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Ulli & Marquand

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by DrLutz, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. DrLutz Member

    Ulli Leitpold & Marquand Volker - a pare of famous cutthroats from fantasy wargame Mordheim.
    Here I made both of them in 54 mm
    The work is still in progress so I can't show them together.
    So the first one - Ulli

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  2. DrLutz Member

    ...And Marquand Volker

    What will be your opinion about them?

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  3. johnnyboy New Member

    vlad those are awsome i have played mordheim and those are right on man.great work cant wait to see them painted thanks for sharing johnnyboy
  4. Alex Lopez Active Member

    Very, very, GOOD Job!!! The expression and dinamic it's EXELENT!!! I want see more friend...
    well done.

    Bién hecho amigo. Regards from México

  5. DrLutz Member

    Johnyboy and Alex
    Thank you. I'm glad it's unnecessary now to tell the full story jf the City of Damned. Holly Sigmar somebody recjgnised them/
    As to painting - it'll really take a good piece of time. 'Cause I'm not a fun of painting at all. Another thing - to sculplt . I hope the next week I'll have something new to show

  6. RobH Active Member

    Hi Vlad

    another here familiar with GW stuff; you've done an excellent job in scaling up to 54mm.

    What are you using to sculpt? u seem to have several coloured putties on them!

    Also, send these photos to Forgeworld; I bet you'd get a commision from them at the very least!


  7. JP PRAJOUX Member

    Great work, great face on Ulli !
    I would also be interested in how you did these sculptings (super sculpey ?).....
    tell us more please.
    best regards
  8. yeo_64 Active Member

    Vlad,TOP NOTCH job on both figures (y) (y) !! Very close to the original figures in the graphic novels.WELL DONE !
    Kenneth :lol:
  9. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Vlad, I'm familiar with the game and really think you've done a great job enlarging the characters.~Gary
  10. DrLutz Member

    Thank you once again everybody!

    Hi Rob! For sculpting I try to use everything what is possible to push. Ulli was made of Super Sculpey, regular Sculpey (usually I mix them in different proportions), epoxy putty Quick-Wood (looks a yelowish on a figure) meant for wooden parts fixing and furniture repair. A black one - another epoxy putty named Magic Power.
    Actually for "everyday" figurines I newer use so many different clays together. Here I only wanted to show that every good piece of s..t may be useful for modelmaking.

    Jean-Philippe! It's me who have to ask how do YOU make your sculptings.
    As to me somewhere there have to be some photos. Not exactly step-by-step, correctly day-by-day. Where it will be better to place these photos? Here or it's better to open the v-bench?

    Kenneth, Gary, thanks for good words.

    Best regards
  11. ChenLa New Member

    Greetings the doctor! Figures simply super. I did not see the second work. You for a long time have made her? Action is very well transferred
  12. DrLutz Member

    Hi Vyacheslav!
    Usually it takes 7-10 days to finish a figurine of such scale.

  13. Jim Patrick Active Member

    Vlad, I don't know much about gaming or gaming figures BUT, I do know a well sculpted figure and I know what a nice figure looks like. Your's fall into both of these categories. Great job! These two figures (regardless of the scale) look terrific! Keep up the good work.

    Jim Patrick
  14. Einion Well-Known Member

    Nice work Vlad, great character in the faces and the details are very well done.

  15. JP PRAJOUX Member

    You probably should open a Vbench !
    Thank you for sharing. I always like to learn how the others do it. It's always interesting to know new technics.
    Bye and congratulations
  16. DrLutz Member

    It took me a pair of hours to understand how does it works - I mean pictures posting to vBench :)
    All's well that ends well.
    It seems I succeed - welcome to my vBench now...
  17. frank h Well-Known Member

    Hi Vlad,
    Great work I love to see Fantasy peices in larger scales.
    Not enough of them about.

    Frank (y) (y)

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