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Unidentified vessel

Discussion in 'Completed Figures' started by kenshin393, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. peedee A Fixture

    Yes sir I'm sure you were, I have also scored three goals at Everton Football club, and 105 break at snooker, but no-one was there to see them either Gary !!!

    I tried going out with Miss Quote once, beautiful pair of Bracket,s luxuriant swept back italics, and long elegant capitals,
    but I didn't like it either chapter and verse.
    Beauty is only skin deep.

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  2. garyhiggins A Fixture

    I bet she rattled your keyboard and got your ribbon in a tangle(y)
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  3. peedee A Fixture


    Mmmmmmmmmm..........(dreamy sigh) too much gin....... Happy days
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  4. lolok Active Member

    taken from the fruit cellar..jpg taken from the fruit cellar..jpg for Queen & country.jpg The disguise may get us through.jpg Back from Holiday..Nice lazy time and no hassle with drachma !! Too much time with tablet and Tumblr.. I know the thread is fini but just had to insert a few finds.
    1) She didn't stay in the fruit cellar.
    2) For Queen and country.
    3) Doris & george come up with a cunning disguise.
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  5. peedee A Fixture


    You didn't miss anything, I nipped down to the zoo and saw the first of these dreatted incursors captured for public inspection

    View attachment 199569 cobraffe.jpg
    hybrid%20animal%20human.jpg Elecant.jpg

    I got a heck of a fright walking home down the beach though

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  6. garyhiggins A Fixture

    They are 'orrible Paul (y).
  7. peedee A Fixture

    I resemble that remark.
    Gary this is a call to arms for every modern thinking and chaps with spunk to step forward repeating firelocks at the ready to repel such hordes of monstrosity.
    Why, sir complaining a chap is not quite to 'one's taste' is not going to remove him from your tenemant, one has to emply ragamuffins under the guise of landlord agents and bailiffs to evict such.
    Here and now sir, we must stand shoulder to shoulder with Mr verne in his quest to travel back in time and space to eradicate this threat.

    Join us sir, bring forth your webley, polish your whitworth armstrong, sharpen your epee, and let us sally forth to free our nation of this dread.

    If we go past mrs miggins fried fish and potato emporium on the way, I
    couldn't half make a mess of a hap'eth of cod and no mistake guv.
    'The caped shadow'
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  8. garyhiggins A Fixture

    Well I haven't got an epee, just a sabre and a foil:p, but apart from that I shall join you in the crusade to bring these questing beasties to their inglorious defeat ( except for the cross between leo and Natalie Bennet, he's almost cute)(y).
    The games afoot,
    follow your spirit,
    And upon this charge,
    Cry God for Peedee, England and Saint George.
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  9. peedee A Fixture

    Mmmm St. George,
    must have time for a draught of porter,
    the 11.10 via Newbury and Wayward's Heath never arrives before 12.
    My round I think?
    Oh why I feel indolence creeping through my bones, let those other lads crack on with the smiting eh.
    I'll just have a little sit here.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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  10. lolok Active Member

    What a dasterdly collection of alien mutations....Is their no end to the perverse machinations of the enemy...
    I think something of a bigger calibre than a Webley and longer reach than a cavalry sabre is needed here...
    The conundrum is whether to rescue the scantily clad damsel first or sally forth on a mutant safari quest...
    Or should we draw lots to ensure a fair distribution of labor...I know most stiff upper lipped sons of the soil will be champing at the bit to get to grips with those hairy creatures...
  11. peedee A Fixture

    As long as the scantily clad damsels don't turn into the hairy creatures,
    count me and my stiff lips in.
    Yours in anticipation of a callup
    Ivor Big-gun ,)
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