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Thinnin' Milliput...

Discussion in 'General Figure Talk' started by paulyrichard, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. paulyrichard New Member

    Have any of you guys attempted to thin and liquify Milliput? It looks like it could be, 'cos it can be smoothed and softened with water. Ideally, i'd like to know what is the best medium to use to liquify it.

    Regards, Paul.
  2. Roy New Member

    Hi Paul...you can thin milliput and Magic Sculp with water to 'paint' on detail. Magic Sculp is better for this as it's not grainy like Milliput, but you can achieve much the same results with either.
    Once diluted or liquified, keep in mind that the carrier (water in this case) will gradually dry out as the Magic Sculp cures, so what you see as detail when initially applied wet may not be 'exactly' what you get when final cure is achieved. It will also be somewhat delicate, much more so if you use Milliput. Magic Sculp is far more resilient under such usage.
    Naturally, as with any technique you try for the first time, a little practice will be needed to get the desired results. The only way is to experiment and keep practising. Timing is also important as Magic sculp goes through several distinctly different stages while curing and you may find that as the diluted mixture sets-up a little it will become more useable.

    Hope this gives you something to build on.

    All the best...Roy.
  3. Einion Well-Known Member

    Basically, what Roy said. The only thing I'd like to add is that IMO this works best with freshly-mixed putty (like in the first quarter-hour) after that I don't find it's as easy to do or works quite as well, although you can still achieve a slurry until around the 'plasticy' stage, roughly an hour or so after mixing. Oh yeah, this is with MagicSculp BTW.

    What is it you were looking to do with the putty paste/slurry Paul?

  4. paulyrichard New Member

    Thanks Roy, thanks Einion.

    All I want to use it for is to fill small joins, jus' like what I do with Mr. Dissolved Liquid Putty. The thing is though, the place I order this liquid putty from is out of stock for the next two to three weeks, and I don't want to wait for the stuff. So I thought that maybe I could create my own.

    Many thanks for your help, guys.
  5. evofive New Member

    I use a bit of liquid soap as well as water it breaks it down quicker and doesn`t dry out so quick, like Roy says its a bit grainy, the white stuff is a bit better.
  6. diamond cutter Active Member


    Having eaten vast quantities of this stuff over the years, I find the best way to fill an arm etc joint is to use white glue as it shrinks in and finds it's own gaps to fill! Bigger gaps might need two applications though.
    With regards to a 'softening' medium, you cant beat good old fasioned 'spit'!
    Using this, I find that it's best to keep a rag to wipe any brushes, scalpels used before as this will stop you slowly eating packets of miliput over the years!:eek:
    I tried Mauric's method of using liquid detergent but got sick of the taste of it!!!! Very quickly I might add!!!
  7. evofive New Member

    Pete ,maybe you should try thinning it with Lager.
  8. diamond cutter Active Member


    Why waste it!!!!:D

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