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Verlinden- February releases

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Roc, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. Roc Active Member


    #2147 - 90mm Roman Centurian - Resin.

    #2142 - 1/35th - Stalingrad series - resin.

    #2148 - 1/35th. vignette - Omaha Beach - resin.

    2146 - 1/35th. - Vietnam conversion parts - resin.

    #2149 - Blown bridge head - resin.

    I think the Roman looks pretty good.


  2. Patrick Kirk New Member

    The Roman is a great piece...it comes in eight pieces and is very nicely scuplted. The face on this guy is awesome and the pose lends itself to some very nice adaptations. I have been working on mine on and off for months, and it's a great piece...plus this is a 90mm piece which for Verliden is a new range. Personnaly, I think its an awesome scale...

    Hope all is well


    Are those other kits 35mm or 1/35TH? 35mm would be a new scale for this manufacturer if I'm not mistaken.

  4. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Not sure I am tracking the 35mm figures...I only know of 1/35 and 54mms from him in the more smaller "manly" scale ;) .
    Verlinden has been doing for about a year now, 54mm and there are probably close to a dozen 54mm figgers Francois has produced over the last year ranging from ACW to Napoleanic. I know he is really charged up about expanding the 54mm line and am sure that over the next few months, more will be forthcoming.

    Really nice pieces if you get a chance to check them out...

    Hope this helps

    All the best

  5. Guy A Fixture

    I just double checked Verlinden's site and the 35mm are supposed to be 1/35th scale. I will change the News Posting.
  6. KeithP Active Member

    My only complaint about Verlinden figures has been the quality of the fit. Spotty at best.

    The Roman looks pretty darn good but I still have my eye on that Pegaso 75 mm that I have heard will be released in May. :lol:

  7. Pete_H New Member

    The 90mm Roman figure looks pretty darn good. Anybody know the price for it?

    The Omaha Beach "dio" is questionable, at best. First, Belgian hedgehogs and stakes were not placed so close to log ramps. The first "row" of obstacles were element C gates, followed by log ramps, hedgehogs, and then stakes; these were spaced out as well so as to cover the beaches as best as possible (ref: "Spearheading D-Day" by J. Gawne). Second, what's up with the guy squatting in front of the log ramp? He sort of looks like he's taking a dump. The "running GI" (at least he appears to be running) seems out of place right next to the ramp.

    Maybe it's just me, but I get the distinct impression that some of their recent 1/35 releases (particularly their WWII figures) are nothing more than repackaged and/or slightly modified versions of prior releases. Kudos, though, for their conversions sets since this keeps us from having to cannibalize other kits for spare parts. I might pick some of these sets up in Atlanta.

    Thanks Guy - if the figs were 35mm they would look acceptable enough but I have to say that they don't impress at 1/35th given the current state of the art in that scale. Maybe its the photos.

  9. Guy A Fixture

    I would have to agree Colin........I think Verlinden could do alot better with their box art. They all seem to be so dark (large scale) and their smaller figs lack the shading and highlights we are used to seeing now with other brands. I have several of their 1/35th scale vignettes and the box art does not do them justice. Very well detailed
  10. KeithP Active Member


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