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Review Trooper French 8th Hussars from SOGA MINIATURES

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, May 21, 2022.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi to all

    Following on from the announcement here:


    Working again with Chronos for the mount as in previous releases and continuing in the hussar history we have a action packed figure of a trooper just about to bring his sabre down onto a enemy soldier

    A choice of heads is offered in the box one a shako the other being a colpack , you can see a painted version below

    IMG_9170 копия_новый размер.jpg IMG_9175 копия_новый размер.jpg


    The 8th Regiment of Hussars was initially formed as the Eclaireurs de l'Armée in October 1792, renamed the 9th Regiment of Hussars on the 26th February 1793 and renumbered as the 8th Regiment of Hussars by the Decree of the 4th June 1793

    debf642464577c22c14351b453e0588f.jpg a7bd883b8075e0b294565fcc34357473.jpg


    Books are easily found:

    download (1).jpg download (2).jpg download.jpg 91Bicxv0iOL.jpg

    Details of the release

    Title: Trooper the 8th Hussar Regiment, France, 1809 year

    Reference: 5432

    Scale: 54mm

    Material: Gray resin

    No of Pieces: 31 for rider, 4 for horse plus Base and lead strip to cut for the reins

    Casting: In House

    Sculptor: Mikhail Tyulkin

    Horse: 3D Chronos

    Box art: Dmitri Baev

    As with all the contents were well packed in bags in a cardboard box with a full colour picture on the top part


    All parts on on formers which will need removing , good to say all are easy to get to and present no issues, but be careful as there are small and intricate parts

    Casting is very good , I will highlight any points as we go through the look at the resin

    DSCN2644.JPG DSCN2666.JPG

    Continued in next post


  2. Nap A Fixture

    Let us run with the resin

    Main figure

    This consists of both upper torso ( less arms ) and legs , the upper is wearing a very detailed and very sharply cast dolman , the braiding on the front is a joy to look at as is the barrel sash and its associated cords .
    The sword belt ...again well detailed and well cast , the snake buckle at the front and the rings that take the sword and sabretache straps are all cast into place

    The trousers "a la campaign" have a toothed edged lining , the shaping being very cleanly worked , the inner legs are not fully finished but it matters not as they will not be seen, the outer centre have a line of well shaped buttons , leading down to the boots which have the spurs cast on , some might like to reduce the scale on these


    DSCN2651.JPG DSCN2650.JPG DSCN2652.JPG


    2 options , the shako or the colpack from the elite company , both are very well detailed , the shako has a small squadron pompom above the rosette ...both sharp in style , there is no shako plate ( this was clearly based on a drawing by RIGO which shows on page 74 in the Hussars book #2 )

    Features are the same on both with a good definition and easy to get to for painting , the hair is held together , and wrapped , good textures

    The head is turned away from the centre of the collar

    Fits is no issue , a tiny bit of filler might be needed ...be careful removing from formers you don't want to loose the casting quality

    DSCN2653.JPG DSCN2654.JPG

    Remaining pieces

    The arms are on 2 separate formers , the right holding the sword , you will need to add the hand guard and the hanging strap .

    The blade is well shaped and has a cutting edge , the gloved hand is well shaped withing the guard

    The sleeve has the shaped cuff , above you will need to sand away the small amount of excess above the cuff

    The left arm is outstretched to take the reins, same cuff detail no work needed above that

    Both have good creases and folds and seams

    On the same former as the left is the portmanteau , good shape and with plain ends so any regiment number could be added ....obviously with the correct facings details

    DSCN2656.JPG DSCN2655.JPG

    DSCN2657.JPG DSCN2658.JPG

    The scabbard and musketoon are on separate formers , the scabbard has the fitment rings on , so be careful removing , the musket is the right shaping with good mechanism shown

    DSCN2659.JPG DSCN2660.JPG

    The sabretache ....a choice of 2 , both have a shield on them one plain the other with a small eagle , the latter has the fitment rings without any straps , the other has them

    Again good casting brings out the details


    The pouch and the small belt are well cast , and a good shaping and defined , the pouch is plain , the other strap fits under the musketoon

    The ends of the pouchbelt fit well if a little fiddly but in place look good , the same goes for the horse bits and the hand guard for the sword

    DSCN2662.JPG DSCN2664.JPG

    There are really small but well cast and detailed strap/buckle ends , good definition , the stirrups have the straps on then already , the hanging strap for under the horses head is very thin and very much in scale , at the end the crescent , there is the retaining clip for the weapon and the sabre strap

    All are small so take your time

    DSCN2665.JPG DSCN2661.JPG

    General Comment

    The rider and his parts shown are all very highly detailed , well sculpted and cast , no slips or air holes to deal with

    Continued in next post

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  3. Nap A Fixture

    Lets go for a canter with the horse

    As stated this is another collaboration with Chronos piece so the sculpting and form will be as good as ever , this is indeed the case , suffice to say the pictures will show it

    Consisting of 4 pieces , left and right sides , head and a tail

    The sides are on formers and the fit was spot on with only a small amount of filler needed around the centre , muscle and anatomy definition is excellent ,.again a stallion is depicted



    DSCN2668.JPG DSCN2671.JPG

    The sheepskin texture is very good , particularly note the toothed edging which runs nicely around , at the back a locating hole for the portmanteau, at the front the rolled cloak and good to see the pistol holster ends ...really very good research and concentrating on detail

    DSCN2669.JPG DSCN2672.JPG

    The head is bent forward again lovely anatomy is shown with accurate work on the bridle ; strap ends and buckles are already cast into place, nice defined nostrils and eyes , with the ears proud and open nostril flared with the action , the mane is flying away with the movement , nice textures

    The tail is nicely sculpted with movement again good textures , fit is no problem as before a good location point.

    DSCN2674.JPG DSCN2675.JPG DSCN2673.JPG


    The base is a substantial oblong , textured piece of ground , stones and textures are there , , 2 good locating points for the horse , as usual you can leave it on this or incorporate within a bigger piece of groundwork

    DSCN2677.JPG DSCN2678.JPG

    Final thoughts

    Soga and Chronos again show comitment to quality both in the sculptors and casting , but also in the research and high standards, this piece can be used to depict other hussar regiments . I would like to see perhaps some trumpeter's being released

    Thank you to Dmitri @ Soga Miniatures for the review piece(y)

    For more information and to order go to their website via this link :


    Or contact Dmitri here on PF in light the current situation in the world

    Thanks to all for looking in

    Happy benchtime

  4. Sylvanus PlanetFigure Supporter

    Very good!

    Oh for a larger scale!
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  5. Edorta A Fixture

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  6. BRAN Active Member

    Great review with beautiful pictures !!

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