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Review Troop 54 French Grenadier with captured Prussian Standard.

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Richard Baxter, Dec 10, 2017.

  1. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Many of you will by now be familiar with Stuart Hale's recent venture into a range of (mostly) 54mm figures, chiefly from the Napoleonic and British Victorian periods. The range is branded as Troop 54, for obvious reasons, and this is turning out to be an excellent group of models, featuring high production standards, quality sculpting and some unusual figures along with some old favourite subjects. I am a great fan of these figures and have bought several, the latest of which is subject to this quick review.

    The figure is based on a painting by renowned French artist Francois Flameng who, whilst perhaps not as well-known as Detaille or Meisonnier, for example, deserves to be more widely respected for his military studies, which include many paintings from the Napoleonic period and also some very atmospheric studies fro the Western Front in WW1. If you are unfamiliar with his work, I recommend a quick internet search against his name. You will see that he was both prolific and an artist of real ability. Perhaps Stuart will re-visit his catalogue for further figures in the future.

    The figure subject to this review comes from this painting of a grenadier of the French line infantry, dating from the Revolutionary Wars to about 1807, when the shako was fully adopted as headgear by the French line infantry. He is represented in a swaggering stance holding a captured Prussian infantry standard, perhaps a prize taken at Jena or Auerstadt.


    The soldier boasts loads of personality and French elan, and the sculptor has translated the feel of the picture very well into 3 dimensional form. The model comes in a robust clear plastic box with a colour copies of the Flameng painting and of the flag. The figure is moulded in light grey resin, with sharp detail, undercuts in clothing well defined and the drape and fall of clothing well handled. The head, torso and legs come moulded as one piece, with rucksack, breadbag and waterbottle attached. Here are front and rear views:


    Sculpting is crisp throughout, details are clear and clean-up required as minimal, requiring just the removal of small moulding plugs.

    The smaller parts of the figure come in two small plastic bags. The first comprises the left arm, hat and ammunition pouch:


    The second contains the sabre briquette, bayonet, sword know, the finial for the standard (a particularly fine piece of moulding) and the pipe. Helpfully, these are all taped to the underside of the scenic base, to protect them from bending in transit and saving the need for later straightening.


    Moving onto the standard, here is the coloured image provided in the box:


    I have not been able to identify which Prussian regiment this belongs to, so perhaps someone with more knowledge in this field can enlighten me. It follows a typical Prussian design with a background colour with a large "iron cross" emblazoned over it. The King's cypher can be found in each corner, with flaming grenades in each arm of the cross. In the centre can be seen the Prussian eagle within a crowned wreath (of laurel?). These details are successfully rendered on the moulded standard provided, which will take a lot of the angst out of this often most tricky of modelling tasks. Two heavy tasselled cords are moulded as part of the standard and the figure's right arm is moulded in place around the staff. The finial is moulded separately and will require careful fitting. The painting shows a circular wreath around the head of the staff (perhaps laurel or oak leaves): this is not part of the kit but the enterprising amongst you could no doubt scratchbuild something suitable. Here are some images of the standard:

    P1020551.JPG P1020551.JPG

    P1020552.JPG P1020554.JPG

    An excellent piece of modelling, the only item of note is the two moulding plugs on the outer face on one of the folds which will require very careful removal and sanding.

    Overall, this is an excellent addition to the Troop 54 range. A great subject, well realised, with all parts fitting well with minimal adjustment needed. Retail price is a very competitive £18 which represents excellent value. Congratulations to Stuart and to his un-named sculptor, this is one of my favourite figures of 2017.

    Available from: www.troop54.co.uk
  2. jai A Fixture

    thanks for the review ... it really seems like a good piece.
    the flag should be Leib Grenadier Reggiment Konig F. Wilhelm III n° 8
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  3. Richard Baxter A Fixture

    Thanks Jai, that's valuable information. Do you know whether the regiment was present at Jena or Auerstadt?
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  4. jai A Fixture

  5. clrsgt A Fixture

    I really like this guy. Did not notice that he is holding a captured Prussian colour until now. Definitely want this one.
    anstontyke likes this.

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