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Video Review Updating Your 80's Tamiya Plastic Figure 1/35 Scale

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Stelios Demiras, Feb 7, 2024.

  1. Stelios Demiras A Fixture

    Updating Your 80's Tamiya Plastic Figure 1/35 Scale
    Here you can see a very easy and affordable way to update your 80's Tamiya Plastic Figure. Of course, this can be adopted to all of your old plastic figures but keep in mind that if the proportions of the body or the position are bad it is difficult to change these. Using an aftermarket head (here an FC Model Trend from the Japanese Set 37241) or a similar one for other aftermarket companies you can have a very good result. Also, as the details of the sculpting are very flattened using a x-acto type knife (like Tamiya designer one) with thin and short blade you can engraved the details to a better level. You can also use liquid glue to make the engraved surfaces more even. The biggest problem with the plastic figures is to get a realistic:"holding" of the rifle as the palms are generally sculpted just o accommodate the gun. Here I did not bother to bend the fingers but probably I will do letter in the process. A lot of interesting 3D printed Scale Models and Accessories in variety of scales and themes can be found on www.fcmodeltrend.com. If you are looking reference books to improve your modelling skills and learn from the master modellers take a visit at www.mrblackpublications.com
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  2. Babelfish A Fixture

    Memories memories! When the box art was always way better than the box contents, with all that soft detailing and wooden poses! But we didn't know any better because they were pretty much the only game in town back then, so each new release was eagerly awaited.

    - Steve
  3. Redcap A Fixture

    Agree with Steve.

    Entirely up to the individual of course but if anything, I think all these super-detailed resin heads will do is draw further attention to the mediocrity of these now (ancient) figure kits and irrespective of how well they are painted. They have had their day and were of a time when standards were less exacting and mold technologies much more limiting.

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  4. Stelios Demiras A Fixture

    Dear friends,
    Thank you for your warm comments.
    I must admit that working with the dark olive plastic of Tamiya woke me up a lot of memories from 80's, 90's and I had a nice romantic feeling...I tried also a lot of new things and I really enjoyed the process. After all the meaning of our hobby is the path and the road we are following and not the end of the road. A lot of people will say that if I had used a new high quality resin of even plastic figure the result will be much much better...I know but hold this figure again in my hands after 30+ years I thought I must giving him a new life...I had also the opportunity to test new paints and techniques as I paint the figure using entirely Green Stuff World acrylics (and a magic medium: GSM Master Medium). And I did not afraid that maybe I spoiled a very expensive and high quality figure...So here it is the final small diorama...

    Keep on our hobby alive!
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  5. Stelios Demiras A Fixture


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