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Tripoltanian Zapite

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by rej, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. rej Well-Known Member


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  2. rej Well-Known Member

    Thanks Guy, that was a fast reply!!

    Now, I'm waiting to go and help in the continued set up of our exhibition, so there's no time to paint anything decent as I only have two hours to spare, so I'm posting all the colour mixes for the benefit of all!!


    Base - Napoleonic Red (A)
    H.L. - Base + Verm 909 + Scarlet 817 + S.Skintone 845
    L.L. - Nap Red (A) + Black (A)


    Base - Prussian Blue (A)
    H.L. - Base + Uniun Blue (A)
    H.H.L. - H.L. + Andrea Blue (A)
    L.L. - Black (A) + Prussian Blue (A)
    After all was dry I applied a wash with Dark Prussian Blue 899 as this has a satin purplish finish, thus adding some depth to the matte effect of the Andrea blues!

    Shirt collar:

    Base - Pearl Grey (A)
    H.L. - Base + Off White 820
    H.H.L. - Off White 820
    L.L. - German Beige Cam 821

    Jacket & Trousers:

    Base - Russian Khaki (A)
    H.L. - Base + Med Olive 850 + Earth (A)
    H.H.L. - H.L. + Ice Yellow 858
    L.L. - Black (A)


    Base - Dark Red (A) + Nap Red (A)
    H.L. - Base + Nap Red (A) + Verm 909
    H.H.L. - H.L. + Verm 909
    L.L. - Nap Red (A) + Black Green 980

    Laces :

    Base - Verm 909
    H.L. - Scarlet 817 + S.Skintone 845
    L.L. - Black (A)
    A wash with artists ink red (Rotring Red) was applied for a slightly different tone and some depth as well.


    Base - Verm 909 + Dark Red (A)
    H.L. - Verm 909 + Scarlet 817 + S.Skintone 845
    L.L. - Black (A)


    Same mix as the stripes, but when it was dry I applied a wash with Nap Red (A) + Crimson (A), again to differentiate the hue and add some depth!

    Sword strap:

    Base - Flat Brown 984
    H.L. - Ochre (A)
    L.L. Black (A) + Prussian Blue (A)


    Base - Off White 820
    Wash with Ochre (A) to get the buff effect
    L.L. - Beige Brown 875
    H.L. - Off White 820


    Base - Mahagony Brown 846
    H.L. - Orange Brown 981 + Beige Red 804
    H.H.L. - Red Leather 818 + Silver Grey 883
    L.L. - Black (A) + Verm 909


    Base - Flat Brown 984
    H.L. - Orange Brown 981
    H.H.L. - Gold Brown 877
    L.L. - Black (A) + Prussian Blue (A)


    Base - Beige Brown 875
    H.L. - Beige Red 804 + Light Flesh (A)
    L.L. - Black (A) + Verm (A)

    The sword tuft is the same as the cap tuft...........the sword was polished and buffed and all shading was done with Lamp Black W&N Oils.

    Silver braiding was painted Black (A) and highlighted with pencil metallic pastels.

    I admit here, that I took a BIG short cut, as regards, the braiding on the vest...........was running out of time and patience (we are all hit by bad moments in our lives from time to time, as we are all mere mortals) and this had to be at this time for me..........poor Zapite, if only he had to talk :angry:

    Well, this was reflected in the competition which was very stiff and well partecipated (St.Vincent Special Trophy) as I didn't make it to the first three places, and a word of Great Acknowledgement must go to my mate Stephen for placing third amongst 15 - 20 Zapite's (I stand up for correction) of the highest standard (mine exluded :( ) and bringing back the bronze medal with him in the form of the Grolla (the cup of frienship).............
    Welldone mate :)

    Best Regards

  3. Larry R New Member

    Ray, I have to tell you something. I looked over your earlier work especially an old article I printed out a long time ago about your Highland King, although I really liked your earlier work I thought your contrasts between your shades and highlights were way to drastic. This figure however, really shows how much you have grown as an artist since that Highland King figure. Your highlights and shadows are extremely well done in this figure, and it is nice to see how at least I think you have really improved as an artist. Thanks for sharing.

  4. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi Larry, you make me blush really with anything you say, as I still under estimate myself..........and I'm not fishing for compliments DEFINITELY :(

    Yes I do agree with you, that I might have "exagerated" the contrast and it might have looked "drastic" on my earlier figures, even though, I don't think the Highland King, have suffered from this "attitude"..........photos tend to mislead sometimes, depending on the lighting set up, the background colour etc.........

    I'v shot a few pics of the Highland King with my digicam and it looks much better aginst a wineish colour backdrop...........if you'd like to see for yourself, just drop me a line with Highland King in the subject as I might delete it or mark it as junk :eek:

    I still believe that a "little more" is much better then a "little less", as the lighting in exhibition halls is seldom "BRIGHT", thus a poorly contrasted figure will be lost even more then a fairly contrasted one...........and here I'm "quoting" Bill Horan from his Book, Mike Blank, and all the top brass of our hobby...............

    However, "enough" is the best option IMHO.............one has to find the equilibrium between the EXTREME highlights and shadows in allowing the intermidiate shades to show through............and this is maybe what I have managed to evolve through the years, and which shows clearly in my recent work......... you definitely have an "eye' to observe clearly...........thank you so much again Larry.

    Warmest Regards,

    Ray ;)
  5. fsdesimone Member

    Ray, I missed this post somehow. Wow!! This guy looks super. I know nothing about this subject though - any background info?

  6. rej Well-Known Member

    Hi Francesca,

    I'll supply you with the little info i know :(

    This figure, was sculpted by Adriano Laruccia as the show figure for St.Vincent (Le Petit Soldat) 2004, which was handed out to all 2003 participants............

    These were Libyan Zapite's, based in Tripoli during the Italians' reign of Libya before and during WWII (I stand up for correction).........Carabinieri uniform, with local touches (cap + tassle)..............I don't know anything if these soldiers played any role/s in any battle I'm afraid :(

    Hope this helps.........

    Ray :)
  7. garyjd Well-Known Member

    Ray, That's one beautiful paintjob. I love the face.~Gary
  8. rej Well-Known Member

    Thanks Gary, yes I think the face is this figure's strongest point

    Ray ;)

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