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Thoughts on water soluble oils?

Discussion in 'Oils' started by NeilW, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. NeilW A Fixture

    Thanks everyone for the advice (y)

    In the end I bought the DR Georgian set and (at a ridiculously low price) the Reeves 24 tube set (some useful extra colours, especially for regimental differences).

    I've yet to break them out as I'm still sorting out my work area but once I do, I'll give them a go :)

    If they don't work I've still got my oils, a few enamels, some acrylics, even an old bottle of Roses gold plus GW chaos colours left over from my sons' short lived crazes...:confused:

    BTW: when I dropped out of modelling the go-to paint was Floquil... I see that finally died a few years ago :(
  2. Robot penguin New Member

    Has there been any follow up to this? There's very little info on the internet and this post is one of the top search results.
  3. Nap Moderator


    Hi Robert

    BIG Welcome to PF

    Wondering what you mean by follow up ?

  4. NeilW A Fixture

    I suppose he means 'how was it for you' (ie me).

    The answer is that I've been so tied up with other matters that I've yet to break out the WBOs to see how they are (and back in Feb I said I'd do so as soon as I had a hobby area... I still haven't :( )
  5. pkessling Active Member

    In my opinion, using any type of “overcoat” is a potential disaster. I only used an overcoat in desperation and usually ended up having to re-paint. Some established painters always use dullcoat as a final Step. I preferred adding mediums and drying in the crockpot (slow cooker) to get the textures/finishes I wanted.
  6. Wayneb A Fixture

    What would be the result of the disaster...……?
  7. pkessling Active Member

    Uneven drying of the overcoat: some areas matte, some shiny. Milky white overcoat. Specks of dust in the overcoat.
  8. fogie A Fixture

    Always an interesting topic for me. It fascinates me how painters face the dilemmas and confusions of choosing a particular medium
    as if it's going to make them better at what they do. Frankly, it won't. Spending a fortune of premium grade colour is not necessary
    (it comes into play only for pictures on canvas destined for sale where the customer deserves his money's worth) - cheaper stuff works
    perfectly well on figures for there is no discernible difference. 'Overcoats' in the form of matte varnishes or additives to your paint are
    not necessary - you can control the paint's eventual finish to end up with matte, eggshell, or gloss finish exactly as you choose. You
    have to learn how to do this - and exactly the same thing applies to whatever medium you choose whether it be oil or water based. You
    do not need a huge palette of colours - you can get by with mixing your own, it's not that hard. This forum is rich in advice and examples
    contributed by highly skilled and experienced painters who have at one time trodden the same path as the every novice. Studying them
    will help you and save you money and heartache.

    Rock on .......

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