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Review US Cavalry Indian Scout “Curley” -All scales

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 9, 2024 at 7:19 AM.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi to one and all

    As I said in my last look at a RP release ...Hugo and the team have been busy ....this time we are off to a battle famous for the main combatants.....George Custer being one ......he had several friendly Indian Scouts working with his troops including the subject of this release .

    Announced by Hugo here : https://www.planetfigure.com/threads/us-cavalry-indian-scout-curley.665212/

    I will do the actual 1/12th bust first then show the additional pieces included to make a full figure in both 120 and 75mm

    Being a 3D sculpt the items in the bust have been scaled down accordingly and are all exactly the same but of course smaller .....but no difference in the quality or details seen on the bust

    A little about Curley ( sometimes spelt without the “e” ), he was from Crow race and his Indian name was
    Ashishidhe .
    He’s said to be the only survivor of the actual battle of Little Big Horn but it’s said he denied actually seeing the fighting ......a man of mystery , perhaps the truth is lost in the sands of time .

    Indian Scouts were tough fighters , often wearing a mix of both Indian and US Army clothing , not keen on discipline with their loyalty in doubt at times


    Some good books to read up on

    2A2996D5-0215-4EAB-A02A-7496B1B36F93.jpeg D405F182-271D-4C95-A044-C33F1260F258.jpeg 20DE83AC-A4F3-4FF1-ADBB-84A7E36CD175.jpeg
    0DF4EB8E-C002-4322-A4D1-452AAD9E509C.jpeg D5000CE7-BE78-4E45-B561-30F78B16ABF8.jpeg

    References used by the sculpting team @ RP

    DDC65E89-B520-418A-A82E-E502F90C74D5.jpeg 8A27D5C4-44D1-43BC-8B03-8AE46D62366A.jpeg FA6DD4D8-F0E0-4DC2-BF91-50E9DA893CC3.jpeg

    FC27671F-9468-4E64-B499-CEF90848FD9D.jpeg 3DF10EC3-6784-4CB5-BD9E-676ABC8AE72E.jpeg


    Reference used by the sculpting team @ RP

    151D7521-E7FE-447E-8257-BF50FF0495CA.jpeg 138A6956-85B5-4A4E-9AB2-F8795B1EB293.jpeg 34AE8319-40A8-431A-A26C-71625DFA79B6.jpeg 4BC972E2-F575-4BF9-B38A-7D8393086426.jpeg

    72296B7E-70B5-4F8F-B10A-8DE099C1226F.jpeg EBA99969-797D-48A2-843C-79371E599C8D.jpeg

    AD09360A-DA56-4838-9F53-55D3C4E8E74B.jpeg B6ACECA9-841F-4F83-9256-8709BEAA0FFC.jpeg

    Cavalry Guidons , the first being Custer’s HQ , the second the US flag

    0E04EB7B-2552-4664-9613-CBF12403E7A3.jpeg FFEF2C17-83D3-467A-ADB0-6CDD790459C7.jpeg

    The Little Big Horn ....artists impression

    DAD6A48C-8748-4483-9135-655D92D1FB79.jpeg E0DB5EC8-35A7-44A8-B03D-C685F13030EF.jpeg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Moderator

    Onto the actual resin

    Details of release

    Title: US Cavalry Indian Scout “ Curley”

    Reference: RP-06-B-0001

    Scale: 1/12th

    Material: Dark Gray Resin

    No of parts: 11 plus information insert

    Sculptor: 3D

    Casting : (In House using the latest Hi Tech Printers)

    Box Art: N/A

    Note: As with previous release this is a limited run of 150 worldwide
    All stock is with RP partners only with UK stockists being SK MINIATURES and EL GRECO Miniatures
    Non UK suppliers include include BERLINZINFIGURE, WENDY's and many more

    95E36291-6ABC-453F-8597-667F7B3C7221.jpeg 1FF4D535-ED11-4B5D-BAF9-6118836A23CF.jpeg

    As with all RP releases in a stout box the parts in resealable bags enclosed in bubble wrap , on top the information insert ( signed and numbered personally by Hugo )

    Curley is depicted holding a guidon in his right hand hanging over the shoulder with a rifle pushed through his belt

    Parts on the bust consist of full torso & head , 2 arms, guidon , lower post of guideon pole in a hand , hat, feather, rifle in 2 parts , holstered pistol and a sheathed fighting knife

    When you want a figure in 75 or 120mm then in those boxes there are 2 additional pieces ...the legs and a base the others parts are the same as the bust

    As with my previous review , prep is minimal to say the least , suggest you dryfit before committing

    Let’s look at the torso ....

