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WIP U.S. Soldier 1 /9

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by offo, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. offo A Fixture

    Hi friends. I present one of my latest works. While only bust - U.S. troops in Afghanistan.
    Scale 1/9
    Material Fimo / Sculpey Super 50/50

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  2. offo A Fixture

    And here I am:);)

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  3. Borek A Fixture

    Masakr. Naprosto skvělá práce. Opravdu vynikající skulpt. Gratulace. Jedeš(y). Ahoj Borek
    Massacre. Absolutely great work. Really excellent sculpt. Congrats. You're going(y). Cheers Borek
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  4. Wings5797 A Fixture

    Great work Palo,
    Amazing detail.
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    great sculpt(y)
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  6. Daniel.M Active Member

    Nadherna Busta. Moc pekne. Nemuzem si to zvetsit, to pripojeni je naprosto k nicemu. Ale i tak se nam to moc libi. (y)

    Dan & Katka
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  7. offo A Fixture

    Hello, my friends told me it would be better to have both hands on the gun. Therefore I have one more left hand. It can be Altern.
    Photos are shiny. It was just after painted.
    So which is better pose?

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  8. Gellso A Fixture

    Hi Pavol,

    Definitely the hand on the weapon looks better.

    Really fast work on this my friend.

    Great sculpt,

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  9. JasonB A Fixture

    I like it hands on better. Just a personal preference of mine, but I would lean the M4 in towards the body. I like to have the head looking to one side or another and not straight on, but again, a personal preference.
    Might want to take a look at the ACOG (I assume its an ACOG), the shape and size are a bit off.
    Nice work !
  10. Blue Thunder A Fixture

    Pawol, you are creating another fantastic miniature. :)

    Allow me to say, I concur with Jason. I don't know if you have experience in handling and carrying fire arms, but a weapon is carried on the march with the buttstock on the inside of the elbow. On the outside it will massacring your fist and you won't respond efficiently if needed. The problem, is not one hand holding or two hands. In the first version, the fist is already with such an extension that I would like to ask you to hold something such as an umbrella in that position. Sometimes we can see a photograph, that represents a fraction of a second, of a similar situation, but this pose is not long sustainable. In the second one, the problem is different: While now the weapon weight is distributed, the position of the weapon in arms is not right. I sincerely think that it is easy to fix ... and that you are coming with another winner! Congratulations on your efforts and on placing here your miniature asking feedback! Great personality, shall I say!

    (please attempt a Seal Team Six and 160th Night Stalkers at operation Neptune Spear)
  11. JasonB A Fixture

  12. Maki Active Member

    Jason brings out some good points. Follow his advice.

  13. offo A Fixture

    Hi, Thank you for your feedback. It's always beneficial.
    I do not wear a real gun. I am but those photos myself. So I have at home most of the opportunity to try. This is the Airsoft gun.
    With that the buttstock is at the elbow inside M4 quite the contrary. Usually it is outside. See photos on google / U.S. soldier in Afghanistan /
    Hands on buste are loose can move! One can also make them closer to the body to make it more in marching position. The head is also Separate and can be rotated. Hand with gesture / thumbs up / Separate is also possible the different rotate.
    I got it when shooting connected by rubber adhesive. That's why sometimes it somewhere sidesteps.

    Today I will make some better photos.
    Thank you for your feedback and comments.
    It's useful!
  14. offo A Fixture

    Thank you for commenting on the ACOG. You were right, I forgot to finish the front. It's now OK. evening photos
  15. offo A Fixture

    Hi friends thank you for your insights. I considered everything. And did any corrections.
    Position of the hands and the head gives more options. Busta is ready for casting. It is only when shooting bonding adhesive rubber. Therefore, the small discrepancies.
    Collimator is repaired. Thanks for the warning.
    Adding photos and top in order to see that the right hand is supported on pouches.
    I hope you will like it.
    The positions of the arms and hands are a long debate and I think it could be done a couple of variations.
    I believe that even this form finds its fans.

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  16. Borek A Fixture

    I've thought about it, I downloaded the photos, so I can at rest a thoroughly study, and I must say that for me is still the best first option. The pose I find it very interesting and real, he just raised his hand from the gun to the OK gesture, which justifies the slope of weapons. A soldier should by the gun in such a short time certainly managed to keep this slope. Just for me, the best first option. I hope that the manufacturer shall include both options, not the second. Although I did not paint much yet, I definitely want this bust. Chers Borek
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  17. bigtodd Active Member

    Oh I missed this one earlier. The first arm positions looked the best for me (I would buy this one first). :notworthy::wideyed: :notworthy:

    The "thumbs up," gives it so much character. Maybe if the left forearm and hand were closer to the chest. The rifle in this position would work, as a sling would be over the shoulder for the rifle.

    BUT....... I REALLY LIKE THIS NEW POSE AS WELL!!!!! I say go with what you the artist like!(y)(y)(y)

    Will this be a kit?
    If it has no home maybe we could talk Mr. Mrosko into adding it to his line?:happy: (wink, wink, nudge, nudge):notworthy:
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  18. JasonB A Fixture

    One thing that came to mind. If you go with the thumbs up, to me, the kind of serious expression on his face conflicts with that thumbs up motion. Usually when someone gives the thumbs up, they at least crack a little grin or smile.
  19. bigtodd Active Member

    Or it is a serious look about being ready to go to rock.
    I know I don't smile when I breech a door.
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  20. offo A Fixture

    Hi Gentlemen, I think it makes no sense to further parse the hand position. Certainly is in some moment, the hand and the gun have this position. I do not feel that it is unnatural. But it's up to you. Once again, the hand can be moved and is there more variants rotation. Therefore, you will find your location. I believe so.
    It will produce Mitches Military Models. / MMM /.
    Thank you for the encouraging comments.
    Also thank you for the opportunity of producing with Chris.
    Sometimes I communicate with him. It is possible that in the future to deal smth.
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