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Review Triarus from Altores Studio

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. Nap Forum Moderator

    Hi everyone,

    Following on from my review of a previous release here:


    The Russian company Altores again takes us back to the Roman period of history , still with the infantry we are today looking at this:


    Lets have a bit of information on this troop type:

    The triarii formed the heavy backbone of the early republican legion.

    It is behind them the lesser armed velites, hastati and principes could retire if the worst came to bear.

    ‘It has come to the triarii.’ was a traditional Roman saying describing a crisis.

    The triarii bore some similarity to the Greek hoplite because in that they fight in the same way by forming a wall of shields, bristling with lances.

    In the picture above the triarius is equipped with a large curved shield, larger and heavier than that of the later legionaries, a simple bronze vaulted helmet with two side panels, chain mail body armour, a sword and a long spear with which to keep the enemy at a distance.

    Look closely and you see that his left leg only is armed with a bronze shin guard , the left leg would be the forward leg, closest to the enemy.

    Here we have some reference pictures for you


    000000.jpg 0000000.jpg 000000000000000.jpg 0000000000000000.jpg


    As I always do a selection of good reference books as well:

    0000.jpg 000a.jpg 000000000000000000.jpg 000aaa.jpg
    00000.jpg 000aaaaa.jpg 000aaaa.jpg 00000000000000000000.jpg 000aa.jpg 0000000000000000000.jpg 00.jpg

    Continued in next post

  2. Nap Forum Moderator

    Lets have the release details:

    Title: Roman Republican Triarus 298-105 BC

    Reference: F-54-56 ( no actual number on review box )

    Scale: 54mm , 1/30th

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    No of parts: 11 ( 1 being white metal )

    Sculptor : Sergey Valgar

    Box Art: N/A

    As we always have with Altores a good box protects the resin inside which is in plastic bags and on foam so all should be well when you get it .
    Roman Triarius 001.jpg

    The parts consist of the main figure , 2 arms , helmet (with head) ,shield, spear head and a shaft , sword and 2 helmet feathers together with a base.

    Roman Triarius 002.jpg

    As you might expect Prep is very little to think about:

    • Main Figure...slight sanding on lower cloak edge
    • Arms...Remove casting posts on both and clean out right hand to fit spear shaft in
    • Head...Sand under neck and fit to torso
    • Feathers... After slight flashing is removed fit ....suggest you pin !!
    • Sword/Spear point...Remove from casting post , careful with the spear head its fiddly !!!
    General comments

    • Very few pieces but ...be a little careful as the parts like the feathers and spear point are small and easily given to the carpet monster !!!(y)
    • No horsehair plume is included so this shows off the "twin pronged fitting" well on the helmet top
    • Particularly of note is the fact that the cloak is cast onto the figure .....well done to the sculptor and casting team
    • Spear shaft is in white metal
    • Pose is solid with both feet on the ground, leaning on shield



    Continued in next post

  3. Nap Forum Moderator

    Let us "rumble with the resin":

    Main Figure

    As you can see this has been carefully sculpted and cast with the cloak already in place , this is a clever idea and all credit to both sculptor and casting , some might have preferred it separate to allow access for painting others not .

    The cloak or " paenula" which was a heavy wool material and is hooded and full in depth , slightly textured , at the front there is a "hole" this is where the pommel of the sword fits into , the cloak is held together by toggles as we see in references

    Under the cloak we have the chain mail vest or "Lorica Hamata" , as in previous sculpts this is nicely worked , there is a smaller hole ...again for the sword position.

    Around the waist there is the belt , simple in style with good buckle detail , cast on we have the sword hangings , sitting naturally in position ready for the sword in its scabbard

    Moving down coming out of the mail there is the rough wool garment a little rough at the edges ..perhaps wear and tear !!! , the garment has some nice folds

    We now come to the legs...the thighs are very muscular indeed ..obviously he has done a lot of marching and heavy campaigning!!

    On the lower legs we have a single greave only on the left , shaped to the leg itself , plain but more than suitable for its purpose .

