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US Tankcrew in HBT

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by zyclyon, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. zyclyon Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    here's a WIP shot of Alpine Miniatures latest offering. My first figure since my change in status ;-)
    Any feedback would be appreciated.



  2. LCoote New Member

    Wow Calvin! just masterful

    Oh by the way, I haven't forgoten about your helmets :)
  3. RobH Active Member

    Hi Calvin

    Welcome back!!! And congratulations, my friend, hope everything went perfectly!

    As to this guy; excellent - one of the best representations of HBT, both in sculpting and painting; tell us more how you painted this! (remember, my GI - who's on hold, btw, is in HBT).

    :) :)
  4. johnnyboy New Member

    hi clavin nice work man looks like i have to add you to my favorite painters list :) i like it great job thanks for sharing johnny
  5. John Long Active Member

    Excellent Calvin. I really like the herringbone effect.
  6. Alpenflage New Member

    Nice looking Alpine Miniatures figure you have there :) Always looking forward to the newest figure that Taesung has to offer.

    Fantastic work !!

    Cheers !

  7. Patrick Kirk New Member

    Did I read your post right, a WIP? I can only wish my work looked that good when it's finished...wow...amazing work...very nicely done.
    I am really looking forward to seeing the figger completely done...

    All the best

  8. Alex M. Active Member


    Great work !

    Just curious as to how you got the herringbone twill effect on there ?

    Did Taesung actually sculpt it in, or is it a trick with the paint ?

  9. slaj Well-Known Member

    Calvin , congratulations on both your figure and your new status :lol:

    Stephen Mallia
  10. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Oops! that was me. Again great job Calvin.~Gary
  11. Panzer Active Member

    Calvin,looks sweet,WOW!
  12. zyclyon Active Member

    Thanks guys for the complimetns so far. I'm actually using this pic to trouble shoot any flaws with the painting. I've still got the back of the figure to complete and some areas around the bottom to refine. The the fit on this figure is exceptionally good such that the hand holding the "tommy gun" fits perfectly into the right arm.

    Rob and Alex; The vertical bands so typical of HBT is created with numerous layers of of dark green (Vallejo Extra Dark Green + Black) over the undercoat. As a finishing touch, a light glaze of highlight color is appled over the highlighted areas to give the muted and worn appreance of the uniform. Little was done for the dark areas as the bands did not appear over conspicuous.
    I hope that explaination was clear enough.


  13. Hullebullen New Member

  14. Evan August New Member

    Great job on this guy so far. I am looking forward to to seeing it once it's done. How did you do the wood effect on the Thompson? By the way, I have the Mil Mod featuring your article on painting the tanker with acrylics. Did you use the same technique on this one? Keep up the good work.
  15. zyclyon Active Member

    Hi Guys,

    here's the final pic of the tankcrew. The sling is made of paper harden with super glue whereas the buckles and swivel are made from putty.
    (I wonder how Jaume is doing on his second piece..... :) )



  16. Ernest A Fixture

    Excellent figure my friend, I like it a lot, I think that you have the Jaume painting touch on the face....
    Grat job, I'll see your next project

    Take care

  17. y_wong New Member

    Dear Calvin,

    Excellent! :)
  18. lulli New Member

    Hello Calvin
    Fantastic work as usual
    Can I ask you what Vallejo base colour have you used for this uniform ??
    What 's the the Mil mod number where your articles is?

    Thanks Luca Massacci
  19. zyclyon Active Member

    Ciao Luca,

    I have that same article in Italian published in Model Time if you are interested. Please give me a few day to search for the issue number (my place a mess at the moment)
    The base mix I used for the HBT consisted of a 70:30 mix of Vallejo Extra Dark Green and Reflective Green respectively. Highlighting was done by mixing varying proportions of Sunny Skin Tone and Deck Tan to the base colour.


  20. lulli New Member

    Thank you very much for your explenation ,
    I'm a great fan of you , since I have been to the world expo in Rome three years ago ,and I have seen your superb works ,The US paratrooper in Normandy was fantastic ,I like very much ( can I ask you also for that figures what color have used for the uniform?)

    Regards Luca Massacci

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