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Review "Tommy" from Black Pyramid Gaming

Discussion in 'Reviews , Video Reviews and Open Book' started by Nap, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Nap A Fixture

    Hi guys

    Its good to be able to share my look at a release from Black Pyramid Gaming which was announced here on PF
    and in social media .
    The subject or should I say subjects are based on the famous picture here by the artist Richard Caton Woodville

    Depicting a british soldier or "Tommy Atkins" rescuing an Indian soldier from the hordes of the enemy in the NWF.

    Tommy has of course been well versed in the poems of Rudyard Kipling ,this book is of particular interest with wonderful illustrations by Bryan Fosten

    Wearing the Slade Wallace webbing , this had many variations , some versions were specific for the Rifle Regiments in black ,the wounded soldier is carried on the back with determination by the former.
    000A.jpg 0aa.jpg 0aaa.jpg 0aaaa.jpg
    a0a.jpg 0a.jpg
    Books are readily available I have included some great ones on the Indian Army as well
    a000.jpg 0000000a.jpeg 000000a.jpg a00.jpg a0.jpg a0000.jpg

    Details of the release is as follows:

    Title: Tommy

    Size: Approx 80mm in height (about 1/12th)

    Material: Lt Gray Resin

    No of pieces: 8

    Sculptor: Steve Leadley

    Box Art: None available

    Released by : Black Pyramid Gaming

    The sculptor Steve Leadley has painted a version which we will see later

    Parts consist of the main 2 figure torsos , 2 arms , 2 heads , 2 pouches , and a base

    Tommy 002.jpg

    All were held in a clear bag secured in a plastic fold over container, also included was a small insert with the series title on it Tommy 001.jpg


    Torso(s)...Slight sanding underneath
    Arms ...Slight Sanding and test fit
    Heads...As with Arms
    Pouches...fit to belt on carrying figure
    Base...Fit in place if you choose to us


    1.This has been carefully thought out for when working on it so its advisable to check the fit is accurate then paint both the heads and arms and fit once you have completed the painting on the main body
    2.The Indian soldier has shoulder chains , no button has been sculpted ( seen with and without ) but if you wish to add then Steve's advice is to simply drill a pilot hole and use a pin to secure it in place ....the pin head making the button ...sorted!!

    Continued in next post

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  2. peedee A Fixture

    A great review even if there wasn't more to come.

    I was priviledged to see this back in the Summer.

    I love the way Steve uses the shoulder scales as a positive locator for the Indian trooper's arms Kev.

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  3. Nap A Fixture


    Who said there wasn't ....There is more to come Paul !!!!

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  4. Nap A Fixture

    Onto the resin now

    We will look at the main piece first in this part with the remainder in the next

    Torso (s)

    This is in fact a double bust , with the Indian soldier being carried on the back of the English one .

    Well engineered with the shoulders of the Indian being nicely worked to take the Arms ..a very clever idea , the neck of the indian has also been nicely squared off ready to have the head put in place .

    Uniform details on both are very good , this is a subject where although a potentially drab subject due to the uniform colour but can be easily be used to depict such incidents in other areas of conflict perhaps with a little conversion to a red tunic as well.

    The straps and clothing has been nicely worked , Steve has a nice free sculpting style which I personally like , clothing is bulging out with the straps pulling into it .
    The british soldier has badges on the collar and shoulder titles on the epaulettes , both are a nice addition adding more interest.

    The uniform collar is worn open ..no doubt hot work!!!

    The trooper has a sash round his waist which shows above his belts , buckle definition on all the straps is good.

    The undersides is angled ready to take the base

    I particularly like the way the shoulders and the Indians neck has been designed to take the head and arms.
    Tommy 006.jpg Tommy 010.jpg Tommy 011.jpg Tommy 004.jpg Tommy 005.jpg Tommy 007.jpg Tommy 008.jpg Tommy 009.jpg Tommy 003.jpg

    Continued in next post

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  5. Nap A Fixture

    Now to the remaining pieces


    The Trooper has the turban on , full in shape and style , nice folds all over ..a good bit of sculpting there , the face is bearded with a fine moustache , the lower part is cut ready to fit very nicely to the neck area ...minimal filler will be needed if any .
    Tommy 022.jpg Tommy 018.jpg Tommy 020.jpg Tommy 019.jpg Tommy 021.jpg
    The British Soldier is bareheaded with a small bushy moustache , mouth slightly open a determined look on his face , hair is unkept with the exertions of his mission , nice texture all over , fit to the neck is simple and easy to do again minimal filler needed .
    Tommy 016.jpg Tommy 012.jpg Tommy 014.jpg Tommy 013.jpg Tommy 015.jpg Tommy 017.jpg
    To allow the painting to be bench friendly I would suggest painting these separately allowing access to the uniforms with ease.


    The arms provided are for the trooper( with the other having arms cut off and cast on already ) , fit is excellent as stated and again minimal filler will be needed , the shoulder chains are well engineered and fit really well into the cutouts on the torso ...well done to all involved.

    Tommy 027.jpg

    Tommy 026.jpg Tommy 025.jpg Tommy 024.jpg
    Tommy 023.jpg


    2 are provided , easy to fit and the correct shape , they look full and heavy !!!
    Tommy 028.jpg


    This a nicely textured piece and looks good attached to the completed model , easy to paint aby drybrushing with a nice addition of a nameplate as well . Fit is clean I would suggest pinning if you can .
    Tommy 029.jpg

    Final thoughts

    A little while in releasing but well worth the wait , good subject and with so much potential for conversion, sculpting is good with more than suitable no fuss presentation. The thing I also like is the very reasonable cost of this double bust .

    Hope we see more from Mr Leadley in the series.


    For more from them why not go to their website at:

    www.blackpyramid.co.uk [IMG]

    Lets have pictures now .....ENJOY

    The built unpainted version 0000A.jpg

    The painted version

    Thanks to Black Pyramid Gaming for the review item and to you all for looking in

    Enjoy the modelling

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  6. Viking Bob PlanetFigure Supporter

    Another fine review Kev.
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  7. swralph A Fixture

    Another great review Nap:).
    Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.
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  8. Nap A Fixture

    Cheers Guys

    It's always good to promote he products of the smaller companies

    I hope to have this on the bench very soon ..once I have thought how to approach it !

    Thanks got looking in

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  9. Barrie Harris Active Member

    Great review as always .
    Nice to see how it all go s together ,always helpful .
    Barrie (Newbee).
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  10. Nap A Fixture

    Hi Barrie

    Thanks for comment I have done my own version ( Rifle Brigade) of this both as a WIP and finished ( I will post pics f it very soon )

    It's well engineered as you say good to see how it's built up

    Thanks for looking in

  11. Barrie Harris Active Member

    Your welcome , look forward to seeing them ( Rilke Brigarde ).
    Barrie (Newbee)

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