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Review Turkish Archer from Altores Studio

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi everybody

    Altores Studio have certainly been busy with many releases this year, although they are a new company they certainly seem to have made a impact ...especially on my review table!!!

    Offering all scales , mounted and foot , busts and figures , we will be looking at the second mounted figure in 54mm or 1/32nd scale .

    The subject being announce here on PF


    and in social media


    As you can see it depicts a mounted archer from the Turkish empire , in full gallop with the archer about to release the arrow.

    The armies were skilled in warfare , and skilled in the use of weapons in particular the bow , well equipped , on good , fast horses .

    Books are available here are a few you might like to look at

    aaa.jpg aa000.jpg aa0.jpg
    a00.jpg a0.jpg a.jpg aaaaa.jpg
    aaaaaaa.jpg aa.jpg a00000.jpg a0000.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  2. Nap A Fixture

    Lets have some details on the release

    Title: Turkish Archer , The Ottoman Empire 16-17th Century

    Reference: H-54-017

    Scale: 1/32nd

    Material: Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 13 plus a lead sheeting strip

    Sculptor: Elisarr Gutierros

    Box Art: N/A

    As always comes in a good box with the Altores colour scheme on the front
    Altores Turk 001.jpg

    Parts were well packed in clear bags with these being sandwiched between foam layers , the parts consist of , 2 horse halves , tail, torso , 2 arms , head , sword, dagger,quiver , bow case, arrow , base and a strip of lead sheeting for the reins .
    No actual bit was in the review parts
    Altores Turk 002.jpg Altores Turk 003.jpg
    One thing to note is that the actual arrow has been put in a cut out of the base so be careful it does not get lost when opening, nice idea


    This is easy with it consisting of removing simple and easily accessed plugs from the pieces , filler is needed at the arms to shoulder position , careful placing of the arms is needed to get it correct , dry test the main torso to the horse to check the sit , some filler might be needed .

    No bow string is included so this will need to be put on , I suggest a fine fishing line or wire .

    The base will need filling and texturing where the arrow was placed .

    Nothing really drastic and all withing the hands of the modeller.

    We will look at the figure here and the horse in the next post


    This is the full body in a long and flowing caftan , this has been left with no decoration on as such allowing the painter to do as they wish .

    A simple garment with buttons in the front centre with good folds of the material , the sides sitting over the legs .

    Nice definition on the belts , pulling into the waist , the buckle is cleanly shown , there are locating holes for the equipment , with the shoulders also having the same for the arms.

    Underneath we have the full trousers and shoes sitting nicely into the stirrups

    Altores Turk 004.jpg Altores Turk 008.jpg Altores Turk 005.jpg Altores Turk 006.jpg Altores Turk 007.jpg Altores Turk 009.jpg Altores Turk 010.jpg Altores Turk 011.jpg


    A good face with sharp features , wearing a helmet with a turban around the lower edge , this has nice folds and leads to the face , our archer has a moustache and some good work on the face itself , the hair and ears are peeking out from underneath the helmet/turban.
    Fit is easy into a neck area of the torso , make sure you get the position right for the shooting pose.

    Altores Turk 012.jpg Altores Turk 014.jpg Altores Turk 013.jpg


    Again some good sculpting is here on both arms , a open sleeve blows back in response to the movement of the horse speed , well thought out the arms are sleeved , nice folds on both , particularly liked the hands and the finger positions , nice work on the fingers.
    The bow is correct and has movement allowing you to not worry too much when stringing it.
    Fit of both arms is by a good locating resin post .

    Altores Turk 015.jpg Altores Turk 016.jpg Altores Turk 017.jpg
    Altores Turk 018.jpg

    Bow case and Quiver

    The case having a slight opening where the bow would go into when not in use , nice shape and no decoration on this and the quiver so it can be plain or painted up to your choice .The quiver has well executed arrows in it , good sculpting on the flights
    Fit of both is again by a good resin post .
    Altores Turk 020.jpg Altores Turk 019.jpg


    A scimitar and a dagger are provided , both lethal items of his armoury , well shaped , nice detail on the scabbard , fit is easy with both sitting nicely on the torso sides and the cast on straps .
    Altores Turk 028.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    lets us look at the rest of the resin now


    This horse is cast in 3 parts , the 2 main pieces fitting well together , I particularly liked the way Altores has kept the pieces to a minimum with the head itself also being included in one part.

    Also included in the horse are his "vital" bits and bobs ! ...nice stallion touch

    The 3rd being the tail itself , this is flowing with the movement and looks good , the same can be said of the mane as well .

    Looking at the actual horse the muscle tone and the whole movement of the animal is very good indeed , the neck turned slightly to the left , muscles tensioned , legs at the gallop , a lean and powerful look .
    Altores Turk 022.jpg Altores Turk 025.jpg Altores Turk 026.jpg Altores Turk 024.jpg Altores Turk 027.jpg
    The head nicely proportioned with the bridle being again nicely done

    I see that there is a horse bit showing on the box art , none were in the review box

    The sculptor has done well on this and the whole animal works well with the riders pose

    The horse fittings ie saddle , strapping and cloths are cast onto the body with various neck ornaments and beads across the rear of the horse all show good sculpting and casting Altores Turk 023.jpg
    Altores Turk 021.jpg

    A good substantial base more than suitable for the purpose , you will have to fill the arrow cutout in but easily done , the surface has been textured with stones etc being included
    Altores Turk 029.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    A good release from Altores , a new sculptor as well to me , good casting and sculpting as well , another string to the Altores bow so to speak , resulting in a dynamic subject and a good display item


    Lets have a couple more pictures of the built model
    0a.jpg 0aa.jpg
    For details on this and more from them :

    E-mail: altoress@mail.ru

    Website: www.altores.com

    They are also a member of FaceBook and the forum here on PF

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece

    Also to you all for looking in ...ENJOY the modelling

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  4. mortier A Fixture

    Thank you for the next very great reviev.
    I'ts right,Altores was very busy this year,but all figures are on a very high standart.
    Compliments to you and them.
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  5. swralph A Fixture

    Great review Nap:).
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  6. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Available in the UK through those fine folks at El Greco Miniatures down in deepest Cornwall.
  7. marco55 Well-Known Member

    Great Figure!
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  8. marco55 Well-Known Member

    Great figure but what scares me is that it's supported by only one leg.

    Thank you very much for your interest. The horse will be stable, because the supporting leg in the casting of steel needle inserted for stability. She also brought out and placed in the stand groove for attaching the spokes.

    Attached Files:

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  10. Nap A Fixture


    Thanks for adding this

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  11. MrBMB A Fixture

    Looks so good in action.........just love it!!!
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  12. Bob Orr Active Member

    Hi Kev looks good. If you want me to paint this one up just let me know! Bob
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  13. Nap A Fixture


    Hi Bob

    It is good but thankfully it's got far too many legs .....not sure I coukd wait 21 years though for a painted version ! ...the samurai looked great !

  14. mortier A Fixture

    I did'nt know this sculptor before,but he is one of the best.
    Thank you for the next great review
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