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Completed Critique Tommys War 54mm TW54001 Private-Mons 1914

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by gothicgeek, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. gothicgeek A Fixture

    First a big thank you to Carl Barton ( Housecarl ) for this figure!

    Carl added a Hornet Head and scratched a new cap...

    Cheers Carl!

    Painted with Vallejo and Games Workshop acrylics with Klear and Tamiya Weathering Master set A.

    Some PVA, fine garden earth and a bit of static grass for the base finished this off....





    A superb bit of sculpting and a real pleasure to paint!


    Attached Files:

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  2. MarquisMini A Fixture

    I love the paintjob on the face,great!
  3. Don Johnson Active Member

    (...and in a great example of why they make chocolate AND vanilla...) Mark, at least in the pics as they appear on my monitor, the face seems way too white for my tastes.

    I admire that you have developed a style, and I especially applaud the effort you put into the many SBSs that you share with us. The way you explain and illustrate the techniques used to produce your faces is always enlightening. In short, I look forward to your posts, as I know I will always learn something.

    I'm just not a fan of the faces.

    In the larger scales/sizes, the stubble shadow and the gradations of color have more impact. In this size/scale, the subtleties are lost, in my opinion.

    My facial thoughts notwithstanding, you have done an outstanding job with this figure, and I hope you will be tempted by the others in this line. It's great to see the first of the "non-boxart" Tommy's War kits done to this standard.
  4. MCPWilk A Fixture

    A superb figure of a professional soldier from what is regarded as the most outstanding British army to take to the field of battle. Their losses were appalling, but that 'contemptible little army' halted the German advance and steadied the left flank of the Allied army. So effective was their rifle fire (each man being trained to fire fifteen aimed rounds per minute) that their enemy thought they were facing massed machine guns.

    I do hope Tommy's War start producing these figures in 100/120mm for those of us whose eyesight isn't what it was.

    Happy modelling,

  5. housecarl A Fixture

    Excellent work Mark, glad you enjoyed painting him.
  6. Tony Barton Active Member

    It's a nice figure, but have you considered that he's carrying his rifle on the wrong shoulder, and too high ?
    Of course, on the march when " Marching Easy "he can carry it any way he wants, but conventionally the Slope Arms is on the left shoulder, with the bolt uppermost , and carried much lower than you have shown.
    If you have ever carried an SMLE , you will realise why : it's just a lot more comfortable that way !
  7. megroot A Fixture

    REally like this figure Carl and what you have done with it.
    Like the change with the Hornet head, that shows another figure.
    As far as Tony's comment: Looked at WW I movies when the BEF is on the march. And indeed the rifle's where not carried that high.

  8. stu A Fixture

    Lovely bit of painting there mark.

    Nice conversion carl, looks really good.

  9. Tommy's War Active Member

    Great conversion Carl and Mark, I really like that. Its great to see the range both converted and painted!

    I am planning additional head sets for next year, to cover other regiments, and to also offer additional expressions.

    I understand your point on the rifle Marc and Tony, like any item of weight you find the carrier shuffles the item around to get the optimum balance and there isn't one single weight. My research for the BEF in 1914 shows a pretty relaxed attitude to carrying slung or unslung on the march. We have to remember that these guys were covering 25 miles a day on foot for a prolonged period to get to Mons and then even further on the retreat so the rifle would have been up, down, and around as they made themselves comfortable. This goes with the arm used. Tony, you're right, the left would have been the usual arm, but we wanted to show the soldier as he arrived in Mons after the march and decided to show on the right on this occasion.

    In terms of scale, I'm not planning any larger figures yet I'm afraid Mike! The whole rationale of Tommy's is a collectable range of figures that shows the diversity of the British Empire of World War One. I want to show not just the Brit's, but the Irish, Canadian, Indian, Australian and New Zealand (plus everyone else!!!) effort and sacrifice in France, Belgium, Italy, Gallipoli, Mespotamia, Egypt, East Africa and Russia. Currently, I can release about 10 a year at this scale and price point, I'm afraid that if I divert from this focus I won't be able to cover the period or the diversity of troop types and uniform. Plus, there are some outstanding examples of larger scale figures elsewhere and I want to keep my focus.

    I hope that explains the thinking!

    In terms of poses, uniforms, styles, suggestions - then please keep them coming guys, I'm happy to take any help or criticism to make the range even better in the future!!

  10. rheath Active Member

    Nice 1 Mark - I like it, have taken several takes of the angles on the carried SMLE, but no probs, a good figure. Bravo !!:)
  11. smudger1960 PlanetFigure Supporter

    Mark,I like this subject and i'm hoping to see more WW1 subjects in the future.
    Nice paintwork on the uniform and the puttees and nice work on the flesh areas.
    Thanks for posting (y)

  12. mil-mart A Fixture

    Mark great painting . (y)

    Cheers Ken
  13. megroot A Fixture

    I think that the CO's didn't allowe them to carry the rifle that way. At this part of the war the BEF was formed out off well trained pro's. The retreat from Mons to the Marne was a well organized retreat.
    Kitcheners army was later, and where not so highly trained as the first Proffesional soldiers.
    Nevertheless, i find your figures perfect because i'm a "great fan" of WW 1 figures. There can't be enough.
    Hope to see them all at Euro, don't know which one to buy.:whistle:

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