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WIP "Trapper" - Groundwork for AuthorSculpt's Trapper in 70mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Guy, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. Guy A Fixture

    Back in November of 2009 I did a review of Sergy Zlobov's 70mm Trapper, sold under the "AuthorSculpt" label. Click here for review. After the review was over I decided to start the assembly and painting of the Trapper.

    Now that the Trapper painting is done I started today doing the groundwork for the Trapper. A Ken Thomas base was chosen to hold the Trapper as well as a snow laden pine tree.

    The Figure Kit

    Trapper 04.JPG

    The Base

    base 01.jpg

    base 02.jpg

    Above you see the Ken Thomas base with the crevice painted to represent granite stone. The base came with the Magic-Sculpt rocks fastened into the bottom of the crevice.

    base 03.jpg

    base 04.jpg

    base 05.jpg

    Next I pulled out my already made assortment of pine trees and chose one for this scene. I them added the Trapper to the base by sliding him down the brass peg already drilled into the top of the base where I wanted him located.

    base 05a.JPG

    Above is a product I buy at Michaels Crafts called "Snow-Tex". I used my painter's trowel to scoop some out into another container and added a very small amount of water to thin down the snow so as to be easier to apply to the tree with a large paint brush.

    base 06.jpg

    base 07.jpg

    Now I have added the tree back to the base as well as the Trapper temporailly to get a visual look at the scene before I go further. The brass pags are left in the base for the next step of scribing the surface with the back side of a knife to create a rough surface for the plaster to better adhere to.

    [ More steps to come later this week ]

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  2. TWOMOONS Active Member

    Wow,,,nice Guy; really sweet work here. I covet this base ...and I will steal this idea from you, unashamedly.
    Looking forward to the completion.
  3. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Phil. As far as stealing the idea.....I give it to you freely. I really feel this type of base can really add to a scene. I get this type from Ken Thomas and the Hussar, in Tulsa also carries the cliff faced bases in round.
  4. Meehan34 A Fixture

    cool figure. Is this the same sculptor who is doing the 40mm wild west series that is supposed to be released by a U.S manufacturer? I look forward to more work especially your groundwork magic. You can bet I'll be counting your "rivets" ;)
  5. Guy A Fixture

    Yes MIke, Sergey Zlobov is the sculptor of this figure as well as the Mounted Mountain Man in the same scale.

    No rivets here to count..............:)

    I just love a Mountain Man with no bead work............:)
  6. jimias A Fixture

    Beautiful base and setting.
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  7. gordy Well-Known Member

    Agreed Looking great Guy (y)
  8. Sambaman Well-Known Member

    That base is perfect for this setting! Glad to see you back at it with such vigor Guy!

    Jay H.
  9. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Dimitrios ~ Gordy ~ Jay

    I am actually doing the groundwork on two figures. The other is the Romeo 90mm Viking who was ready for the same groundwork.
  10. Nick Majerus Well-Known Member


    Glad to see you are doing something differant, your first Mountain Man? LOL!!! Great job!! Glad to see you have the old paint brush going again!

  11. megroot A Fixture

    Great basework.
    I'm always pleased to see some work out of your hands.
    Looking forward to your next step.

  12. Tommi A Fixture

    Looking good Guy, like the idea of the cutout section in the base, will be following this with great interest(y)
  13. unknown01 New Member

    It's an idea of a wonderful ground work, Guy.
    If this will be completed, I'd be impressed with its wonderful.
    I'd like to have an interest and follow.

  14. Guy A Fixture

    ~ Nick ~ Marc ~ Tommi ~ Mitsutaka ~

    Thanks guys for looking and commenting on my work. I have another step to post later today.
  15. Johan Well-Known Member

    Looks good, look forward to seeing the next step .

    question - where did you get that pine tree ? did you make it yourself ?
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  16. Guy A Fixture

    Thanks Johan. The pine trees are home made from dried flowers turned upside down and bass wood dowels.
  17. Guy A Fixture

    The next step in the groundwork for the Trapper is mixing up the Sculpt-A-Mold with water for the actual groundwork base.

    base 08.jpg

    After I mix the mixture up well I always add Elmer's Glue (White Glue) to help the mixture adhere to the surface of the base.

    base 09.jpg

    The next step is applying the completed mixture to the base and afterwards placing the finished figure on the brass peg to imprint the snowshoes into the plaster mix while it is still wet. I will leave the figure there while I continue on with applying the mixture to the rest of the base.

    base 10.jpg

    Below you see the plaster applied and after finishing and while the mixture is wet I wet my finger and run around the top edge giving the edge a smooth match to the wood base edge.

    base 11.jpg

    Now I get out my various ground work stones and sand ( most will be sand due to the majority of the ground being covered by snow) and sprinkle the sand over the base area while the Trapper is still temporarily pegged to the base. I then add several larger stones and afterwards tilt the whole base to one side which will cause the loose sand to fall down on a piece of paper.

    base 12.jpg

    base 13.jpg

    Now I remove the Trapper from the base and peg and place back onto a clamp holder until later. You can see the imprint and the outline of the sand. Now I won't have any sand under the snow shoes to cause problems later after I mount the Trapper permanently to the base.

    base 14.jpg

    base 15.jpg

    After a couple of hours drying time I placed the Trapper and tree back onto the base to check for the visual effect so that if any changes with the stones are needed I can do that before the plaster sets up hard.

    base 16.jpg

    base 16a.jpg

    Having quite a lot of plaster mixture left over I decided to also do the groundwork to the Romeo 90mm Viking I also have in progress.

    base 17.jpg

    base 17a.jpg

    base 18.jpg

    More photographs of the next step later this week. Any questions welcomed.

  18. mil-mart A Fixture

    Guy, excellent choice of base and great groundwork sbs, following.

    Cheers Ken
  19. John Bowery A Fixture

    Excellent base selection and coming along very nicely. Are you planning on using any of the new snow crystals on this?
  20. Guy A Fixture

    ~ Thanks Ken & John ~

    John - I thought about using the new snow I just reviewed but didn't think I would have enough of it to do the tree and the ground. I will try it when I do the tops of the rocks on the top and down in the crevice.

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