
    Well, that's my two-penneth. No doubt someone will come up with something much better.

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  4. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    Thanks Andrew! Not too sure about the sponge effect as this is 75 mm and I don't want too much texture. Interesting approach with painting blue before black. I'll keep in mind the sepia for shadows!


    Gary D
  5. Mirofsoft A Fixture

    Well dear friend, here sponge effects on a 120mm (including faces )
    ( but I must say that I add highlight and shadow in many layers oils on enamel, highlight / shadow oils or a mix oils / enamel and some time dry brush with pastel powders )

    WebbR-Israëlien-eclairci.jpg Webb-Pilote-Hélico-3-ecalir.jpg
  6. Gary D PlanetFigure Supporter

    Well gentlemen, you've convinced me! I'll give it a go as I really like the results you've shown me.

    Thanks for all your help!

  7. Red Five Well-Known Member

    I normally pick two or three colourd and blend them together on the model when painting with oils for this effect. I have recently discovered the joys of acrylics which is a much longer story!

  8. housecarl A Fixture

    Prussian blue with black.(y)
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