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WIP Critique Trumpeter- 4th Chassuer a Cheval

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by ChaosCossack, May 24, 2012.

  1. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Hey all

    Something I've been picking at for the last little while. At this point it's about 80% complete. More than anything, it is my first kick at a grey horse... practice before my next big undertaking, obviously another grey horse.

    This is a Trumpeter of the 4th Chassuer a Chaval de ligne from Metal Modeles in 54mm. The boxart had it painted as the 7th regiment, but I couldn't wrap my head around the pink coat... just looked like a washed out red. After a little digging, I decided on the 4th, mostly because I like the Aurore colour.

    All that's left on this is: reins & stirrups, sword, trumpet sling ( including wrap and tassles on trumpet), a few minor touch-ups and of course the groundwork.

    My big concern is the grey horse. Turned out more of a stippled, than a dappled grey. Everything was painted with Vallejo acrylics. I may have to buy some oils and learn how to handle them to get a proper dapple effect:unsure:

    Anyhow, thanks for looking and as always... comments are more than welcome... they are needed!

    IMGP0008.jpg IMGP0001.jpg IMGP0002.jpg IMGP0003.jpg IMGP0004.jpg IMGP0007.jpg
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  2. Ron Tamburrini A Fixture

    Hi Colin
    That turned out well for a first attempt at a grey,probably better described as a flea bitten rather than a stipple :)

  3. Sebastien New Member

    Wonderful Figurine.
    Your horse is amazing, I like to make one like yours. I bought the Mounted Colonel 6th of the Hussar.
    I found a great website on www.tinfigurines.com
    Good price and good choice.
    I recommend.
    Take care
  4. megroot A Fixture

    Great work on this figure.

  5. itsonlyakit Member

    Musicians of this time period were quite colorful, you have captured that. Yes, do try oils for animals, the sheen is nice. Little bit of trivia about mounted trumpeters, they were taught to keep the trumpet bell away from the horses head or else loose your front teeth.[IMG]
    Cheers Eh!
  6. Martin Antonenko A Fixture

    I agree!

  7. Edorta A Fixture

  8. Mariner Active Member

    Colin, I know you've been working on this one a long time, and it shows. From what I can see in the photos, it looks like you've got the 'dapple' technique just fine, they're just a bit faint. I do oil highlights on my horses, you can't beat them for blendability. Super job on this figure, we'll talk dapples at Greg's on July 8:)
    Now you get to do the reins, heehee
  9. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Thanks everyone for the kind words,
    I definitely need to learn the oils... everytime I layed on the dapple marks, then veiled with a darker grey, I lost the dapples. Guess I'll have to buy the tubes and start from square one.

    Gordon... that makes perfect sense to me! See, learn at least one new thing every day!
    Ron... If this is post 1812, the mounts wouldn't have been grade A... so subconciously I had a cover story for the raggedy-assed horse:rolleyes: yeah, yeah... that's it, I meant to do that :LOL::ROFLMAO: Always good to get the first one out of our system, then keep plugging.

    Seb, Marc, Martin and Eduardo... I appreciate the kind words of encouragement... pushes my to always try to improve.

    Mary, I'll see you on the 8th, I'll have my brand new oils... so don't wear a hat, I'll be picking your brain;) BTW the reins get easier with every set. And I have a trick that has helped:sneaky:


  10. Aveleira A Fixture

    Hi Colin,

    What can I say, you did a nice job... I have never painted a horse so can't tell you much, but don't look that bad, it's good in fact!
    Want to see that finished to an overall look!

  11. tiberius57 A Fixture

    Nice work Colin!(y)
    Hope to see it in July finished.
    Good job.
  12. MarquisMini A Fixture

    Great work and great subject Colin!
    I was wondering what you will come up with ;)
  13. bwildfong Well-Known Member

    You're a better man than I, Gunga Din - horses are well beyond my ken, and you've done a really nice job on the beast. I'll just stick to 2 legged figures:)


  14. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Thaks very much Gentlemen,
    Pedro and Daniel, I'm always greatful for your kind encouragement. How's the ADC coming along Pedro? It was really looking good. Daniel... You should really do a SBS when you paint the drummer's face. You do a great job on African skintone and I'd love to see how u do it.
    Brian, knowing how you paint, I won't believe you'd have any trouble with subjects of an equine persuasion... You do a horse and I'll do a WWII figure (they kinda intimidate me, don't know why).
    Zeno, I should have this done this weekend... I'm afraid as soon as it's done, it will be on my Dad's mantle... He bought it and every couple of days he comes by and taps his foot impatiently "Are ya done yet? Are ya done yet?" The piece I'll be bringing in July require everyone's expertice to get me through it, but I think you'll like it.

    Should have some better pics of the completed figure Monday or Tuesday


  15. Aveleira A Fixture



    still the same as in the last update, I've been a little busy. I'm a little intimidated by the goldbraids, but I already know how to do it. When I get a little time a finish him... ;)

    Best Regards

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