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Vallejo Metallics paints - very thick

Discussion in 'Acrylics' started by vidaldiego, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. vidaldiego Member

    Hello, I have a question about the metal paintings "Vallejo"

    I have three colors: Gold, silver and Gun metal. The texture is non-aqueous, contrary are very thick, particularly gold color. Although shake, there are always thick. I always diluted with water.

    The problem I have when I apply on the figure. The texture is very thick and unreal. If I add too much water, the paint is cut, if I do not add anything is very thick.

    Any recommendation?

    Thanks to all.


    Hola, tengo una pregunta sobre las pinturas metálicas de "Vallejo":

    tengo tres colores: Oro, plata y metal. La textura no es acuosa, al contrario son muy espesas, en especial el color oro. Aunque las agite, siempre quedan espesas. Siempre las diluyo con agua.

    El problema lo tengo cuando las aplico sobre la figura. La textura queda muy gruesa e irreal. Si agrego mucha agua, la pintura se corta, si no agrego nada queda muy gruesa.

    ¿Alguna recomendación?

    Gracias a todos.
  2. rossbach PlanetFigure Supporter

    Yes. Get yourself some printer's inks. Or: learn how to achieve a metal effect without resorting to metal paints.

    I know the Vallejo metallic paints. The problem is the metallic pigment itelf which is too coarse. Thinning won't help.

    Good luck
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  3. rossbach PlanetFigure Supporter

    Forgot: Vallejo also has alcohol based metallic paint. Didn't like those either.
  4. bogusman53 Active Member

    I have had no problems with these colours as long as they are well agitated and applied in several thin coats allowing at least a day to dry, Andrea metallic sets on the other hand seem to be a little better and I have had great results with their gold set especially when washed with the inks that come with the sets.
    Anyone got their favourite metallics and techniques for usage?
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  5. ranchhand Active Member

    I have started using scale 75 metals and they are life changing, they seriously look like true metal when they dry. Give them a shot!
  6. Alex A Fixture

    First of all, are your Vallejo metallics old bottles ? Any acrylic can go bad and dry in the bottle.

    I would suggest going with Vallejo model air metallics and Vallejo game air metallics.. These are very good and carry very small mica particles.

    I have used and still use printers ink as well BUT remember that those inks are real metal flakes and will tarnish with time if you do not coat them either with paint or varnish (bronze, brass, gold, etc.) Some people like the tarnish look but I do not.

    Ultimately, you can also prepare easily your own acrylic based metallics with mica flakes. It is very to do and once you know how, you will never go back to anything else.


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  7. samson Well-Known Member

    i am still new at using these but have learned mix mix then mix again .they really are great paints
  8. zane666 Well-Known Member

    as Alex said, metallic model air is the way to go.

  9. samson Well-Known Member

    agree . testers mettalizer is not that bad either ab again airbrush only.
  10. Fransab Active Member

    Hi guys!

    I add Vallejo diluent, and this appear to work better, compact more the paint than the water. I haven´t had a good results with the Vallejo air metallic colours , the gold don´t appear real, the silver too.


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  11. Alex A Fixture

    Vallejo Game Air gold are perfect
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  12. vidaldiego Member

    Thank you all for your comments.

    From what I've read, a better option is to use the "Air" or "Color Game".

    Also I read that you have to dilute it enough, wait quite and repaint for best results. Yesterday I did the test paint with the airbrush and the results are much more delicate, but I can not use it everywhere.

    Thank you all again.

    Diego from Argentina.
  13. pgarri27 Well-Known Member

    What are you using to undercoat your metallic paint? I like Air and Game colors, but the undercoat can have a big affect on the metallic color.
  14. vidaldiego Member

    Usually I use matte black. But the problem, I suspect, is that the paint is too thick.

  15. pgarri27 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I think you are right on the paint being too thick. But search this site for undercoat metallics. I think English Uniform is a good undercoat for gold. Better than black. Black is good under silver. There are lots of good posts on painting metallics. Search, read, try.
  16. vidaldiego Member

    ¡Thank you for your tip about undercoat paint! I didn´t know.

  17. tonydawe A Fixture

    AK True Metals - these are waxes that can be painted on by brush and then after 30 minutes can be buffed up to a nice shine.
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  18. samson Well-Known Member

    Yes good point I have heard the ak tube are great as well
  19. mark126804 Active Member

    Try Darkstar metallic they have a plethora of colors. Think you can get them from Last Cavalry. My two cents worth.

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  20. Fabricio_Fay Well-Known Member

    I suggest you try scale 75 metalics, they are the best, even if compared to old Citadel.

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