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Two Elk Oglala Sioux Chieftain

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by kansas kid, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Here is one of my oil paintings finished this past fall, Winsor Newton oils on
    canvas; size 24 inches wide by 30 inches height. I have several books
    written by Thomas E. Mails who is considered one of the Native American
    Historians here in the USA. He painted a beautiful portrait of Two Elk from
    the Oglala Sioux nation. And I used his painting as a source of inspiration
    to create an imaginary Chieftain of the Heartland Plains of North America.


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  2. megroot A Fixture

    That's a very realistic painting.
    So great.

  3. housecarl A Fixture

    Awesome brush work Rick.
  4. ubbi Active Member

    Awesome painting job on this flat !! one of the best i've ever seen,Like the monocromatic effect, many compliments !!

  5. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    For the kind words: Thank you, Gentlemen. . .

    Greetings gentlemen and thanks for taking time to comment.

    Marc and Carl:

    Appreciate the words of encouragement. Once I get the place I moved to
    recently, all straightened out, I hope to start painting more on canvas again,
    as I seem to find time to work on figure painting once in a while, now.
    Whew, not a well constructed sentence, but hope you understand my intent.


    Thank you. The Monochromatic effect you speak of was done on purpose. I
    have a coterie of friends who live in our Capital city — that would be the
    capital city of the state of Kansas, Topeka which is about 60 miles west of
    me — and we get together every so many months to critique one another's
    work. Since I like to do historical subjects, my good friend suggested I
    might want to render then on canvas in sepia tone. So this was my first
    attempt to do that, altho I did add some color with his bead work. The
    Native American leaders really were quite regal in their finery, in their
    ceremonial costumes, I think. And I find this period of American History
    fascinating and exhilarating! :)

  6. John Bowery A Fixture

    Beautiful painting and great character. I also have the mails book on the midwest.
  7. mil-mart A Fixture

    Rick, excellent painting, your a very talented guy. How long would something like that take to complete?
    Many thanks for showing.

    Cheers Ken
  8. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Thanks John, appreciate it Ken. . .

    Thank you gentlemen, for the encouraging comments. During my working
    life I was a "nuts and bolts" type of graphic artist in newspapers. So the fine
    arts were like way off in the distance, as a goal I didn't give much thought to.

    But last year, I took an oil painting class from the local community college, in
    an attempt to meet some single senior citizen ladies. :eek: :eek: Well, I met some
    very nice women, but they were all married, of course. But I did get
    interested in oil painting and I think I'm improving; doing this, like figure
    painting, just for the sheer fun of it with no desire to sell my paintings, as my
    Topeka, Kansas friends do. The Two Elk Oglala Sioux is the latest and my
    7th painting since I started. I gather a lot of reference photos and have a lot
    of books, as mentioned earlier.

    John: Yes, I have several of the Thomas Mails books, but unfortunately I
    haven't taken time to read much of the text in them. Read about the
    construction of the head dress, of course.

    Ken: How long was it? Kinda hard to say. I ususally work on two or three
    painting at a time, similar to my way of working with modeling projects. But
    I think I probably worked on and off on this painting from July thru the
    end of August, 2009 this year. I like to take my time and enjoy the process.
    Now that I'm in my 70s I see that it isn't so much the destination but the
    journey in life that is important. (y)

    Thanks again, for the encouragement. I feel that painting figure has made
    me better at painting on canvas. Huummmmmmmmm! :)
  9. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Rick - That's just outstanding!!! Wow!

    All the best,
  10. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Dan:

    Thanks for taking a look, podna'. . . I really appreciate your most
    generous comments.

    Kansas Jayhawker
  11. fanai Well-Known Member

    Hi Rick - I wondered what you were up to - lovely to see you use these great skills - just had to say gidday - talk soon to catch up - keep up the painting - that is where I started before going the other way to sculpting

    Ian F old friend from Brisbane and proud owner of a jayhawks cap
  12. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Oh ma' gosh . . . Ian

    Good Gracious, it is you, my friend:

    No way have I forgotten you, Ian. It is so good to hear from you. I moved
    at the end of October from one suburb of Kansas City to another suburb a
    little bit further south. So I have a new e-mail address.

