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Training Day 1/10 scale bust. Green monkey Models new realease

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Eduardo Velayos Ortega, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

    Training Day 1/10 bust ready for preorder!

    This bust, produced in HQ resin, shows a gladiator training in his Ludus, the gladiator's home and school. He has been hit in the face by a partner, and he raises his sword and gives a defiant sight. He carries a wooden gladius, heavier that the metal ones, used by the gladiators for training purposes, also he wears a training leather Manica, aged by the use in the Ludus. Full of strenght, is a good representative of this amazing characters, the gladiators.

    Is important to point one particularity about this character, his ears, they are called cabbage ears, deformed by impacts and high stress.

    Scale: 1/10
    Material: Polyurethane resin
    Sculptor: Eduardo Velayos

    Shipping orders in Feb 15th

    Gets yours here!!





  2. Reptor A Fixture

    It is a remarkable bust! It changes the usual busts of gladiators:love: (y) Thanks for the news:joyful:
  3. Jonthan mcmeekin Active Member

    Your link for preorders isn't working.
    What is the price of the bust and how can I oder it direct?
  4. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

  5. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

    I've seen its a problem of redirecting maybe from this forum, the link works perfectly out of here. Click in the link below all that adverstising, that one sends you to the correct place.

    Also you can check our facebook page

    thank you and sorry for any inconvenece!
  6. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

    Thank you Reptor!
  7. Red Five Well-Known Member

    Nice figure but the Manica laminations should overlap up the arm not down. Made as depicted a sword will catch and cut through rather than slide. I've made about 30 of these for re-enactors. It's a very common mistake in books and reconstructions. Google Manica and have a look at the archaeology and Mike Bishop has done the practical work. Ignore artists depictions.

  8. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

    Thank you Andrew!If I make another one of these characters I will do it so!
  9. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

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  10. Ferris A Fixture

    Pity about the manica, but nonetheless a very dynamic and original bust. It's quite hard to tell a story with only part of a figure and you have succeeded brilliantly!

    Actually, for the purists, it will be quite easy to correct the manica. Just sand off the cast version and overlay the rough area with Magicsculpt or lead foil patches, but stacked the other way around.

  11. BillR New Member

    An easy error to make and even Roman artists got it backwards. It seems illogical but if you are fighting as a Roman would have and thrusting with the sword rather than slashing, the overlapping up the arm is far more protective. Great bust regardless.
  12. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

    Thank you Adrian for your nice words. About the manica is a mistake I won't forget! Maybe I will transform one myself just to see how it looks, have a nice day!

    Thanks BillR! The romans were quite practical people, for sure they developed the manica until its maximun utility. Maybe my gladiator was in the beggining of this development, the gladiator test dummy for body armour! XD just joking. have a great day!
  13. Nap Moderator


    A great looking piece full of the hard training the gladiators did , certainly looks a hardened fighter.

    I like the painting as well , sweat on the flesh as well

    Thanks for sharing

  14. Eduardo Velayos Ortega Active Member

    Thank you so much Nap!

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