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Try this with your 3D printer......

Discussion in 'Sculpting' started by bonehead, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. Gaudin A Fixture


    Carl - you dont need to scan a runner - once you scanned a person you then assign a " bone structure" to a model and then you can move it whichever way you like, with posing software, rag doll apps, motion capture on life human etc ( think Gollum) that will make it realistic etc.
    Same can be done with animals. There are already plently of algorithms that will do a running dog for you. If not - motion capture.

    Same with head- one its scanned - every surface and muscle can be assigned and used, hense you can expressions and mimics and make video of talking head if you wanted. to be realistic, some one else will need to scan a texture of face and work with it so it applies to 3d model and then add effects and so on and so on.
    Realistically all can not be done by 1 person - I am guessing, like in medicine, there are narrow field specialists that form teams - on uber professional level.

    What you are right about - is how much skill, experience and talent has the individual artist got to have to be able to do that.
  2. carl reid A Fixture


    Thats exactly the point I was making!

    Very few will gain the required skills to be able to apply all the ingredients to bake the metaphorical cake!

    Take Gollum as an example, can you imagine the size of the team let alone the budget required to bring it to the screen.
    Its like comparing a Bentley to a kit car.

  3. JasonB A Fixture

    This discussion has become like a dog chasing it tail. Round and round and round. Once the dog catches its tail, it quickly realizes it has achieved nothing for all its efforts...and starts again.
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  4. bonehead A Fixture

    Yep! That is why I rest my case......... :dead:
  5. JasonB A Fixture

    Voss, 1/9 scale? 1/12th scale? 1/16th? Maybe???
  6. pokrad A Fixture

    Wrong. Try Sculptris ;)

    "Learning curve" takes about half an hour of reading the 5 page manual ;)
    No need to know complex term like "topology", "vertex", "edge", "polycount", just You and few "virtual sculpting brushes".
    Honestly, half an hour is enough to start sculpting - that is if You know how to sculpt in clay...

    Try it and tell me I was lying ;)
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  7. Alaneye Member

    Yeah, well I was only speaking of zbrush when I wrote that... I will look at sculptris and report back,,,
  8. RKapuaala Active Member

    Polkrad is correct. Sculptris is so much like working with clay, I actually felt like my hands were sore the first few times I tried it, like I have been molding clay all day.
  9. Alaneye Member

    Well, installed it and had a go... but I really need to understand the work flow before I get anywhere. I am used to shaping pieces of clay, adding them to my sculpture and smoothing them in, but with digital sculpting you seem to have to 'grow' everything out of the clay so everything I'm doing is rounded.... but it's a start at least... I'll read some tutorials, watch some videos and see how it goes.
  10. RKapuaala Active Member

    Not so, There is an icon of a sphere in the tool bar. That will add additional scale spheres as you need them. There is also a plane icon to add sheets that you can later extrude in Meshmixer. All the spheres can be joined also in meshmixer once you are ready, I will walk you through it.
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  11. Alaneye Member

    Thanks, dude. I really appreciate that. Maybe we can take this somewhere else though, as I think we've derailed this thread too much as is. Sorry Bonehead.
  12. Einion Well-Known Member

    Well given the original premise of the thread it was in line for a derailment from the get go :D And it's not like related/tangential stuff would not naturally get brought up in any thread on trad v digital sculpting, even if it wasn't intended for discussion initially.

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  13. Alaneye Member

    Yeah, I realise that, but if RKapuaala is willing to give me some coaching on digital sculpting, maybe we should get a room ;)
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  14. Mark S Guest

    I'll supply the room but if things are going to get digital it's gunna cost you more.
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  15. JasonB A Fixture

    Train. Derailed. :ROFLMAO:
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  16. Alaneye Member

    It always comes down to the numbers, doesn't it.... zeros and ones ;)
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  17. RKapuaala Active Member

  18. Gaudin A Fixture


    Sorry to lead this discussion astray yet again, I thought this could not get any worse than the scarring image above.

    Today I found that it can:eek:

  19. JasonB A Fixture

    Mr Connery has led an interesting life. Based on these pics, probably more so than we will ever know. Or want to know!
  20. Mark S Guest

    Try that with your 3D printer without getting a serious error message.
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