    The largest of the 3 D pieces , Curley wear a jkt , collar standing up and unbuttoned and opened centrally to reveal a well defined and muscled body , at the neck some nicely formed beads

    At the waist there’s a US belt with good details on the plate sharply worked , the belt pulling away due to a weapon being fitted through, the jkt buttons and button holes are well shown

    The textures of the jkt and the leather belt look good with the right lower edges sprayed out , the left hangs down

    On each side there are cutouts to fit the knife on his right and the holster on the left

    The neck and facial features are good with nice muscle definition, the eyes are cleanly worked and full, the lips, nose and ears ( with earring on each ) are again well done ...painting will be a pleasure with this great profile

    The hairstyle is long and cascades over the shoulders front and back like a waterfall , the strands are cleanly done and sitting naturally

    At the shoulders we have a location area for each arm , dryfitting the review item showed a need for a slight use of putty on each ...but very minimal , possibly a primer might infilled enough ....a personal decision

    On the head there is a substantial fitment piece the lower edges levelled out ...fit is excellent , on the underside there’s 2 holes from production methods , with space in between to drill a hole for a post to be used for display ...no base is included

    453FDF9D-B907-4922-AA43-380B89E0864D.jpeg EBB16C3B-1422-4C2F-AA15-575A2BC8E08B.jpeg 4524346F-25D8-4FEA-A364-505B36207B3D.jpeg F7141524-B5F8-4B95-AC4B-2FBCCD3F21FF.jpeg

    AC861A1D-9C94-498C-9496-8300DE1B369C.jpeg A9855D71-16EC-434D-AD72-60811D1ECB51.jpeg

    AEC9928B-9E44-493A-94D6-06C8F39EAE51.jpeg AEF53638-C56F-4A60-80BF-7EAB0D57C05F.jpeg

    1985B3A3-BA90-4837-A758-420E6E0AEF97.jpeg EC530393-D916-41ED-A8C1-5E4C3B27FD13.jpeg

    The Arms ....

    Both are showing the long sleeved , again we have tge texture of the rough material , on each there are rank stripes of a Cpl ...personally would have preferred them lower on arm but saying that they are well shown

    The fitment at the shoulders ease into the torso nicely , at the cuff of the right a very clean opening to take the hand with the lower pole being held

    The left arm has the hand sculpted on it sitting cleanly against the belt when in place , nice work on the cuff with the hand clenched , good finger work

    67194C8A-DF7B-45AB-AAED-23BF29D06AB4.jpeg 275D942A-76D1-4E2F-B51E-6BBCB3467D49.jpeg

    F82B00AB-84D3-440B-A574-2D2AB7333905.jpeg 9BB8F696-A5D8-4843-9D5F-06460B408777.jpeg

    Continued in next post

  3. Nap Moderator

    The final pieces and a look at the additional items with the figures .........

    The hat is a good shaping as seen in references , the work on the texture is really good on the actual item with a band around showing a touch of wear on the edges , at the rear there’s a location hole for the feather

    The underside has a well formed cut out to fit onto the head on torso ...this is a first class fit ...note the hat needs to have the cutout on the back right

    0F4B60B2-7B70-4425-A01D-9DAF4802D22C.jpeg 9E9F8CA7-C532-4D52-BA75-11DD450B9E66.jpeg 91B24C98-B997-4F6C-A394-4DF7806A5753.jpeg

    The Guidon

    This is sculpted with some movement , the folds and resulting material looks good when being in place it sits well

    The actual surface has fine lines to guide the painter resulting in a version of the US guidon , glad to say these are not over done .....you could of course replace this version with your own in order to show the HQ guidon , either form your new shape or swipe some putty over the cast lines ...or sand back smooth

    On the lower part of the post is a hole to fit the lower part

    The finial is a sharp pointed spear style with the actual post showing wood effects nicely

    CCCF76C3-1CC4-4401-8015-B6605B1AD08B.jpeg 69FB785A-0ED5-4381-9CA9-536A5DF5B631.jpeg

    The left hand grips the lower edge of the guidon post and looks like it actually is the fingers gripping tightly the thumb across , on the post the good wood effect continues

    Fit to the guidon is very good and stays without a glue , you could also pin into place for further security


    The Rifle comes in two parts and fits accurately both above and below the belt , details on the weapon are very well shown with the actual barrel being shaped 6 sided and is nicely drilled out , the loading mechanism is very close to the originals seen

    E37734BF-1636-43E1-9721-98EACD3AC6D1.jpeg D4F5131E-A18B-483F-9D34-B02581D5547F.jpeg

    The pistol again based on research and is a good shape, the surface is textured well with the securing strap in place , the US marking on the main holster shows up well, the pistol inside has a correct shaping with the trigger being seen ....you could almost take this out to fire !

