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Ultraviolet 1/6 (Warning Nudity)

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by pokrad, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. pokrad A Fixture

    LOL ;)

    Ordered resin and casting rubber, until they arrive doing this little exercise.
    In parallel doing male and female head, it is early stage, so which one is which, I leave to you to decide ;)

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  2. JasonB A Fixture

    I would say initially the head on the left is female. Smaller, less severe nose, less "hardness" in the eyes. But, it does have the stronger jaw/more square face and stronger cheek bones....

    I have no clue!
  3. pokrad A Fixture

    No, it's the other way, but You got the point.
    The nose is wrong on both: too small on male and too big on female, and I did not even notice until you said.
    I hope hardness in the eyes on female will disappear when I start filling eye sockets.
    In any case it's interesting exercise for the beginner, and I hope I'll learn from it ;)
    And feel free to shoot on mistakes, I'm well aware that there are many, just having hard time to see them ;)
  4. pokrad A Fixture

    I'm trying to make vacuum pot from old medical sterilizer and compressor.
    Does anyone know what pressure I need for the degassing silicone rubber and/or resin ???
  5. BionicCow Member

    what I found help me establish how a female really look is throw some temporary "Hair" on her head, because there is very little difference between men and women without hair and a couple other details

    women can have big noses too though!
  6. gordy Well-Known Member

    Not sure here, You might get more responses posing this question on it's own in the General Discussion :D
  7. Renéduret Well-Known Member


    why not focus on the basics first of this matter?

    ofcourse a vacuumbox is super, even made of a vacuumcleaner...but I think your separated parts can really be done without it.

    Best results with 'fresh' resin. Meaning resin less contaminated with an overdose of air in older bottles. Somewhat warmer temperature in your room and good positioning of the parts.

    Like torso standing up, arms horizontal.

    though I love your ambitious approach :)

  8. pokrad A Fixture

    I guess I just try with what I have currently, and if that will not turn well, I'll try to figure out the "numbers".
    My idea is to use "Zepter-Vacsy" (http://www.zepter.com/MainMenu/Products/HomeArt/Vacsy/ProductRange.aspx), pump that is used to vacuum food. That pump is pretty strong, cause it is bending plastic food containers when left to suck air to the max ;). Better than the vacuum cleaner in any case ;)
    I'll let You know the results...
  9. Black Army Well-Known Member

    You need about 2 Bar (-) for make a good vacuum. But this Zepter thing is not enough. When I have begun the resin casting one time I had the same idea, but it was wrong. You need a comlex system with a pump (for vacuum) or a compressor (for a high pressure).
  10. pokrad A Fixture

    That is exactly what I was afraid of.
    I do have compressor that can go more than two bars both ways, but somehow i do not believe I can provide secure enough pot that will hold that much. I do not want to blow off my head ;)
  11. pokrad A Fixture

    Just got pic of head cast that my friend did.
    Huh, imperfections are very well seen. I had no clue how it could look like, this is my first piece casted ever.
    Not that bad I think, some sandpaper will help I hope...

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  12. Renéduret Well-Known Member

    Looks good Darko....


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