    The right has the bare flesh , again well muscled ...you will see a casting line which needs to be sanded away carefully

    Finally onto the feet itself these are in the famous marching boot 0r " caliga" , very nicely detailed with all the straps correct , and all the toes are showing , these are defined well , the underneath obviously have the soles on but no hobnails are there as they don't show when in place on the base

    As a matter of interest these boots have been found well preserved particularly at Mainz and has been proven to be very effective albeit needing daily attention to replace hobnails

    Roman Triarius 003.jpg Roman Triarius 004.jpg Roman Triarius 005.jpg Roman Triarius 006.jpg Roman Triarius 007.jpg Roman Triarius 008.jpg Roman Triarius 009.jpg Roman Triarius 010.jpg Roman Triarius 012.jpg Roman Triarius 011.jpg


    As in keeping this fellow has muscular arms , the left has the hand open to take the spear shaft , the other has the hand clenched ( with a wrist band , both hands show good finger work , at the top of the arm we have the upper sleeve of his tunic , nice folds , fit to the torso is easy by means of a good sized post into a cutout nicely positioned well into and under the cloak itself.

    Roman Triarius 013.jpg Roman Triarius 014.jpg


    My favourite part here , this as you see the head cast into the helmet , the style and shape is again as seen in my references with eye pieces in position ( purely for show!!!) at each of the sides of the helmet there is carving in the shape of an animal often depicted in roman life ...the bull...well worked in style as you will note

    There is some beading shaping on the helmet with a small neck piece at the rear , on the top we have the "fork" ....like the idea of no plume being fitted ...adding interest to the look .

    Facial features are strong , mouth held shut with good on the undercuts on the helmet cheek pieces at the sides , good to see there is easy access to the eyes as well ...must admit he looks a determined soldier if a little miserable ..possibly at the thought of another long march !!!

    Hair is long and straggly which hangs loose at the rear of the helmet dropping onto the neck scarf , with good material folds here.

    Roman Triarius 015.jpg Roman Triarius 016.jpg Roman Triarius 017.jpg Roman Triarius 018.jpg Roman Triarius 019.jpg Roman Triarius 020.jpg

    the helmet has a hole each side ready for the .....


    2 are provided both individually cast , nice work on the surface , slight flashing to remove but in place they look good

    Roman Triarius 024.jpg

    Sword and Spearhead/Shaft

    The sword is the typical "gladius" , sculpted in its scabbard, a simple piece not intricate decoration , fit is into the 2 holes on the figure with the small drops on the belt looking like they are holding it in place.

    Spear head is a good shape , a little fiddly to fit to the shaft , this is white metal and fits into the hand nicely .

    Roman Triarius 022.jpg Roman Triarius 023.jpg


    In reality this shield or "scutum" weighed about 10 kg made of wood glued together , sometimes as thick as a mans hand , covered in canvas with iron reinforcement of iron at top and bottom , an original item has been found in Egypt.

    Oval on shape , with a central boss and strength by means of pieces running both laterally and horizontally , the boss is well defined with the edging having a iron band around the edge, the shield is slight shaped with the rear having the handle in position with the wood effects being there as well as this was not covered unlike the front.

    Roman Triarius 026.jpg Roman Triarius 027.jpg


    A simple oval , textured ground with no rocks , shaping for the feet and where the shield is put as well

    Roman Triarius 028.jpg

    Final Thoughts

    A nice piece not too much to prep and a good subject , the shield can be painted with a motif perhaps a bull or maybe a boar , the painting offers good opportunity for all materials to be depicted . For some a litle muscular but looks good overall ...particularly the helmet .


    Another nice addition to the Altores catalogue

    E-mail: altoress@mail.ru

    Website: www.altores.com

    They are also a member of FaceBook and the forum here on PF

    Thanks to [IMG] for the review piece

    And of course a big thank you to all for looking in

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  4. Nap Forum Moderator

    Its my pleasure to share a very well painted version by a PF member....

    you might know of this lady ........


    love the colours she has chosen and the shield

    THANK YOU to Elena for permission to use the pictures



    xxxxxxxxxby Elena.jpg xxxxx by Elena.jpg xxxxxx by Elena.jpg xxxxxxxby Elena.jpg xxxxxxxxby Elena.jpg
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  5. Edorta A Fixture

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  6. ELENA SHTENTSEL Active Member

    Wonderful review ! Thank you very much !
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  7. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Nice Nap, very nice. Nice sculpt and the box art being a him to life.
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  8. Redcap Well-Known Member

    Very good review thank you Kev and 'congratulations' to Elena for another masterpiece in miniature!

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  9. Wings5797 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Super review Kev.

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