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US Paratrooper WWII - Alpine Miniature Review

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Guy, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    US Paratrooper WWII
    1/16th scale resin
    Sculpted by Jorge Scoriaffico
    18 parts
    Release date late July

    Air 01.jpg

    Taesung Hamms recently sent me this figure to be released in late July. It is a beautifully sculpted figure of a US Paratrooper in WWII. The figure comes with an optional bare head and overall the figure is loaded with detail we have come to expect from Alpine Miniatures.

    Air 02.JPG

    The figure arrived in a sturdy green box with all the parts divided into several zip lock bags to ensure against loss. The inside was well packed (removed fro photo) to also ensure against damage to the parts.

    Air 03.JPG

    Above you see the contents of the box with the various parts sealed in bags.

    Air 04.JPG

    Above you see all of the parts out of the box and spread out for the painter to see the different assemblies.

    Air 05.JPG Air 06.JPG

    Air 07.JPG Air 08.JPG

    Above you see the 1st optional head with the helmet as pictured above in the assembled figure.

    Air 09.JPG Air 10.JPG

    Air 11.JPG Air 12.JPG

    Above you see the 2nd optional bare head showing the attention to detail in the hair and facial sculpting.

    [ continued in next post ]

  2. Guy A Fixture

    Air 13.JPG Air 14.JPG

    Air 15.JPG Air 16.JPG

    Above you see the upper torso / chest of the figure showing the detail on all sides.

    Air 17.JPG Air 18.JPG

    Air 19.JPG Air 20.JPG

    Above is the lower portion of the torso / legs again showing the attention to detail in the sculpting of the folds and straps of the legs.

    Air 21.JPG Air 22.JPG

    Above are both sides of the combat boots.

    Air 23.JPG Air 24.JPG

    Air 25.JPG

    Air 26.JPG Air 27.JPG

    Above we see the arms with a close up of the shoulder patch in the middle photo. Additional close-ups in next posting from Alpine Miniature's photographers.

    [ continued in next post ]

  3. Guy A Fixture

    Air 28.JPG Air 29.JPG

    Air 30.JPG

    Air 31.JPG Air 32.JPG

    Above you see the various accessories, gun and holster, pouches, straps, shovel and chin strap supplied in the kit as separate parts.

    Air 33.JPG

    Air 34.JPG Air 35.JPG

    Above you see the rifle sling in the top photo and the rifle showing both sides with the hand attached.

    Additional close-up photos supplied by
    Alpine Miniatures

    detail1B.jpg detail2B.jpg

    The sculpting steps of the above figure by
    Jorge Scorciaffico

    An excellent figure representing the Airborne troops of WWII. Very little seam lines to clean and overall an excellent sculpting. Highly recommended!

    Alpine Miniatures web-site
    click here

  4. spectr New Member

    Great review..Guy...Thanks..
    The figure has a lot of nice detail..well done !!
  5. theseeker Member


    Excellent review.

    Another figure to add to my grey-beige army!

  6. JasonB A Fixture

    Nice looking figure, it's good to see a paratrooper with a Garand instead of the usual (and less common) Thompson or M1 carbine
    US and German paratrooper are some of my favorites. I would like to see someone sculpt a US para that isn't wearing the leather gloves. By in large they removed them soon after hitting the ground. They made loading and firing the Garand more difficult, and in most pics you see, unless it's when they are in the plane, they aren't wearing them.
  7. vergilius New Member

    If I'm not mistaking my friend Gino is painting the figure for the box and he's very happy with this one.
    Thanks for the review !
  8. gforceman Well-Known Member

    Doing it

    Hi Patrick,

    You're right, I'm painting this beautie. Due to some paint (not) drying problems it's taking much longer then estimated. I will now respray the back for the 7th time! Kind of frustrating, but it hasn't got anything to do with the figure.

    Here are some more in progress pictures of how the figure looked some days ago.



    Attached Files:

  9. Bad91Fellow Member

    The figure looks very nice, but I have one question:in the sbs the figure has a knife in the left hand. what happened to that??

  10. T50 A Fixture

    Some adjustment had to be made during the casting preparation
    including the deletion of the knife in left hand, complete rebuilding
    of M1 Garand, shovel, .45 holster, both arms, etc.
  11. ryall Active Member

    Great figure

    That is a great figure and I will be buying a couple of them

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