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WIP Critique Three Figure Vignette

Discussion in 'vBench (Works in Progress)' started by Dan Morton, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Just started this commission. It's a three figure vignette based on this trench raid action by the 2/6th King's Liverpool Rifles in June 1918.

    "At 11:30pm the 4.5 howitzers, 18-pounders, and machine guns opened the barrage on the enemy front line, and the parties moved up their respective saps.The right party, having reached the white cross, remained in their trench, which they shared with some thirty very dead Germans till 11:34pm, when they proceeded to extend and rush the enemy posts. However, some recently erected wire and a volley of bombs somewhat disorganised the movement; but Noon quickly collected up four or five men and made a second rush with great bravery and determination, this time successfully, into the trench. Two of the post showed fight and were killed; one bolted for a dug-out, but was taken prisoner. The rest of the post were killed or escaped over the top. Two of the raiders worked along to the right, the remainder to the left towards the other party. Just at that moment the recall signal went up, two green Very lights, and the party only just had time to evacuate the trench before our protective barrage returned once more to the front line, whence it had temporarily lifted to the support."

    "The left party, after reaching 'H' Trench, extended and tried to rush the enemy. They were met by steady machine-gun and rifle fire and a large number of bombs, and could make no progress. Lieutenant Profit and one or two others, with great determination, managed to reach the parapet, but all were wounded and could do nought. After one or two further efforts the raiders withdrew. On this occasion Rifleman Donaldson and Rifleman Smith showed the utmost gallantry. Having penetrated with Lieutenant Profit as far as the German parapet, they saw him fall wounded, and in spite of very heavy fire proceeded to carry him back. By doing so they missed the gap in the wire. Nothing daunted, they made their way back to the enemy post, took their bearings again, and this time brought their casualty safely through. The performance was one of great coolness and courage, and the heavy rain which had begun to fall, coupled with the fact that Donaldson himself was wounded, did not make their task any easier. They were both awarded the Military Medal."

    The wounded Lt. Proffitt is being supported by Rifleman Donaldson on one side and Rifleman Smith on the other. All are staggering. The left side figure will be firing a pistol into the left distance. The right side figure will be wearing a bomber vest and have wire-cutters stuck in his belt or somewhere. A belt of wire will be behind them and to the right a large shell hole full of stagnant water.

    I may change the officer's boots to plain soldiers boots and putties. All three will be dressed for a trench raid.

    I don't want to make the No Man's Land any bigger because if I do it will distract the viewer.

    Any suggestions?

    All the best,

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    Quite splurge of interesting projects Dan.....they all look to be worth following. I will particularly be interested in this one.

  3. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Thanks! I'm pleased that I was selected to do the commission. Should be challenging and hopefully I can turn in a creditable effort. To be in the middle of such a terrifying situation and still act with selfless bravery...I could never do it.

    All the best,
  4. ChaosCossack A Fixture

    Great backstory. Will be following this closely.
    Please post lots of progress pics of your sculpting method


  5. Dan Morton A Fixture

    Many thanks Colin! "Method"....hmmm. I'm not sure what I do rises to the level of organization that I could describe it as a method. Nonetheless - I shall try to post regularly. I put knee boots with showalter gaiters on the officer but I'm thinking about removing them and replacing with plain boots and putties. What do you think?

    All the best,
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