US Tank Crew WWII - Young Miniature Review

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  1. Guy A Fixture

    US Tank Crew, WWII
    90mm resin
    12 parts
    Sculpted by Bodi Krisztian
    Painted by Young B. Song

    Crew 01.jpg

    Young Miniature's Newest release is a 90mm US Tank Crewman from World War II. Packed in layers of foam to protect the small parts from loss or breakage and the small parts sealed in a small baggie.

    Crew 02.JPG

    Above are the 12 parts with mold blocks on each section to be removed.

    Crew 03.JPG Crew 04.JPG

    Crew 05.JPG Crew 06.JPG

    Above are the four views of the separately cast head showing the cap used instead of the traditional helmet seen on most other figures in this era. You can actually see the detail of the knit cap.

    Crew 07.JPG Crew 08.JPG

    Crew 09.JPG Crew 10.JPG

    Above is the upper body / chest that you can see the binocular strap around his neck to hold the separate cast binoculars.

    Crew 11.JPG Crew 12.JPG

    Crew 13.JPG Crew 14.JPG

    Above are the four views of the legs / hips. The feet / boots are cast separately and have male / female fittings to ensure proper placement to the base.

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  2. Guy A Fixture

    Crew 15.JPG Crew 16.JPG

    Crew 17.JPG Crew 18.JPG

    Above you see the right and left, front and back of the upper arms. The forearms are cast separately with the hands.

    Crew 24.JPG Crew 21.JPG

    Crew 22.JPG Crew 23.JPG

    Above are the forarms and hands with beautifully cast fingers. You can also see a very detailed watch with the band strap on the reverse side.

    Crew 19.JPG Crew 20.JPG

    Above are the feet / boots that fit snuggly up into the legs.

    Crew 25.JPG Crew 26.JPG

    Above is the service revolver and holster with a square locater lug on the back that fits into a corresponding square hole on the hip.

    [ continued in next post ]

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Crew 27.JPG

    Above are the separate cast binoculars that attach at the end of the strap on his chest.

    Crew 28.JPG Crew 29.JPG

    Above is the resin cast base with rubble and a torn Teddy Bear laying on the ground. The Teddy bear you don't really see in the Box art pictures. Nice touch for Bodi.

    Additional Box Art Photos

    Crew 30.jpg Crew 31.jpg

    Crew 32.jpg

    Crew 33.jpg Crew 34.jpg

    This is a real exceptional figure depicting the World War II era with the service cap used instead of the helmet. The casting is clean and crisp with just the normal mold blocks to be removed carefully. Highly recommended.

    Young Miniatures web-site
    click here

  4. JGREEN A Fixture

    This figure has many positive things going for it, but I have to say I find the pose a little awkward and unnatural. Otherwise, pretty nice.

  5. Bad91Fellow Member

    I like the figure. The pose looks very special, but it makes the figure outstanding. But I hate mold blocks...
  6. T50 A Fixture

    As for the pose, not many people are standing and looking comfortable
    if you look at photos. For me, the pose works because it looks like the
    figure is about to move... :)
  7. LCoote New Member

    I have to agree with you Jason about the figures stance, it doesn't look natural or comfortable to me but I guess it was the sculpters intent for it to stand out from the crowd. Never the less it's a beautiful figure and I wish I could do half as good.
    Thanks for the review Guy.


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