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Time to "saddle up" for "THE BRENNAN BRUSH CHALLENGE " ...**ENDED**

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Nap, Mar 1, 2023.

  1. Nap Moderator

    Hi everyone

    Following on from my initial post here https://www.planetfigure.com/thread...le-up-for-the-brennan-brush-challenge.527248/

    After the great response to a 3D release from Mark ( member macuk ) and a idea initially from Nigel ( member NRG ) we are running a competition with some fine prizes from 2 companies

    It's great to see an idea come from a company for a competition on a theme ......thanks to Mark

    PF user name : macuk



    E Mail scalecollectables@gmail.com


    *****The subject ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE " WILD WEST "......so......."Ye Hah!!!!!......

    It will be called the " BRENNAN BRUSH CHALLENGE "

    The prize will be any from Marks range for the overall winner and ......

    Also an Ed Harris Cowboy bust for the best Sam Elliott entry as a sub comp

    We have also had great support from LEGION MINIATURES...so thanks for the support Andrey

    Single/ Vignette/ Diorama / Busts / Flats / Demi Round / Conversions all welcome

    The Comp will run for 3 months from 01/03/23 to 01/06/23

    Both Mark and Andrey will choose the winners

    Posting WIPs updates is also encouraged in V Bench with this thread for completed pieces for I full image and 5 thumbnail

    "Get out on that thar range" ......

    Have fun


    IMG_7285.JPG IMG_7409.JPG

    IMG_7410.JPG IMG_7313.JPG IMG_7312.JPG

    Hi everyone

    ******Prize update ******

    I've been sent a set of brushes from Rosemary's Brushes and Mr Andy Belsey great book as prizes

    Big thanks to both for their support

    IMG_8539.JPG IMG_8538.JPG


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  2. Peapot Active Member

    I have coincidently just bought the Sam Elliot bust, in 1/9 scale after watching the Tv show. So hopefully if I get time I will finish and enter into this into comp.
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  3. macuk Active Member

    I will have a discount on The Old Cowboy and Man in Black busts purchased through the web site for the month of March to coincide with the challenge
    Just use voucher code "Brennan Brush" in the checkout and good luck, I'm looking forwards to seeing the entries
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  4. Magnus A Fixture

    Hi all! Hope this is the correct place to post my entry of my finished She Brennan bust. Hope you like it, I had a lot of fun painting it :)
    / Magnus
    IMG_1996.JPG IMG_1997.JPG IMG_1999.JPG IMG_2002.JPG IMG_2004.JPG IMG_2001.JPG
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  5. BRAN Active Member

    Magnus your painting is beautiful, I love it !!
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  6. Nap Moderator

    It is ....get your cowboy related entry in !

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  7. Jim Rice New Member

    Is this the place for the competition? This is my version of Woodrow Call from the series Lonesome Dove. It is a relatively "original" piece, but, the real credit must go to Sid Naique for his amazing portrait work. This is a "kit bash"/conversion using Sid's Tommy Lee Jones from Men in Black, I re-worked it a bit to give the face a younger look along with Woodrow's facial hair. I re-worked (slightly) the bandana from Sid's Shea Brennan (Sam Elliot). I stuck it all on my own torso...although the torso started out as the torso for Sid's Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing). I can claim the hat as my own...LOL! I painted it using Scale Artist tube acrylics along with Scale 75 inks. The OSL effects were done primarily with spraying diluted inks and then applying thin glazes of reflected highlights. Thanks for looking...Jim DSC_4032.JPG DSC_4033.JPG DSC_4034.JPG
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  8. macuk Active Member

    I had a discount on Sid Naique's Old Cowboy and Man In Black busts on the web site to coincide with the competition

    This was to run for the month of March but as I have added another Western themed bust the discount has been extended to the end of April and Fotis Mint's 1/6th Cheyenne bust has been added

    Just use "Brennan Brush" when prompted after clicking the discount coupon tab at checkout and get £3.00 off the busts
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  9. TimboPaints New Member

    Hi guys,

    New here but it was suggested that I enter this comp with my recent bust. I hope I did this right?

    20230415_222842.jpg 20230415_222901.jpg 20230415_222922.jpg
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  10. macuk Active Member

  11. Steve Ski PlanetFigure Supporter

    Every one of these busts are incredibly well done! How could one chose one amongst the others? Great work Gents!!!
  12. MalcC A Fixture

    This is my version of Shea in 1/5th scale.
    Nap is kindly posting the photos for me.


    20230421_114401.jpg 20230421_114341.jpg 20230421_114418.jpg
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  13. web-one1 Active Member

    '1883' gave us Captain Shea Brennan (Sam Elliott) a craggy Pinkerton escorting new arrivals from Texas to Oregon with a mass of troubles and incidents along the way

    I have tried to capture a look at the beginning of the TV series, I contacted Mark as soon as the image popped up but asked for mine in 1/9th scale.

    A beautiful piece of 3D sculpting and a delight to paint.

    I had some issues with my painting and ended up stripping back the head and torso in Dettol but it was worth it for me and I'm pleased with my end result.

    All painted with Vallejo acrylic's with an addition of the hat band ends made from Milliput, and the fact that I removed most of the hair under the Hat because I wanted it to look more authentic sitting like it does on his head.

    Base wonderfully produced by Richard at Oakwood Studios

    SB_01.JPG SB_02.JPG SB_05.JPG SB_04.JPG SB_03.JPG
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  14. Chris Seeley Member

    My The Old Cowboy
    Painted in oils over acrylic.
    IMG_20230129_111426.jpg IMG_20230129_111433.jpg IMG_20230129_112557.jpg IMG_20230129_111500.jpg
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  15. NRG Active Member

    Hi there,
    I was hoping to have this finished in time….but no such luck.

    I AM NOT entering this in its half finished state but simply putting these pictures up to show my support for the work Nap has put in to organising the competition and for those manufacturers offering prizes. Well done and thank you all.

    The figure is meant to show Gus McCrae from Lonesome Dove, the TV series, at the moment he takes an arrow in the leg. A major conversion/build based on a bust produced by Glory Boys. See WIP forum.

    I would also like to say well done to those who have entered the competition.

    All of your work is outstanding and you all deserve to be winners!

    IMG_9494.JPG IMG_9495.JPG IMG_9496.JPG
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  16. Nap Moderator

    Hi Nigel

    Many thanks for the post and the kind words , looking forward to seeing more updates on your conversion in the V Bench https://www.planetfigure.com/posts/1306278/

    I never managed to finish mine either ......too many other projects that needed doing !

    Appreciate the support ....there will be more in the future

    Happy benchtime

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  17. Nap Moderator


    THANKS TO ALL THAT SUPPORTED both by entering and the companies that kindly offered prizes

    Mark from SCALE COLLECTABLES will choose and tell me via PM the winners of prizes and I will then do a separate thread

    IF ANYONE HAS A SUGGESTION for a similar competition then do message me

    Happy benchtime

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  18. MalcC A Fixture

    My thanks again to NRG for introducing us to this fine range of busts. I wouldn't have come across them otherwise. (y)
    This a been a fun challenge.
    I think another similar event is a good idea.

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  19. TimboPaints New Member

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. Looking forward to getting some more pieces finished for the other monthly contests you guys run here.
    Have the winner(s) been announced for this one?
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  20. Nap Moderator

    hi there

    I will be announcing the winners tommorow

    Thanks for supporting


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