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Today's postman brought.....

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by Graham, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Graham A Fixture

    Very excited today as my neighbour has just popped over with my post that arrived this morning....... Yep, Wellington and Blucher are here from CGS Military Figures.

    Great service again from CGS, I cannot recommend them enough and, for anyone who is a relative newcomer to figure painting who fancies a go at a large scale bust, these 1/9 busts are so well sculpted and moulded that they are a dream to paint. The detail is amazing even though my biggest fear, the bling, has gone up a notch compared to Napoleon.

    Currently priced at £50 for all three, these have to be worth getting and at £19 for a single, still extremely good value.

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg

    Also arrived is the first book in my 'to grow' library


    And some plinths from Martyn at MDP.


    The weekend is here and I am raring to go...... wonder if I can throw a sickie for next week
  2. mick3272 A Fixture

    Aren't you the lucky one Ive been away walking in Welsh Wales for 5 days and all the postman bought me was bills bills & bills.

    Trust you enjoy them as much as painting Nap,

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  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi there Graham,

    Great choice of busts and a great price ....quality in sculpting , casting and service ..can't ask for more ....

    Looking forward to seeing these come to life

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  4. peedee A Fixture

    If you enjoy the book half as much as I have Graham, you will lose the feeling in your legs from sitting reading over and over and over .

    Those busts are remarkable value and amazing quality,
    Great quality.

    And I might add, what a helpful and pleasant man Martyn is.

    A great supporter of the hobby.

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  5. Graham A Fixture

    I wish I could lose the feeling in my right leg Paul, been on crutches for 8 week in yet another episode of knee problems lol
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  6. peedee A Fixture


    I'm waiting for a replacement left kne buddy you have my symphony !
    One leg is so stiff I can get away with claiming to be half German!
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  7. Graham A Fixture

    Lol :D had my MRI last week but get results middle of next week. Up to now, having this on and off for two years, they don't know what is wrong with it.... Hey ho, such fun :)
  8. peedee A Fixture

    I screwed myself up falling over on a morning run.
    According to the experts, I'm 'not supposed to walk' apparently, so I asked for NHS roller skates.

    It's only a problem when the lift at work is out of order, or if I turn abruptly.

    Maybe that's because I still walk at least 3-4 miles a day, screw 'em, it hurts like hell all the time,
    but I'm be damned if I'm giving in to it.
    Take care feller.
  9. Huw63 A Fixture

    Looking forward to seeing these progress. The promised material is ready and I fly to the UK tomorrow.

    Funny to read about medical issues. I've totally f****d sinuses on my right side meaning can't bike (as in choppers) or swim for long due to immediate pain then pain for days afterwards, so yesterday was 5 hours of pr-op tests now a short trip to Wales and then an op week Monday. Then two weeks later should be fighting fit and adios my face pain and headaches that have lasted since last autumn!! Adios codeine for breakfast too!!

    Enjoy your painting Graham. Really looking forward to see how these are done.


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  10. Graham A Fixture

    Cheers Huw, I hope you get sorted pain isn't something we should have to put up with in this day and age :(
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  11. John Howard Member

    Good luck with those Graham - look good. I also got a copy of The Thin Red Line in the post this week. Been dipping in and out of it in most spare moments since.
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  12. Mark S Guest

    The idea of a "what the postman brought me today" thread sounds like a very good idea......

    The postman brought me this one this morning~

    killers of the king.jpg

    On August 18, 1648, with no relief from the siege in sight, the royalist garrison holding Colchester Castle surrendered and Oliver Cromwell's army firmly ended the rule of Charles I of England. To send a clear message to the fallen monarch, the rebels executed four of the senior officers captured at the castle. Yet still, the king refused to accept he had lost the war. As France and other allies mobilized in support of Charles, a tribunal was hastily gathered and a death sentence was passed. On January 30, 1649, the King of England was executed. This is the account of the fifty-nine regicides, the men who signed Charles I's death warrant.
    Recounting a little-known corner of British history, Charles Spencer explores what happened when the Restoration arrived. From George Downing, the chief plotter, to Richard Ingoldsby, who claimed he was forced to sign his name by his cousin Oliver Cromwell, and from those who returned to the monarchist cause and betrayed their fellow regicides to those that fled the country in an attempt to escape their punishment, Spencer examines the long-lasting, far-reaching consequences not only for those who signed the warrant, but also for those who were present at the trial and for England itself.
    A powerful tale of revenge from the dark heart of England's past, and a unique contribution to seventeenth-century history, Killers of the King tells the incredible story of the men who dared to assassinate a monarch.
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  13. Graham A Fixture

    Thanks John and Mark and anyone else, please feel free to add what the postman brought you today..... Except for bills etc....

    Today brought me the second book of my library. By the nature of its title, this book is bound to be limited but running from the mid 1600s to mid 1960s, it gives me a great timeline reference. I do expect though that it will not have a single uniform I wish to paint...... It will, however, give me an idea of where to look for more specific reference.

  14. Mark S Guest

    Graham, could you post the ISBN of that book..."Military Uniforms of the World", I think it may be one I lost some time ago.
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  15. peedee A Fixture

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  16. Graham A Fixture

    Yep, that is where I got my copy from Mark, Cheers Paul.

    Oooooo, where did you get those from Paul?
  17. peedee A Fixture

    I am really sorry, all I can say Is South Korea at the moment.
    it's genuinely a bit hush hush,I need the others.
    I will let you know in a day or three.
  18. Mark S Guest

    Thanks guys but could you still post the ISBN (international standard book number) which should be on the back of the book or on the inside cover.
    That will give me a lot more options to search for it.....cheers.
  19. peedee A Fixture

    Mark I'll leave that one to Graham.
    I did have a list of all the series,
    I'll try and find it, it may have all the ISBN's on
    Back later

    Peedee out
  20. Graham A Fixture

    Sorry Mark. It has an SBN 71370482 9 number, just stick an I in front of it. Quite an old copy originally 30 shillings (£1.50)

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