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WIP U Boat Conning Tower plus 1/35 Wolfe Figure Diorama

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rduvall, Nov 7, 2023.

  1. Rocco82 Active Member

    That's very cool mate. Excellent.

    Great idea. Totally get it. Like if you go on museum tours or something they'd have a speech running or forest ambience etc

    Yeah stormy waves, bells ringing, distant yells etc would be fantastic. Excellent touch and the perfect piece to try it on.

    So what is your speaker?. ..
    Is it something along these lines?
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  2. rduvall Active Member

    Here are the figure close ups. I do not have a good camera as these are iphone photos. The quality of these figures is well worth it. The scanning detail Scale75 captured is great

    Figure 1.jpg Figure 2.jpg Figure 3.jpg Figure 4.jpg Figure 5.jpg Figure 6.jpg
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  3. rduvall Active Member

    I'll have a post on that but it was super simple. Tomorrow the housing will be completed hopefully will get photos.
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  4. rduvall Active Member

    Here is the sound module! Excited about this one because this concept of using sound is something I've not seen before but I also used the box art on this element in the diorama. This piece I made for the diorama is called a Sound Tower and it also has the box art placed on the sound tower as detail views on the diorama. This is important to have these views in the diorama concept because it adds an element that ties in the sound as an element of composition in the music.

    I've thought about doing sound in a diorama for awhile but early on in the diorama I also wanted to do a detail view concept but wasn't sure if it should be a figure bust of one of the figures on the sub. Scale75 makes busts on two of the figures on the sub.

    This composition style I'm doing in this diorama is what I'm calling "Immersive Style". Its not only visually immersive but audio and that triggers a mental reaction to basically zone out at the diorama hence being immersed in the style of the composition.

    Sound tower 4.jpg Sound tower 6.jpg

    Sound tower 1.jpg Sound tower 2.jpg
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  5. rduvall Active Member

    This sound tower will be placed next to the diorama on the same wood base and the button to activate the sound is on the side of the sound tower.

    Plus I really wanted to have the Scale75 name in the diorama hence why it is placed on the front sound tower.
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  6. rduvall Active Member

    This is the sound module mounted on the backside of the top plate in the sound tower. In one of the previous photos I showed it hooked up to my computer and that is how to record the sound on the device. This sound module is slick because you're able to plug it in, play like a Youtube video, hit record, then hit record again when you're done. It records 120 seconds of sound also.

    Sound tower 3.jpg
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  7. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very cool build, go this one bookmarked. Seems the subs are floatin about a bit lately, lol.:LOL: The research is half the fun in it too. I'm looking forward to the water works, something I'm very weak on. And you've got a 3D printer, half the battle is done. I got my notebook out;)
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  8. MalcC A Fixture

    Very interesting project.

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  9. Rocco82 Active Member

    All sounding great! - excuseypun.

    Great idea with the boxart. Looks fantastic!

    Obviously sound won't work with just any model. Some have more potential than others but like I said earlier, this is a perfect piece to apply it to
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  10. rduvall Active Member

    I've been 3d printing my whole carrier but never really printed for scale modelling until this year. Recently I've been on a kick printing items for organizing and storage of the model supplies. If you go on the Minnesota Military Figure Society Facebook page you will see some of the recent stuff I've printed. This Uboat project is only being posted on Planet Figure though as this is a figure project. I really like this website as its super helpful.

    The research on how to make ocean water has defiantly been a learning experience. I will also do a write up on the "how-to" with the water. Plus post the links on here I found good videos on the process.
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  11. rduvall Active Member


    The boxart of so many models is really cool and it never fails I always want to do something with it after the fact or display it.
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  12. rduvall Active Member

    This week list of items to get done is order a new airbrush (Grex TG), receive some paints for the figures, assemble all the easy items on the subs tower, and get all of the sub assemblies built.

    Plus I'm going to be doing some scratch building as I go. I love scratch building as this was the last build I did where I scratch built a 1/35 Bar SPG.

    12291058_10208558648949709_1875810617869721037_o.jpg 12314738_10206969538310659_2118815695823134834_o.jpg 12307417_10206969549870948_3481832103430995279_o.jpg 12339549_10206969563391286_6857775311235567727_o.jpg 12339598_10206969580311709_697126052677692015_o.jpg
  13. MalcC A Fixture

    I'm liking what I see.
    looking forward to seeing more.

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  14. rduvall Active Member

    Build update-sub assembly edition and holy small parts.

    Some broke, some went well but its moving forward. I haven't finished all of the railing on the sub hull but in short, the molding on it did not line up..

    This means tomorrow since its Sunday Funday, it's more like patch day for all of the misalignment on the sub hull. Plus the alignment of the rails was terrible and some had short shots on the end of the railing..was not oh so happy about this. Plus there was a missing piece from the machine gun that has to be shipped from Spain which I'm fine with. I let there customer service know, they got it sent asap which was great.

    The figures in this kit was amazing, as far as the resin kit of the sub, some of it is amazing with the detail & alignment but others are just bad.

    build photo 12.jpg build photo 13.jpg build photo 14.jpg
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  15. NigelR A Fixture

    Very interesting build, looking forward to seeing how this develops.
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  16. rduvall Active Member

    Thanks! Yes, this week is going to be a busy one on the build.

    The weeks goals are to complete the entire sub/ready for paint, get all of the figures washed/prepped for paint, design some figure holding posts for painting, and next weekend prime everything. Also want to get another coat of Liquitex on the base to keep sculpting the waves.

    I'm actually also going to paint one of the Uboat figure busts Scale75 also came out with.
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  17. Nap Moderator

    Hi Ross

    Missed this initially, no idea how !

    What a excellent V Bench , great explanation and modelling , the tower looks really good

    The figures are the same , high quality

    Following with interest

    Looking forward to seeing more

    Have FUN @ the bench

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  18. rduvall Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words! Next update will be Sunday
  19. Briggsy A Fixture

    Just caught up, not seen any alerts for this in a while. The technology is way beyond me, as is my 3D printer, still not used since last christmas. The figures look good and from what you say is going into this it's more a self contained display than just a diorama. Really good stuff

    Cheers Simon
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  20. MalcC A Fixture

    me too.

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