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WIP Three pieces on their way....

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by TWOMOONS, Mar 5, 2010.

  1. TWOMOONS Active Member

    Well, as I thought, these are the worse photos ever posted in the history of planetFigure...all I can do is apologize, but if I'm going to be a contributing member, and I work almost every day on figures, being disabled....then this is it. I'll try to improve in the future, but I really don't know. So, apologies forever. Demeaning comments are fully expected; I deserve them.
    I found a Series 77 dromedary in the garage...I don't even remember what the rider was (not there). I was planning to do a Mongol kettledrummer, so I used the dromedary for scale (working in about 75/80mm) and sculpted a Bactrian camel...not quite done but well on it's way. The dromedary will be used for a future figure of a camel archer, a cool reference I found while doing research. I resculpted the head, as it looked way too hook-shaped on the original casting.
    The mounted Steppes/Nomad/Horseman is on a scratch pony ( I always try to keep with the 13 hands high mounts they mostly used)...but it just looked too small, so I'll change to a little larger horse...but not scratch built...probably a Preiser conversion.
    The other figure is a 175 mm sculpture of a British Chieftain 500 AD. His left hand is made to hold a boar helm and his right to hold a shield on edge. I may change that to a spear or whatever, I don't know. I'm also sculpting a deer/wolfhound dog that goes with this figure. I find myself including dogs with almost every figure I can now...I guess dogs rule with me.
    To these eyes, well into their 7th decade, 175mm is nice to sculpt in, no matter how unmanly! I plan a few more in this scale...it was sculpted in a mixture of Super Sculpey, Fimo, and A+B epoxy! I had no idea that they all could be combined until Einion mentioned it...it all got hard in a barely warmed oven...great. So far this is it for these projects...maybe when I update, you'll actually be able to see them...????

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  2. mil-mart A Fixture

    Phil even from the poor pics you can see you've done some great sculpting, excellent work on the camel and I would imagine not the easiest animal to do. I Especially like the British chieftain , nice stance and well balanced.
    Will follow with interest. (y)

    Cheers Ken
  3. kansas kid Well-Known Member

    Hi Phil:

    Like Ken I really like the direction you're going here. It is so creative and it
    seems like you're really allowing all those creative and artistic tendencies
    to go in the direction you allow them to go. You do know we learn by doing.
    I admire your courage and hope that you will continue to post your interesting
    images on the PF site here for the Planeteers to see.

    Wishing you the best as you continue to explore your talent and learn all that
    is possible.

    Kind regards,

    Rick Brownlee, a.k.a. The Miami Jayhawk, Kansas Kid :)

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