    446FA09F-FCF6-4E1B-AC6D-647BC08B1D4E.jpeg 49FC4BEF-E15C-496F-9AFC-A722FE1DC4E7.jpeg

    Onto my favourite piece the knife , again based on originals , the actual knife is in the scabbard , with this being a finely worked item , patterned and beaded , at the edging there are flowing cords , again well done

    The knife adds a lot of colour and interest depending on the pattern and style the painter chooses

    A7FE88B1-1A8C-42AB-B5AB-D6D2E768276A.jpeg E1AE6AD8-F3B4-46D3-9FDA-EA4B2A1C06AC.jpeg

    To finish the bust parts off we have the hat feather , the detail on surface is good with the fit to the hat location enjoying its position


    The additional pieces with the figures ( no matter what scale )

    When purchasing either 75 or the 120mm versions , you get the same as the bust but plus the addition of a pair of legs ......

    These are wearing textured trousers , showing good folds and creases especially where the knee bends , there’s a front abdominal covering with suitable creases , at the sides we have a line of cords on the edge of a stripe seen on cavalry trousers ...these cords are very well done , adding interest

    Curley has acquired issue boots , these are well represented and wear creases look good , he wears spurs as well , these are something I feel might not be worn by a Indian ...but perhaps maybe !

    The boots do as said look good but it might have been a idea to give him moccasins...my thoughts only ...would have added a bit more ‘indian’ , having said that the figure in boots looks good all painted up ....see below

    The waist area has a cutout formed to take the torso with ease , with the left boot having a good sized post to fit to the base

    3B04FC3B-03DA-41C5-A2CB-60443FAA4816.jpeg A20E1A4B-D4C8-4A19-9D42-0D568D2CF407.jpeg 36F7D3EC-1AC2-4646-8D98-BFD2F42BFADD.jpeg F76273FD-0138-4239-9E52-972E8AE37027.jpeg DADA66FA-5F69-4AA6-A1B0-790B460C7D31.jpeg 774DEB5E-52CA-4875-8519-988E66013827.jpeg 7C76AB66-4964-479F-BBE7-EC9CFBCB8371.jpeg 2D23356D-87CE-40BA-82F1-BF38944A0BDD.jpeg

    The Base provided is a simple rounded piece , textured with a group of rocks that the right foot sits on

    E3BC7295-0A28-4DA8-BD16-5FD1844DDDA7.jpeg 0D8F7F50-0877-4AC1-ACF3-15DF352910F0.jpeg

    I mentioned a painted version of the figure this version was done by PF member PAULO.....ENJOY ......

    9D632F1F-02DA-428E-BEF3-6957523C80EA.jpeg A17EF01B-2B06-4014-BCE1-9FD5A5BBA285.jpeg

    Final Thoughts

    A interesting release and a new period for RP to look at , plenty of other potential subjects for future , the details are well up to the quality that Hugo and RP insist on in order to give the very best to the customer .

    Buildtime is very short so you can virtually get this brushes out instantly! ....as we see from Paulo , painted up it looks really good and makes for a great display

    Don’t forget these are LIMITED releases


    RP would again like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all PF members and so many others on their valuable input and support (y)(y)

    Thanks to RP for the review piece and for you all for looking in

    For more details on RP releases contact via


    Facebook: www.facebook.com/RPmodels

    E mail: hpereira@rpmodels.pt

    or you can contact Hugo via this site using PM

    Enjoy whatever you paint

    Happy benchtime

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  4. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hello BIG GUY

    Thank you so much for your review and your thoughts. Sometimes we have a view and you and other have a different view. Its always difficult to develop a figure and its always difficult please to everyone. But its the hobby... And its the best part... Different views, ideas, concepts and thoughts...

    Thank you so much.
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  5. Warren SMITH A Fixture

    Excellent review.. Are you in the process of painting this one up Nap.. ?

  6. Nap Moderator

    Thanks Smithy , not at the moment !

  7. Babelfish A Fixture

    Superb review Kev, and some excellent references to go with it.

    I bought the 120mm full-figure version of this piece off Steve Kirtley at Easingwold on Saturday and I've bookmarked this for when it hits the bench, so many thanks!

    Specific to the 120mm version: My dry test fit revealed that the two halves of the guidon staff will definitely require gluing and/or pinning. I suspect that the larger scale of the bust makes for a more secure dry fit.

    As an aside, do we know definitively whether or not Custer was wearing buckskins at the battle? I know that traditionally that's usually how he's been portrayed (in movies, art etc.) but sometimes we see depictions of him without, and you've posted one artwork with and one without! I suppose it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, just something I'd be interested to know. Maybe someone with detailed knowledge of the subject might know.

    - Steve
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  8. Hugo Pereira A Fixture

    Hi Steve

    How are you my FRIEND? How are the things?

    Thank you so much for believe in RPmdels and in me...

    Big hug
  9. Babelfish A Fixture

    All good here Hugo, thank you. I always look forward to your new releases. Always quality, and always something that's just a little bit different.

    Hugging you back my friend!!

    - Steve
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