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vallejo suitcase of paint ??

Discussion in 'Acrylics' started by samson, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. samson Well-Known Member

    i am thinking of buying a vallejo suitcase of paint . either the model color combo caee or the game color case . does anyone have these and can share opinions . i will be getting the model air or game air suitcase as well ?I plan to do both some historical and fantasy figures and busts.
  2. valiant A Fixture

    I changed from enamels to acrylics a couple of years ago and started off by buying a case of Vallejo - I have soon outgrown the case and have expanded my range of colours. I think it is a great way to get the basics, otherwise replacing all the individual colours would have been expensive and time consuming!(y)
  3. samson Well-Known Member

    thanks for the thoughts.
  4. Mat Lambert A Fixture

    Made the swap from enamels to acrylics soon after getting back into the hobby and seeing the incredible paint effects modellers were creating with them. Managed to buy the Vallejo case of Modelcolor military colours on eBay at a reasonable price, second hand but unused. It took me a while to get used to them but they're great once you've practised a bit. To be honest I have only used about half the colours in the set but have bought many more colours that the set didn't cover (the military set is mostly ww2 greens and greys etc and I needed some brighter reds, yellows and blues etc for Napoleonics). I think in the standard Modelcolor case you get more of these anyway so may have been a better one to start with. I also use the Modelcolor for airbrushing too and they work fine if diluted properly so I personally wouldn't buy a suitcase of ModelAir as you will double up on a lot of paint unnecessarily. The ModelAir is meant to be finer and thinner but I would try the Modelcolor first and see how you get on.
    Regarding Gamecolour vs Modelcolour I believe the paint is very similar. If you're getting a lot of painting mixes from artists that list Gamecolour colour references then you may find it easier to follow if you buy those but the Vallejo has good conversion charts on its website.
  5. samson Well-Known Member

    thanks for the thoughts . last night i was thinking of getting the game air set instead of the game color set . have you tried to airbrush the game color ? .
  6. Alex A Fixture

    I would suggest either getting the model color suitcase (which I have) or the game air color suitcase if you're planning on doing mainly figures (no planes, tanks, etc.)
    I always dilute vallejo model colors at least 1:1 which I am pretty sure you won't have to do with the game air colors.
    I have the game air metallics and they are wonderful (the gold ones in particular are much better than any other Vallejo acrylic gold paints).
    I think that game color are inferior to model color in terms of pigment load so I would personally stay away from the regular game color set.
    Please bear in mind that you're buying more water when you are buying the 'air' paints than the regular ones so you'll get less overall coverage from your set.
    But as with any suitcase, you're buying much more paint than you really need BUT
    I strongly doing it if speed matters to you.. Yes it is true that you can get every color from the 3 primaries but sincerely, who has the time to do that ?
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  7. samson Well-Known Member

    thanks for your thoughts i am coming to the same conclusion it will be for both historical and fantasy busts and figures if i do any army pieces i will cross that bridge when i get to it .i will be buying the model color combo set tonight i think LOL and go from there when the time comes

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