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TW54C01 - Trooper, 9th (Queens Royal) Lancers, Elouges 1914

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Tommys War, May 11, 2014.

  1. Watford PlanetFigure Supporter

    Great figure, fantastic price, I've just ordered one, keep them coming Darren.
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  2. Jack Müller New Member

    Superb sculpting aside, what makes this piece exceptional is the animation. At full gallop the trooper is depicted posting; a rarity in the miniature world.
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  3. TEZZA Member

    Nice one Darren fantastic price for a fantastic figure!!!
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  4. mil-mart A Fixture

    Another stunner Darren(y)(y)

    Cheers Ken
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  5. Tommys War A Fixture

    Thank you all for the positive comments.

    I've now loaded the lance instruction sheet on to the website as a pdf to download. I am still waiting for the printed copies from the printer, but so I don't hold up orders I've began shipping - so orders shipped this week won't have a printed copy of the instructions. Orders from next week will have a printed copy.

    Instructions are 2 pages, page 1 is shown below:


    Next figure releases will be in July at Figureworld. I'm planning 2 x 54mm figures and 1 x 1/10 bust.
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  6. abbo Active Member

    Received mine today.
    Great casting as ever.looks even better in the flesh so to speak.
    Cheers Darren
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  7. BarrieHynd Well-Known Member

    Got my one in the mail this morning, like abbo says its a cracker, but we knew it would be.
    Thanks for the quick service Darren, ordered Monday night and arrived this morning, excellent.

  8. Zastrow.cuirassier A Fixture

    Just an idea, why not a figure inspired by these photos or paints ?
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  9. Tommys War A Fixture

    I'll be announcing a new 'fix kit' to correct a few of the issues notified to me by customers on the Lancer

    TW54C01 - Trooper, 9th Lancers - corrections

    I'll also give a full explanation of why I missed a couple of items from that figure in the next Tommy's War newsletter later this month.

    However, in essence. I missed a couple of things which included a water bottle and the horses bit, which in hindsight I should have included. The 'fix kit' with include:
    • Photo-etch Type 1902 'Portsmouth' bit in photo etch (thank you to Jon Page at Sphere for the drawing of that)
    • Water bottle (shown on the rear box art image)
    • Twine for the rope around the horses neck
    • Paper to produce the reigns
    • Full fitting instructions
    All customers who have purchased the figure will receive this kit with no cost to themselves and all future kits will have these parts supplied in kit form as standard at no change to the existing price. The 'fix kit' will be ready for Figureworld at Oundle.

    There are also 2 issues with the figure that I can't do anything about (other than withdraw it from market):
    • Puttees on cavalry (and artillery) should be rolled knee to ankle
    • The cap strap is show around his neck and around the peak, of course it should only be one of those
    Of course, customer feedback is key on these 2 points. If the consensus is that they are fatal flaws then I will, of course, pull the Lancer from the range and look to release a different figure in the future.

    My sincere apologies for the errors. I think those that know me know I have been under a lot of strain in the first 6 months of this year due to moving house and balancing work and family life. When I've made errors they have been genuine mistakes on my part. But all is good again now and some great new releases are due soon!

  10. martin tabony Well-Known Member

    I make the front pouches and rolled cloak as a seperate piece for some of my mounted figures. It can be put over the withers and cantle like an upside down "U". You are welcome to use it if it helps. It's a excellent looking figure, it would be a shame to loose it for the sake of a few corrections.

  11. Zlobov Sergey Active Member

    Sculptor: Nino Pizzichemi - !
    Quality figure of the rider.
  12. Mike - The Kiwi A Fixture

    Darren, good on ya setting this to right.

    That's service of highest order. Well done

  13. zane666 Well-Known Member

    Wow, what service, I wish more businesses from any walk of life were more like this, well done Tommy's War.

    regards Zane
  14. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter


    I am sure a wee bit of filing can remove one of the chinstraps, allowing the customer a choice of above the peak of the cap or under the chin. Allenby, the divisional commander, was a stickler for under the chin, but some Tommies still wore it on the cap, drawing a fearsome outburst from 'The Bull."

    It is a fantastic figure, with real character and atmosphere. Don't dare withdraw it.

    Best wishes
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  15. Huw63 A Fixture

    Excellent customer service - great to see there are honest and open manufacturers out there. Please don't withdraw it. I hope to get it at Stresa and am not too worried about the little bit of extra work.

    Cheers Huw
  16. Babelfish A Fixture

    If you withdraw this figure, I shall march straight up to your stand at Euro and smash you in the face with a custard pie.

    - Steve
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  17. steve j Active Member

    hi darren
    will you be sending the fix kit automatically to people who have bought the kit mail order
  18. Blind Pew A Fixture

    Do not under any circumstances withdraw this kit. It's waay too good, warts 'n' all.
  19. Tommys War A Fixture

    Thanks guys.

    Feeling much more positive today.Had a lot of grief about it over the weekend from several angles and to be honest was close to jacking it in entirely at one point yesterday morning, but today's another day. :):):)

    Steve, I can run a report on who bought online so will sort that out with those people. With new releases imminent I'm hoping I can send the update with figures or arrange to pick-up at shows.

    For those customers who bought from international retailers can email me with address details.

    For obvious reasons I am going to be requesting that only those who have purchased a Lancer ask for the update kit.
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  20. brian A Fixture

    Darren your a true gent!
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