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Review USMC Bar Gunner Chosin Reservoir from RECON PRODUCTIONS

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all ,

    After my PC crashing and loosing this original review (don't you just love technology) here we go again ................

    Its always a pleasure to meet new companys and have the opportunity to share my thoughts on releases , at Euro I met a real gent who runs Recon Productions namely Sverre Melleby , he is ex Special Forces and a more unasumming guy you could not wish to meet ..

    He is also a talented sculptor and painter indeed the subject of this review was awarded a Bronze ..well done Sverre .

    Recon Productions objective is that items released will be mainly ww2 Allied, Korean war and Vietnam war busts, half figures and full figures in 1/9, and 1/16 (and maybe other eras as well in the future)....certainly a wealth of subject matter .

    What are we looking at in this Review:

    USMC Bar Gunner at the Chosin Reservoir battle

    28th kev 002.jpg

    Our subject is part of the 1st Marine Division who fought in such harsh conditions at Chosin [IMG]
    this patch is seen in many variations including [IMG][IMG]

    The Marines have a long and proud fighting history but at Chosin they were particularly fighting in aweful conditions battling not only against superior Chinese forces but also the worst winter seen in 100 years .[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG] [IMG]

    here is the picture that I think inspired the sculpt : A.jpg

    All the faces show the stress and effect of the horrendous conditions they endured .

    The Battle itself and the breakout was shortlived but with heavy loss of life in the fighting, the Marines and other UN troops effectively destroyed or crippled seven Chinese divisions which attempted to block their progress. Marine losses in the campaign numbered 836 killed and 12,000 wounded. Most of the latter were frostbite injuries inflicted by the severe cold and winter weather. US Army losses numbered around 2,000 killed and 1,000 wounded. Precise casualties for the Chinese are not known but are estimated at 35,000 killed. Upon reaching Hungnam, the veterans of Chosin Reservoir were evacuated as part of the large amphibious operation to rescue UN troops from northeastern Korea.

    There are lots of books available on this period of the Korean war a good one forthe history of the 1st Division itself is book.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    When I saw this initially I immediately thought that this would make a great companion piece to the similar release from Young Miniatures and I am sure you will agree it does .

    Lets have the details on the Review piece:

    Title:USMC Bar gunner Chosin Reservoir Nov-Dec 1950

    Scale; 1/9th

    Reference: RP09-01

    No of parts :10 plus inserts

    Material: Resin

    Sculptor: Sverre Melleby

    Box Art; Sverre Melleby

    Casting by : YS Castings

    The presentation is really good the secure cardboard box is itself wrapped in a paper "envelope" this is in full colour with the Box Art being clear and well reproduced.

    On opening the box we also find inserts one with a history and colour notes 28th kev 021.jpg the other being a full sized A4 sheet in full colour showing a 360 set of views of the box art 28th kev 020.jpg ...great reference and nice to see this ., we also have a small one with how to fix the base ..more on this later .

    All parts are secured in plastic bags which are themselves surrounded by shredded paper ..recycling by Recon ..we like that...and its good additional protection . 28th kev 022.jpg

    There are a total of 10 parts all cast in a light gray resin these being the actual torso with head cast in (no helmet) , the peak of the beanie cap he wears under the helmet , together with a helmet with a cover , there are also the 2 helmet straps , the weapon he carries is the BAR , consisting of 2 pieces , the lower being the stock and magazine , there are 2 pieces for the weapon straps , finally we have a resin version of a bullet casing to use as a base if you so wish ...plus an original brass casing
    28th kev 034.jpg 28th kev 035.jpg
    Looking first at the actual main piece prep needed is the simple removal of 2 casting excess pieces by using a sanding block , there are no casting lines to be seen , the whole piece is super smooth ....a very high standard has been achieved .
    28th kev 071.jpg 28th kev 073.jpg 28th kev 072.jpg 28th kev 074.jpg
    Our soldier is lucky he has a warm jacket together with a wool scarf around his neck , his hands are deepey pushed into the pockets , the hood is worn up under which he has the beanie cap , facial features are really good , definitions being well done , this is a soldier who is just surviving for the moemt he can get out of the hell of Chosin ..a proud and tough marine , he has not has the chance to sleep or indeed the need to shave ...the stubble nearly a beard is well sculpted .

    The eyes look tired and staring to the side with the mouth slightly down ...eyes are well defined ..this face will allow the painter the opportunity to paint dark effects , also showing the effects of the snow and the severe cold (see the box art )
    28th kev 075.jpg

    What is particularly impressive is the undercuts in the neck area and the edges of the hood, really good IMO .

    Looking at the rear of the hood , again this is ruffled with the folds that should be there , all spot on (yes I have a dufflecoat to check)!!!

    The button seen is chunky as they should be with the posckets full providing protection against the severe conditions he is in , again good undercuts on the pockets , the folds on the jacket sleeves are so natural you could almost take the coat off .

    28th kev 076.jpg 28th kev 077.jpg
    The shoulder has area's for the rifle sling to fit into ...very accurate no work needed

    On the undersides there is a area to secure the base you choose , also there is a locating area for the magazine of the Bar . 28th kev 078.jpg

    Continued in next post:

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Looking now at the remaining parts :

    All the straps are well done with minimal flasing needing to be removed where the buckles are sculpted ..no problem here , when fitted they sit very naturally and look good .

    The Helmet itself needs a slight rub with the sanding pads to deal with a remnant of a casting plug , the helmet has a cover on it torn and very nicely fitted over the actual helmet , 28th kev 079.jpg 28th kev 080.jpg it sits proud onto the head , making the look of a helmet providing protection but not looking too fashionable!!!
    28th kev 082.jpg
    The peak of the beanie cap fit well and makes the head and helmet area complete , no prep was needed prior to fitting .
    28th kev 081.jpg
    The weapon is cast in 2 pieces giving the opportunity to choose wether to use the full version or indeed the upper half ., a casting plug is needed to be removed at the base of the stock , the magazine and trigger area is accurate .....tripods were sometimes fitted but not in our case.[IMG]
    28th kev 084.jpg 28th kev 083.jpg [IMG]
    Finally we have the base itself , there are 2 versions available , a brass casing and a resin version , you also get a screw to fit the casing to your chosen wooden display base ...and a set of instructions on how to fit!!!!
    28th kev 033.jpg

    My final thoughts ...this is a really good first release , yes the subject has been done before but this is a great variation , full of details , well sculpted , and casted , presentation is also very good indeed , it shows that Recon sets a very high standard for the next release .

    I do recommend this piece its a well thoughtout sculpt , and will give the painter many an hour bringing him to life .

    For more details why not vist the website : www.reconprod.com or contact Recon via PF .

    I look forward to seeing the next release from Recon .

    Thanks to Sverre for the Review model and for you all for visiting .


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