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Completed "To strive, to seek, to find ,and not to yield "- 54mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by DioramaArt, Sep 14, 2023.

  1. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you Malc, really appreciated and sorry for late reply.
  2. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Been busy putting the base together. It’s at a mid-way stage having sculpted the ground work in a mix of Polyfiller/PVA. I will be painting in some rock face and various ice effects before adding the various snow effects. I want to add some blue ice to the scene but don’t want this to dominate, a phenomena seen on glaciers in Antarctica

    09AAC9E5-35B0-4848-9A74-75233E387C1B.jpeg C7E86FF5-3124-4CF8-8606-E8467F23547E.jpeg 1DAD469E-4DEF-4C79-8BFA-A2A8C3D2E8D0.jpeg 8D8D99F6-9DD1-4A66-A539-D02D29BECF80.jpeg ED1FF7B0-75BD-4B83-B62E-361DDB9B37E7.jpeg E6C2F897-BE91-4711-91CC-DE4BAD7033C5.jpeg

    0F6E2B74-5E66-4456-B778-A3AC76C36903.jpeg B2E8E3BC-2EF0-4377-9629-93961FD3FEEE.jpeg 272E1BDE-9B8A-4D50-8E25-C15AEF714076.jpeg AEDD9C85-7850-455A-905E-ACE899AA18A7.jpeg EC698E2E-4271-4D84-B54F-DFAE6AB6D351.jpeg
  3. Nap Moderator

    Hi Marcus

    That's coming on well , and no paint effects yet ...so will only get even better

    Like the way you've worked the ice shapes

    Looking forward to seeing more

    Happy PVA and filler pushing

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  4. Briggsy A Fixture

    That looks good already, an object lesson in bleakness, eager to see it painted up and peopled.

    Cheers Simon
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  5. MattMcK. PlanetFigure Supporter

    I like all your work, but I think this one is next level great. Eager to see it painted!
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  6. MalcC A Fixture


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  7. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thanks mate, need it to dry a bit more to work the rock face top left. I was worried the base would be cut down too much, think it’s just right now. Cheers.
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  8. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you Simon, seeing the Ben Fogle programme and others on the Antarctic, it is a bleak desolate place. Ironically classed as a desert as no running water is available in the interior. Hopefully my model in a small way will capture that bleakness. :)
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  9. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you Matt, very kind of you to say. I’m eager to see it all painted up but don’t want to rush it either. Cheers.
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  10. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you Malc :)
  11. Oda A Fixture

    Commited,fast,prolific,talented,inspired indefatiguable,pheeewww running out of words really..

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  12. NigelR A Fixture

    This is looking really effective, I think the balance between the groundwork and the figures is looking really good. Much better than the first sketch where IMO the groundwork was too dominant. I really like the broken ground/crevasse on the right which creates a sense of peril. Brilliant stuff!
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  13. DioramaArt A Fixture

    ….Some might say I should be committed. :D

    Just hope the ice and snow works, as will be my first time using.

    Appreciate your kind words of support, thank you.
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  14. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thanks mate,

    I was slightly nervous when my uncle gave me the cut down base as thought it had gone to far. Think it works okay and with such a bleak environment the variance I’ve introduced should be interesting and compliment the figures in the scene.

    The Ch5 Ben Fogle programme was interesting and timely in reinvigorating interest in the brave men of the Antarctic expeditions. Doing the earlier South Pole expedition of Shackleton, Scott and Wilson would be interesting. Or the fight for survival and man hauling the life boat by the Shackleton crew across the broken ice flow to Whale island another good diorama topic.
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  15. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    A little blue ice will be great contrast, imho. This is really looking great! Ruck On!
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  16. DioramaArt A Fixture

    768E8357-5C92-482F-B05B-5014A9BF566C.jpeg 7AA22777-9208-4089-97F4-CD52CF36D19B.jpeg A193DCB9-38FD-4ABA-BCC7-2F47C5E9EE6B.jpeg
    Thanks Steve, I plan to do just that. Will concentrate the blue ice, a phenomena created under the pressure of a glacier in the crevasse section of the scene, in the deepest section like the images of the Antarctic I’ve seen. Using images like these as guide.
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  17. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Just a mock-up, and still playing around with images. Is it over the top or complimentary to the scene?

    638490C7-4595-444F-8433-90989BD4E751.jpeg 3C9B323D-7795-44F8-9E11-B71D7FAFECBC.jpeg 2B168764-3B28-4B13-911E-184D026401DD.jpeg 3DC69568-54A1-463C-9D03-2CB6935A8916.jpeg C876D819-90E1-4DB2-A2FC-1010EF4D1279.jpeg
  18. NigelR A Fixture

    This is very personal. For me, it's OTT. A plain base is all you need IMO so you focus on the scene. All the writing and photos draw your attention away from the figures.

    But then I am an accountant by background so I like things dull and boring whereas you are an artist;) It really is down to personal taste on this.

    Mind you, I have seen a couple of things that work IMO, like Nick Smith's WWI dioramas in ammo boxes and the WWI vignette in the Princess Mary gift box we had on the 1918 display at SMW. So I guess I don't really know. It is up to you!
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  19. DioramaArt A Fixture

  20. DioramaArt A Fixture

    I know what you mean. Seeing it in place I think you’re right and will dominate, particularly the sides. So what I think I will do is keep the one for the back as originally intended and make a late decision. Also, thinking of a mid grey rather than usual black for base sides to compliment the wood at the front, again so it doesn’t dominate the model scene.
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