    You will be, hopefully, please to know that the wonderful little Apostle Bear
    that you sculpted for me, is prominently displayed in my plexiglass case in
    the living room. And I'm very proud of it, because it says so much about
    what a good person you are, generous in spirit, word, and deeds.

    And BTW, Ian, those Jayhawks are doing great. MY College basketball team
    is currently 8 and 0 and ranked number one in College Basketball.

    So good to hear from you, and hope you'll be displaying some of your
    talent here for "us" Planeteers to see.

    My best wishes to you and your family,

    Gd'day from the Jayhawk :):)
  13. unknown01 New Member

    Awesome painting Rick.
    Great work!
  14. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Mitsutaka . . .

    Hey there, Mitsutaka:

    Thanks for taking time to have a look see. Appreciate your encouragement!

  15. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Rick, Nice painting. That's the size I should be working in. I guess detail work is easier due to the large canvas size. You might also want to look into workshops given by any local art museums or galleries. ~Gary
  16. 1969 A Fixture

    Rickster mate good to see the `chieftan` getting an appearance on here for others to see your work, for me he is your best work so far with the canvas, i think the decission to go with the monotone effect really payed of with this subject and produced the desired result.

    exellent work mate,


    P.S Good to see you back in touch with Ian .F again, i forgot to mention he was a member on here.
  17. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hey Gary and Mr. Readdie. . .


    Mr. Dombrowski: Yep, for me Gary, I think the larger size canvas does make
    the detail easier, similar to paint figures in smaller and then larger scales.
    However, as you've guessed, since you have more space to cover, it take a
    longer amount of time to complete the project. Thanks for the suggestion
    about the local art museum. And we have a wonderful museum in the Nelson
    in Kansas City, Missouri. (y) :):) I wonder if any senior single females
    take those classes??? Jussss kiddin' amigo.

    Hello Steve, my friend:

    Thanks for the kind words, mate. I do appreciate it. Obviously, you've been
    busy with other things, as you haven't had time to post your latest WIP of
    your rug and cloth seller from the Nile River Boys from the Napoleon Epoch.
    And yes, I did not know Ian was a member here. So good to hear form him.
    Thanks again, gentlemen. :)
  18. blaster Well-Known Member

    Hello Rick,

    That's a terrific painting. I look forward to seeing you create more of these.

    Rgds Vic
  19. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks Blaster Man. . .

    Hello Vic:

    Thanks for the kind words, Vic. It was kind of you to give the old chieftain a
    look. I'm still trying to get my new residence straightened up. . . but have
    several ideas for most sepia toned historic settings paintings.

    Hope this doesn't bore you all, but I have so much admiration for what the
    British were able to do during the Battle of Britain, to the flight crews,
    radar personnel, home guard, the pilots of those amazing Supermarine
    Spitfires — which is still my favorite air craft and the model I have built the
    most — and Hawker Hurricanes during those very trying times. I want to
    attempt to pay tribute to that Nation and it's people with the subject of my
    painting. It is to show the two fighters up above, with images of London
    under duress with the dome of St. Pauls Cathedral in the background
    (from that famous photograph that we all have seen) down below. And I
    hope to have generic portraits of pilots mixed in below the aircraft. I've
    been collecting graphic references, and already have a great deal of
    graphics and scale drawings and books on both the Spitfire and
    the Hurricane. So I hope to pursue that idea come Spring.
  20. Meehan34 A Fixture

    Kansas kid you have got to get down to Tulsa to meet some of us here. We have a show in June that you would really like (or anytime you can make it). There aren't many ladies at the show so you may be a little dissapointed. BTW... the painting looks really great.

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