Tommy's War

Discussion in 'Figure News' started by Adrian Cowdry, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. ellie A Fixture

    Hi Adrian I get what your saying and yes some companies seem to do well with limited editions but again it's still subject to people wanting said edition. we all know we will never be millionaires from this business but you still have to sell well to keep going weather you are large or small.

    The advice that seems to have come through on this thread is that you have to look at other periods/diversify to sustain the business. garage kits are limited and are quite expensive well the ones I've come across in the past have been so that is probably why they have such small runs as they will make their money back very quickly.

    I know any company selling a couple of hundred of one figure can be very difficult weather is a limited edition or not, at the end of the day support has been given advice has been given it's now up to Darren to decide what he wants to do.

    we still wish him well


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  2. mick3272 A Fixture

    Hi .
    I have tried to keep out of this as I think you probably got enough on your plate as it is.

    I have to say you have a first class product, and whenever one thinks of WW1 figures TW comes to mind as top of the list. Alas I have to admit that you have not got rich from me , I have only purchased one figure. My avatar gives the clue, Yes the London Irish at Loose. I put paint on it but it was just to small for me.

    I like Naps idea of British Empire and IF you were of a mind to produce a series of 120mm Indian Army 1900 ish all you would need to do is send them to me and bill me I would purchase them unseen.

    But you will not get rich by me buying one of each. There are a lot of armchair experts but if it was that easy we would all be producing.

    I wish you well and hope you keep your head above water. If you diversify I really hope it is something I can support .
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  3. Jaybo Active Member

    I hope that TW keeps going. They are very high quality and fill a void. And no that it is the 100th anniversary of the Somme, I am really looking forward to his next releases.
  4. Chrisr PlanetFigure Supporter


    I have posted several threads in the Uniform reference Forum on Australian colonial uniforms from 1854 to 1908. They are currently under WW1 Australia sub forum by mistake. I have asked Steve if he can move them to the Colonial Period sub forum. There may be some ideas there for you to broaden your range and hence clientele with subjects that haven't been done previously.

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  5. Adrian Cowdry Well-Known Member

    Well - we have all postulated, cogitated etc. Darren has sent an e mail out and he has had a bit of a blinder in the sales department - lets hope he has done enough to keep the British End up.

    It is a shame that he had to get a big sale going - I think we can all agree that TW is an exceptional product - and I feel there are plenty of WWI fans that will stick with TW.

    A comment elsewhere on here about Armchair businessmen - that phrase is spot on - it is difficult to get "The Holy Grail" - I suppose that my main aspect is Special Forces - I will make and paint a huge eclectic mix but I am a sucker for Special Forces WW2 to present. But I am not daft - I don't get every figure that is SF related - and that is the point even if you are a WWI fanatic you probably will not get every figure that comes out. TW's figures are good enough to be stand alone as well as on vignettes and dioramas. But as we can all nod our agreement not every subject is for "us" - Darren has picked on a subject that has become "his" - should he diversify? The general consensus here is he should - look at Mitches Military Models and their line is exceptionally eclectic - I can see the merits in both staying with one subject and diversifying.

    In the end like the rest of us I hope Darren and TW do not slide out of the figure model world he has put a lot of work into his figures, a lot of thought and research.
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  6. Tecumsea PlanetFigure Supporter

    While having a fire sale at 50 percent discount may solve a cash flow problem for Darren he still has a dilemma going forward. I have no interest in 20th century figures but have always been impressed by his marketing, the quality of his figures and the prices he charges. It has always been an issue for me at shows chatting to Darren and then feeling guilty for walking away without buying anything.
    I sincerely hope Darren stays in the business but hesitate to give any advice. Diversification has been suggested but I suspect Darren started the business to fill a gap in the market which coincided with a passion for the period. Hopefully there are other areas that excite him or WW 1 subjects still to do.
    Best wishes Darren whatever route you choose.

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