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Completed "To strive, to seek, to find ,and not to yield "- 54mm

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by DioramaArt, Sep 14, 2023.

  1. DioramaArt A Fixture

    The British Terra Nova expedition of 1910-13 led by Robert Falcon Scott

    A modelling project I’ve wanted to depict for a long-time. Inspired by a painting (see below) of Scott's team ascending the Antarctic Beardmore glacier, before the long journey across the plateau to the south pole.

    All five of the final British expedition team never made it home, including Captain Scott, in part due to poor planning and a reliance on horses and untested tracked motor sled (precursor to the tank), rather than dogs preferred by the Norwegian team led by Roald Amundsen. The extreme snow storm, frostbite and exhaustion finally defeated Captain Scott's team on the 900mile return trip from the south pole. Captain Scott died alongside his remaining colleagues, just 11miles short of a stores depot and just over 100miles from safety.

    Ironically one of the reasons Captain Scott didn't use dogs for the plateau journey was his lack of experience and disbelief they could be trained to haul the sledge up the Beardmore Glacier; something Amundson did to great success. Using the same animals Amundson crossed the 900mile snow plateau, overtaking the British expedition and reaching the South pole some 33days before Scott arrived, with his exhausted and defeated team.

    Modelling the scene

    The ascent of the glacier as the 54mm diorama setting will hopefully create a bit of elevation and drama.

    It’s a small start creating the sledge, based on the type used for the 1910-13 Terra Nova expedition, on display as part of the Australian Powerhouse collection. The original is made from Gum tree wood with some of the expedition equipment including skis made from Bamboo, something I hadn't realised before starting research on the project.
    Most of the snow scene (my first go at snow and ice) is going to be scratch build, including five figures, that included captain Scott and Oats (the biggest guy) who famously said, "I'm just going outside, I may be some time" as a self sacrifice. Oats due to frostbite in his hands and legs had slowed the remaining team who were all attempting to reach a large supply depot.

    Inspirational painting for the diorama scene

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  2. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Modelling the 54mm Sledge

    IMG_8382.jpg IMG_8379.jpg

    Using Styrene and foil (its a WIP) using some crates to depict the load.
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  3. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Choosing the Right 54mm heads (Hornet)


    Back row : Edward Adrian Wilson, Robert Falcon Scott, Lawrence Oates
    Front row : Henry Robertson Bowers and Edgar Evans

    At this scale its always a compromise depicting a character, person and an expression that is sympathetic to the scene to be modelled. Using a Photo of the South Pole expedition team, this is my choice.
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  4. fogie A Fixture

    A worthy subject for your efforts....it's a thrilling yet poignant story of courage
    beyond the call. Anyone interested should read Diane Preston's book 'A first
    class Tragedy'...........

  5. DioramaArt A Fixture

    I concur Mike, a heroic and fateful journey. Knowing they had been beaten by a better prepared Norwegian team, must have added to their struggle and demise. I just hope I can do the scene the justice it deserves,
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  6. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Sounds like an interesting project and a nice start with the sled.

    Cheers Simon
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  7. Alain11 Active Member

    Great project, the sled is a very beautiful piece, well done
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  8. NigelR A Fixture

    What an exciting project! Really looking forward to seeing this develop(y)
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  9. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you Simon, appreciated. :)
  10. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you Alain, still lots of detail to add to the sledge but it’s a start. :)
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  11. Steve Ski A Fixture

    This should be a great one to follow, sign me up!
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  12. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thank you mate. Been making some wire figures and mocking up the scene layout. :)
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  13. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Been making some wire mannequins to get the poses correct on each figure in the scene, still some adjustments to make but setting joints with CA so will adjust tomorrow. The scenic base is just a mock-up to give me a visual dialogue for the figures.

    8D0D51CA-7CEA-4771-B7EC-5E1E8666BFEF.jpeg 4AE163FB-C357-4F0F-9F38-88FE322E6951.jpeg 78D18E29-687F-4DDF-A8C3-C89FEE016E0E.jpeg 378DAC46-D5BC-4144-8E57-BE3E55B02D82.jpeg 9F965090-E2C2-40B6-9888-DA48B46CD467.jpeg
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  14. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Cheers Steve, you’re onboard mate. ;)
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  15. Briggsy PlanetFigure Supporter

    Looks like it's going to be quite large when done. Will give a good impression of the wide open emptiness of the place.

    Cheers Simon
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  16. fogie A Fixture

    In my Historex days - when dinosaurs ruled the earth - somebody produced
    a fair version of Oates leaving the tent based on this celebrated painting. It's
    not particularly relevant to this project but a highly emotive picture.


  17. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Thanks Simon,

    I’m going to cut down the base a bit and model the terrain to hopefully make it look like the snowy glacier without having any dead space, so it’s a balance that will be difficult to get right. I like the gnarly edge of the wood, almost rock like that I’m hoping will compliment what I do. Cheers.
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  18. DioramaArt A Fixture

    I concur, an evocative scene and story of self sacrifice. I read that Scott changed the logistics of the team from a 4 man team to 5 last minute; that and having to recalculate provisions added to the disaster on the return journey. Titus Oats was the biggest and strongest of the South Pole adventurers, being a military man I’m sure felt honour bound and loyalty to the other men till the very end.

    I hope he rests in peace wherever he finally lay.
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  19. fogie A Fixture

    Another possibly significant decision...... members of the final assault on the Pole
    were also used to shift the heavy stores back and forth to 'One ton depot' instead
    of being rested for the final push. They were already tired and malnourished. Part
    of Scott's flawed approach....?

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  20. DioramaArt A Fixture

    Indeed. I think the biggest blunder Scott made was the lack of experience and sabotage of the use of sled dogs, they were used up to Beardmore glacier, but were overloaded on purpose by some of the British team to show they were unreliable. Amundsen’s Norwegian team were all skilled skiers and used to dog sleds to great effect. The use of dogs greatly reduced the burden of each man across the gruelling terrain. Whist Amundsen started off three weeks before Scott’s team, he ended up reaching the South Pole 33days before the British. So even if the race had started same time and day Amundsen would still have won anyway, they were just quicker with dogs rather than heroic man hauling.
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